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*New** J&J Hit With $20 M Verdict in 3rd Philadelphia Pelvic Mesh Trial

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 28, 2017 ~ In the last 15 months  J&J and its Ethicon medical device division has accrued $34.5 million in punitive damages over its transvaginal meshes. Another 200 cases await trial in this Philadelphia courtroom and hundreds are poised in a Bergen, New Jersey court ready for trial. [continue reading...]


Scottish Inquiry into Transvaginal Mesh Mess Called a Whitewash

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 3, 2017 ~ Unlike the U.S., the transvaginal mesh mess, in Scotland is front page news. The government conducted an investigation into the hundreds of injuries there, but the report is falls short of expectations, say campaigners. They call it a “Whitewash” report that anti-mesh campaigners in Scotland [continue reading...]

Melody Mullins Missing Mesh-Injured Plaintiff Found!

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, March 29, 2017 ~ Melody Mullins was one of nine mesh-injured women who had fallen through the cracks in their mesh-related litigation. “This is Melody Mullins” The voice was firm and no nonsense.  Melody Mullins had been found. Mullins, 37 of Columbus, Ohio is one of nine women who were [continue reading...]

Has AMS Paid All Transvaginal Mesh Claims?

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 27, 2017 ~ American Medical Systems/ Endo International says they are settling NO MORE CLAIMS, reports “Samantha” after a conversation with the national settlement firm. Samantha has vigorously pursued AMS for its patented surgical tools used in the Caldera mesh kit that injured her. Samantha was implanted in [continue reading...]

Missing Pelvic Mesh Plaintiff: Where is Melody E. Mullins?

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, March 8, 201 ~ With nearly 100,000 lawsuits filled in one federal court in West Virginia by women who claim injuries from pelvic mesh, there are some women who are Pro Se, that is going it alone without an attorney. They are all dangerously close to having their cases dismissed [continue reading...]

Mesh Awareness Movement Rally Gains Momentum

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, February 27, 2017 ~ The MAM, Mesh Awareness Movement plans to take its pelvic mesh awareness message to the next mesh event.  March 6, 2017, was supposed to be the beginning of the pelvic mesh trial of  Mullins et al v. Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. In [continue reading...]

Welcome to Mesh Medical Device News Desk, aka Mesh News Desk

Mesh News Desk, April 2017 ~ Welcome to Mesh News Desk (MND), also known as Mesh Medical Device News Desk where we following the goings on of the largely unregulated medical device industry and its fallout on the public. Synthetic polypropylene mesh and its biologic cousins are used to treat hernia and incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.  For [continue reading...]

Mesh Rally Plans Moving Ahead for New Jersey

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 19, 2017 ~ The time and place for a peaceful rally over Johnson & Johnson’s mesh implants is set for April 27, 2017, at the State Theater, 15 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick NJ. 9:15 am doors open.  Johnson & Johnson plans its annual shareholders meeting on April 27 [continue reading...]
FDA News

FDA’s Shuren on Tightening Future FDA Review of High-Risk Devices

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 20, 2017 ~ FDA’s Jeff Shuren writes about how to serve two masters, public safety and the need of manufacturers for fast access to the marketplace for high-risk devices. Can anyone serve two masters? For seven years, Dr. Jeffrey Shuren has headed the Center for Devices and Radiological Health [continue reading...]
Legal News

Law Firms Remaining in TVM Litigation

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 18, 2017 ~ Many of the large Mass Tort law firms are no longer taking transvaginal mesh cases (TVM).   While many law firms are pursuing the coated hernia mesh cases, fewer are remaining in transvaginal mesh litigation. Litigated since  the early 2000’s, TVM has gone through many [continue reading...]
Medical News

Medical Study on Chronic Mesh Pain Needs to Hear From You!

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 6, 2017 ~ People suffering with chronic pain are asked to attend a one-day workshop in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Still Standing, a contributor to Mesh News Desk, is involved with a partnership with the University  of Maryland and other institutions from around the world to teach researchers [continue reading...]

Your Turn – Traumatic Evil, Pocket Change of Tyrants

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, March 20, 2017 ~ The following essay was written by a mesh-injured woman. She is looking forward to an upcoming trip where she will sit on a beach and contemplate her present and her future. These words represent her opinion.  She prefers to stay anonymous.   Traumatic Evil, Pocket [continue reading...]
Media Reports

Cisson Case Tests Georgia’s Punitive Damages

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 24, 2017 ~ The Cisson v. C.R. Bard case resulted in a windfall for Georgia’s state treasury, not for Cisson.  Tort reform came in Georgia in 1987. The Georgia Tort Reform Act was launched by Big Business, such as tobacco and asbestos, to curtail plaintiff victories in court. [continue reading...]
Your Turn

One Woman Facing AMS Legal Setback After TVT-O Injury

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, February 13, 201 ~ The following is written by a mesh-injured woman.  Since she is involved in transvaginal mesh litigation, and represented by legal counsel. She does not want to be named. Instead, we will call her Suzanne.  Suzanne was implanted with American Medical Systems (AMS) TVT-O transvaginal mesh in 2012.  [continue reading...]
Mesh Reading Room Resource

Documentary: J&J Knew Risks of Prolift

Mesh News Desk, February 22, 2017 ~  A news magazine in The Netherlands has just aired a documentary that says Ethicon/ Johnson & Johnson was well aware problems would happen with the Prolift transvaginal mesh and marketed it anyway.   The documentary shown on the show RADAR in mid-February.  #radartv Prolift was the most [continue reading...]
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