Newly Released Pelvic Mesh Pain E-Book: A Valuable Resource for Your Journey

Jane Akre
April 16, 2020

Mesh Medical Device News Desk No matter what stage you are in your journey with polypropylene (PP) pelvic and hernia mesh, this free e-book is a valuable resource.

Pelvic Mesh Pain, written by Greg Vigna, MD, JD, Kimberly Langdon MD, with contributors Ben C. Martin Esq. Laura J. Baughman, Esq, and Jane Akre (your editor).

This 206-page book is intended to provide a complete deep dive into the symptoms and problems associated with the use of polypropylene pelvic mesh. Complete with expert illustrations, readers will understand the standard repairs and how they have evolved into the use of polypropylene by the medical community. This e-book is intended for those who are considering a PP implant and those who are suffering the pain associated with an implant, as well as the next step both medically and legally.

Vigna, Martin, and Baughman are one of the few remaining law firms still taking clients suffering from mesh injuries. They will file their cases in state court and outside of the multidistrict litigation which amassed more than 100,000 cases filed in one court in Charleston, West Virginia.

The book is available for no cost through the link. Be sure to share it with your medical professionals and with anyone considering a polypropylene mesh implant.

Receive the 2020 Pelvic Mesh Pain through this link.

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