The Bleeding Edge Doc Features Mesh Injuries

Jane Akre
April 20, 2018

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 19, 2018 ~ Members of the Mesh Awareness Movement (MAM) are featured in the new documentary, The Bleeding Edge, which premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend!

The 99-minute documentary will be shown on Saturday, April 21, and Sunday, April 22,Tuesday, April 24, and Thursday, April 26.

The documentary features patients who have been victimized by three medical devices -  Essure birth control devices, pelvic mesh and metal-on-metal hip implants.  

Sue Cutter, Sheryl Teague, Tammy Jackson in NJ

Tammy Jackson and her family from Kentucky are featured. a premiere party hosted by Netflix will be held Saturday night.

2017 JNJ Campaign

Kirby Dick and his crew showed up at the Johnson & Johnson shareholders' meeting in April 2017 as Tammy and other members of MAM  protested J&J and made their  feelings known to the shareholders and workers arriving at the annual event held in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the home of J&J.

Ultimately the filmmakers decided to eliminate the protest gathering as well as many others who were gathered at the event, including Bruce Rosenberg, hernia mesh patient and your editor.

Jackson says she helped Skype interview many mesh-injured women including Chrissy Brajcic, 42, who died last November after becoming septic following repeated infections after her mesh implant.

Instead, the director says he will dedicate the film to the memory of Chrissy.

Chrissy, Nov 17 post

Chrissy, Nov 17 post

Tammy says she told the director he was wrong not using Chrissy.

Jackson says she will be in  New York City along with her husband Byron, and daughter, Byonia, who wants to be a doctor after witnessing her mother's pain. Netflix will pay for the family's trip, the first  compensation they have received.  

Tammy who has been septic three times in recent months, must travel with antibotics, an IV pole, and must undergo an infusion daily.

She will be transported in a wheelchair because "as far as I have to walk in airports, I can't walk it. My feet go numb," she tells MND.

According to the film's release - "Each year in the United States, unparalleled innovations in medical diagnostics, treatment, and technology hit the market. But when the same devices designed to save patients end up harming them, who is accountable?

"With The Bleeding Edge, Academy Award®-nominated filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering bring viewers a searing exposé of the medical device industry. The film follows the personal stories of those affected by medical technology gone wrong, giving voice to injured victims and uncovering frightening instances of corporate malpractice and the complex legal loopholes that have allowed them to go unpunished. It acts as a terrifying reminder that we are, indeed, living in the future, subjecting our bodies to everything from a seemingly innocuous sterilization device to a robotic surgeon that is the stuff of dystopian nightmares. These master documentarians have constructed a brilliant and eye-opening account that angers, enlightens, and calls audiences to action."

The 99 minute documentary is produced by Los Angeles based Chain Camera and director Kirby Dick. The film was commissioned by Netflix and will run on that cable channel this summer. ###

Byron Jackson, The Bleeding Edge

Tammy Jackson, the Bleeding Edge

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