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Ralph Nader Radio Hour on the Travesty of Mesh Complications

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 10, 2017 ~ Consumer advocate Ralph Nader interviews Dr. Robert Bendavid on hernia mesh and Jane Akre, editor of Mesh News Desk on the ubiquitous nature and complications of polypropylene meshes.

He is known to most Americans as a consumer crusader who is responsible for establishing the Public Interest Research Group, the Center for Auto Safety and Public Citizen.

His activism had resulted in an expose into the automobile industry resulting in Unsafe at Any Speed, an immediate bestseller.  The book resulted in the Congressional action and the first mandated safety features for motor vehicles and traffic safety.

Lawyer, advocate and educator, Ralph Nader has been named to the list of “100 Most Influential Americans.”  See more on Mr. Nader here and visit his Radio Hour here.

On Thursday, June 9, Ralph Nader interviewed your editor and Dr. Robert Bendavid, a hernia mesh expert, and non-mesh doctor at the Shouldice Hospital in Toronto. Dr. Bendavid is also a founding father of the American Hernia Society.

Here is that interview. Hit the play arrow on the timeline and Enjoy!

And Please Add your voice to the Media Sources Ralph Nader mentions:

60 Minutes


and – Jane Brody at the New York Times


  1. Anon says:

    Its a good start let’s keep it going until these monsters are exposed for what they are. Profits over people . simple as that.

  2. Sybil says:

    Jane-just heard your show with Ralph Nader-great. Now we need to get 60 Minutes to do a show on the Synthetic Mesh Epidemic in America with Lesley
    Stahl! We need help-big mega bucks are running the show!

  3. Teresa says:

    Can you please help me find a good doctor that is experienced in full removal & repair of mesh? I have it for my bladder & bowels & have suffered terribly of six years now.
    Thank you

  4. J says:


    Nathan Guerrette is a skilled UROGYN surgeon in Richmond, VA and could address your mesh issues.

  5. jane says:

    Contacted attorney today…j& j ETHICON seems to keep stalling while many of us are unable to even do our daily chores,loss of homes,depression, pain…and the list goes on…I told my attorney today I sure hope I live long enough to see this all come to an end for all of us. None of us would have allowed mesh placed in our body’s had we known the out come! And the manufacturers act like we don’t matter…well we do we’re human beings with families that aren’t even the same people we were prior to having this placed in us. Come on let’s be real ETHICON you hurt us..take responsibility.

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