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October 9, 2013
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The following campaign is initiated by "Judy" a mesh injured woman who is involved in litigation and cannot be identified. She has researched all of the products made by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and there are many. Here are her words:

Mesh Injured Friends ~

As many of you know Johnson & Johnson is the parent company of Ethicon, one of the worst offenders and producers of toxic pelvic mesh products and now named in thousands of lawsuits.  You may be aware that most of the key producers who now face massive litigation are allegedly to have a collective conference to discuss their position and options. (Ref. Bloomberg News)

Johnson & Johnson has said it will try each case on its own merits and has declined to participate in any settlement process. Instead the company is conducting an investigation into all claimants filings and the legitimacy of patient claims where their product was used, any statute violation, anything they can find to allow them to legally dismiss a claim.

It would appear that Johnson & Johnson not only produced and distributed these mesh products even long after there was significant evidence of their very serious defects, but now refuses to participate in a civil participatory effort to find a tenable position with regard to compensation for victims and an equitable closure of this matter under the guidance of court appointed facilitators.

Johnson and Johnson is responsible for the suffering and permanent damage to thousands of people.  We encourage you to let them know what you think of this conduct by refusing to purchase their products.  Listed here (JNJ Products Personal Care) are just some of their products, most are things you would find any day on the shelves of your local drug store or supermarket.  Please make a political choice that reflects your outrage at their conduct and disregard for humanity.

Thank you~


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