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Drug and Device Makers Pay Docs with Discipline Disputes

Dollar sign Scott Steiner, WikiCommons Mesh Medical Device News Desk, August 24, 2016 ~ Financial Conflicts of Interest, an ongoing concern in medicine.   Drug and Device Makers Pay Docs with Discipline Disputes This story is from ProPublica, Journalism in the Public Interest and published yesterday.  National Public [...]

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ProPublica Wants to Raise Awareness on Medical Harm

Voices of Patient Harm Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 16, 2016 ~ Please help ProPublica put a face on patient harm. The nonprofit news organization, one of the few that has successfully continued reporting online, continues to explore topics of medical harm and patient safety. The group reports more [...]

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ProPublia: Four Medical Devices that Bypassed FDA Scrutiny

May 10, 2012 ~ ProPublica, an independent journalism organization, reports on four medical devices that are among the thousands pushed into the marketplace every year that do not undergo Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scrutiny. The bottom line - medical devices are big business bringing over $100 billion-a-year [...]

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