May 1 International Mesh Awareness Day

Jane Akre
May 1, 2019

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 1, 2019 ~ May first is the Worldwide Mesh Awareness Day, a term coined by the Mesh Awareness Movement, though recognized internationally.  

Unfortunately, polypropylene pelvic mesh injuries are shared internationally (hernia mesh as well) and various groups are recognizing the May first date and the entire month of May as a month to share awareness of mesh complications.  

All of the efforts are helping to raise the profile globally, though in the States, mesh is still used, specifically a mesh "sling" used to treat as incontinence.  While many doctors are backing off of a sling as a first-line treatment, one medical society, AUGS, (American Urogynecologic Society)  still refers to slings as the Gold Standard, even those meshes found defective in a court of law.

AUGS does not want to have "tools" taken out of its "toolbox" despite all of the reports of injuries. Women in the state today are told by doctors that the mesh is "different" than the "bad mesh" and that that has been taken off the market.  

That is not true, polypropylene meshes for incontinence remain on the market, and with varying pore sizes, it is all a polymer plastic, the same material used to make hernia mesh.

Worldwide Mesh Awareness Day

May 01, 2019

Mesh Awareness Movement Groups Globally include:

  • Mesh Awareness Australia-
    Founder Justine Watson has been doing a round robin of interviews to bring awareness through a Facebook page (here) and website (here).  Watson has done a tremendous amount of media outreach in anticipation of this day and was welcomes from the morning shows to Australia's version of 60 Minutes (here).
  • Here is Mesh Injured Day- What You Can Do- What You Need to KnowSee her on YouTube here.
  • The group distributed a news release for Mesh Awareness Day (here)
    and the group has done an excellent job in outreach!

Mesh Awareness Movement in the U.S. - Members have appeared at trials and campaigned about the hazards associated with the use of transvaginal and hernia mesh implants. MAM has a Facebook page (here).

MAM rally in Charleston WV

The Mesh Awareness Movement- U.S. was featured in the documentary, The Bleeding Edge,

Scottish Mesh Survivors - Thanks to the energy and persistence of the Scottish Mesh Survivors and the  aggressive front-page reporting by Marion Scott, the group got the ear of Parliament which held hearings and listened to first hand accounts of the injuries imposed by transvaginal mesh, the same mesh manufacturers use in the U.S.

Sunday Mail headlines, Scotland Oct 27, 2013
Sunday Mail headlines, Scotland, Oct 27, 2013

What's so apparent is that in Scotland, Scott wins Journalist of the Year and her paper, the Sunday Post, is awarded for "Campaign of the Year" for its mesh campaign.  In the U.S., reporter are discouraged from "campaigning" and shy away from the word "transvaginal."

Elaine Holmes testifying to Parliament

Elaine Holmes and Olive McIIroy have spearheaded the effort. See their Scottish Mesh Survivors website here.

Reporter Marion Scott awarded for her coverage of mesh problems in Scotland

Sling the Mesh- UK

An active group in England is campaigning against mesh use there as well. Addressing Parliament, the group is monitoring the progress of lawmakers in having mesh banned, though an official report was disappointing. They are making their voices heard.  See their website here to follow the issues in England.

Campaigners, The

Thanks to Kath Sansom and others for their organization of the group of campaigners.

Thanks to everyone addressing the horrors of plastic implants around the world!

MP Owen Smith, center

Sling the Mesh, Kath Sansom from CambTimes

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