U of GA Study Closing Soon - Has Your Voice Been Heard?

Beth Chamblee Burch
December 1, 2020
U GA law professor Elizabeth Chamblee Burch

A note of thanks and a last call: the perception of justice study that I've been working on since December of 2018 will close on December 15, 2020.

I am not sure that simply saying "thank you" could ever convey the depth of my gratitude to each of you. It is easy for those of us who teach and no longer practice law to lose sight of the people behind every case. Talking with some of you has truly changed me, changed my perspective, broadened my view of justice, and deepened my commitment to fix the issues that so many of you have encountered.

So, though it will never be enough, thank you for opening my eyes and for sharing your time, your stories, and your struggles with me. I won't name names (now or ever), but you know who you are and I'm sending you hugs! Thank you also to Jane Akre for welcoming me into the group and giving me the opportunity to connect with all of you.

If you haven't had a chance to participate and would like to, I would love to hear from you. I designed the study to give plaintiffs suing over women's health mass torts like pelvic mesh a chance to share their experiences with the courts (confidentially).

If you'd like to participate, your identity will be kept completely confidential and if you'd rather not include your name on your response, you're welcome to let me know separately (masstortsuga@gmail.com).

With love and gratitude,


* Your Editor Notes** Another 200 responses would really help here folks! You always want your voice heard. Judges often do not hear from Plaintiffs. Instead they deal with lawyers and you become invisible! Professor Burch has connections with those who can make the MDL process better in the future. At the present time the MDL is considering rules changes for the MDL and she has their ear! Let the MDL committee hear from you! Thank you.





Chamblee Burch at the American Law Institute, MDLs Go Mainstream: Mass Torts Today Podcast


If it helps plaintiffs understand the MDL process at all, here’s the video portion of the podcast I did for the American Law Institute with Shanin Specter, John Beisner, and Prof. Abbe Gluck: 485599533

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