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Death of a Pelvic Mesh Fighter – “I Don’t Want This to Happen to Anybody”

Chrissy and Tony Brajcic Mesh Medical Device News Desk, December 6, 2017 ~ The last years of her life were spent educating and sharing on social media- talking about the life hers had become – one of pain and suffering after a TVT pelvic mesh implant to treat incontinence.  Read more

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Kathleen on Life after Hysterectomy

Oct 31, 2012 ~  “Kathleen,” not her real name in that she is involved in litigation, wants everyone to understand what a hysterectomy really means. Too often women find out after the fact… Thanks Kathleen!! "It is just so important that a woman knows what exactly is going to happen Read more

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America Now: Routine Surgery Dangerous for Women

May 14, 2012 ~ The syndicated show, America Now, ran a story last week on Teresa Sawyer of and also the subject of a Patient Profile in MDND. Here is our story that ran last August. In the video story, Routine Surgery Dangerous for Women, Sawyer told Read more

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