Overactive Bladder: One Woman's Solution

December 1, 2020

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, December 1, 2020~ Your Turn, R.W. on bladder issues


I've been doing a lot of reading about the issues I'm dealing with re: my bladder. The info and suggestions on the Mayo website were pretty illuminating. Inflammation is a key cause of pain in an overactive bladder.  One thought led to another:  if CBD is good for arthritis and  pain resulting from inflammation flare-ups especially during weather changes why not try it for what I am dealing with?  Bingo!  

In 24 hours after taking a high quality CBD I went from getting up sometimes as much as every hour to void (at night-- so even more during the day at my worst) to 2x at night and every 2-4 hours during the day.   I am pain free. I no longer feel like I am peeing hot lava    The pain is gone. Completely.  Of course I still watch what I eat and I haven't had any sugar nor alcohol in a long time (nor good NM green or red chile) but the only thing I have changed is that I take 35mg of CBD in the am and Pm.

It's like a miracle.

I can walk for an hour without having to stop at my house to pee.   No more bladder spasms.  When I read that women who deal with this feel pain when their bladders start to fill up  they void excessively to be rid of the pain I began to think more about what I could do to change this awful cycle.   Two urologists and $1000s in useless products and physical therapy later I have finally found the answer.

Christine Kent (Whole Woman) needs to explore this avenue.  I feel badly for women who are dealing with similar issues with no hope in sight

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