Your Turn: Blocking the Pain

December 12, 2013
Anonymous woman, WikiCommons
Anonymous woman, WikiCommons

A woman known to Mesh News Desk (MND) who wishes to remain anonymous because she is involved in litigation, has these thoughts on blocking nerve pain. MND does not give out legal or medical recommendations so we rely on others who have had experiences they want to share. This is not intended to substitute for a discussion with your medical professional or lawyer.  Thank you!

Dear Friends

I feel all your pains. I have been going through the same problems. Pudendal Neuralgia is hard to diagnose. Many times doctors mistake it with pelvic floor dysfunction and treat you for that. I searched as much as I could about my symptoms online and diagnosed myself and found a doctor Neurosurgeon in Santa Monica who will be treating me. He recommended nerve blocking injections and possible surgery if necessary. The doctor's name is Dr Filler.

He invented an MRN – M R Neurography system that actually proves and the images shows your nerve. I recommend you find help from a neurosurgeon because symptoms are getting worse not better by time. Also stress will flares up mine usually. Maintaining with regular chiro and acupuncture, massages and even colonics what’s gets me through the days. I am wishing you all the recoveries. I have been through a lot with this also.

Get well everyone. It is possible!

WikiPedia has more on MRN with resources and links to research mentioned in the post.

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