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What’s Wrong with the MDL System of Conflict Resolution?

  University of Georgia School of Law professor, Elizabeth Burch, is not a fan of multidistrict litigation or MDLs.  Burch studies mass torts, such as the Kugel mesh case, and is currently working on a book about the MDL system. According to her research, collecting data from 72 product liability pending as of May [continue reading...]


Judge Settles Hundreds of Transvaginal Mesh Suits Naming C.R. Bard

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 21, 2017 ~ Judge Joseph Goodwin is overseeing more than 103,659 (as of today) product liability cases involving transvaginal mesh. Three hundred product liability cases naming C.R. Bard have been dismissed just since Monday. Earlier this year Judge Goodwin  told lawyers he would like to have the cases filed [continue reading...]

C.R. Bard’s Pelvic Mesh Removed From the Market

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 13, 2017 ~ Bard relieves its website of all pelvic mesh products with no fanfare or notice. In April, it was announced that C.R. Bard, a medical device manufacturer, was to be sold to Becton Dickinson (BD) for $24 billion. In what could be surmised to be a [continue reading...]

J&J Wins First Pelvic Mesh Trial in Philadelphia

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 10, 2017 ~ The fifth trial over its family of polypropylene pelvic mesh finally secures healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson a win in this Philadelphia court.  After four straight losses in a Philadelphia court to plaintiffs injured by pelvic mesh, a jury agreed with Johnson & Johnson Friday [continue reading...]

Is Huskey Pelvic Mesh Case Going to the Supremes?

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 7, 2017 ~ The  pelvic mesh case of Huskey v. Ethicon has been in the courts since 2012. After she won a defective product case before a jury in 2014 and was awarded $3.27 million, J&J appealed and lost. Now Ethicon/ J&J wants the U.S. Supreme Court to [continue reading...]

Pelvic Mesh Trials Ahead

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 31, 2017 ~ So far this 2017, the litigation in transvaginal mesh cases filed around the country seems to be picking up steam. This after a long lull in proceedings. Judge Joseph Goodwin had hoped to have the massive Mass Tort in his West Virginia court wrapped up [continue reading...]

June Welcome to Mesh News Desk

The summer is almost upon us and pelvic mesh trials have been heating up in Philadelphia after a very long lull. Recently there have been $12.5, $13.5, $20 million and $2.16 million jury awards of compensation and nearly $35 million in punitive damages all leveled against J&J. After attending a shareholders meeting where “sustainability” [continue reading...]

Talc Cases Will Likely Stay in MO Despite Supreme Court Decision, Says Lead Lawyer

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 24, 2017 ~ SCOTUS Decision Leads to Mistrial in Latest Talc Case in St. Louis, Mo. A Missouri judge declared a mistrial Monday, June 19, in a lawsuit filed by the estates of three women who had died from ovarian cancer, allegedly after using Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based [continue reading...]
FDA News

Does the FDA’s MAUDE Work?

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 17, 2017 ~ Does MAUDE work? MAUDE is the FDA’s central database that’s supposed to identify problems with medical devices that are on the market. Washington University did a review and found it was inadequate.  Printed on the website of Society of American Gastrointestsinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES),is [continue reading...]
Legal News

Pain and Suffering Caps Lifted by Florida Supreme Court

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 9, 201 ~ Consumers injured by medical malpractice may have more avenues to justice in court with the lifting of caps on pain and suffering in medical malpractice cases, a cornerstone of tort reform put in place in 2003 under then Gov. Jeb Bush.  In 2007, Susan Kalitan, a [continue reading...]
Medical News

An Antibiotic to Kill Superbugs?

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 15, 2017 ~ Could alterations to the  standard antibiotic, vancomycin, provide an answer to treat some antibiotic-resistant Superbugs? Superbugs, as they are known, have evolved faster than the antibiotics created to fight them. Every year more than two million people get antibiotic-resistant infections, reports the Centers for Disease [continue reading...]

Your Turn – Traumatic Evil, Pocket Change of Tyrants

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, March 20, 2017 ~ The following essay was written by a mesh-injured woman. She is looking forward to an upcoming trip where she will sit on a beach and contemplate her present and her future. These words represent her opinion.  She prefers to stay anonymous.   Traumatic Evil, Pocket [continue reading...]
Media Reports

Ralph Nader Radio Hour on the Travesty of Mesh Complications

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 10, 2017 ~ Consumer advocate Ralph Nader interviews Dr. Robert Bendavid on hernia mesh and Jane Akre, editor of Mesh News Desk on the ubiquitous nature and complications of polypropylene meshes. He is known to most Americans as a consumer crusader who is responsible for establishing the Public [continue reading...]
Your Turn

Dr. Bendavid Answers Hernia Questions

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 23, 2017 ~  Dr. Robert Bendavid is a leading hernia surgeon with Shouldice Clinic in Toronto, Canada. He also believes in non-mesh repairs for hernia whenever possible and Shouldice does not use mesh in its hernia repairs.   Shouldice Clinic in Thornhill, Ontario, is the only licensed hospital [continue reading...]
Mesh Reading Room Resource

Angel Flight May Help You

Please be aware if you need transportation to a doctor who specializes in treating injuries resulting from your medical device, Angel Flight may be there to help. Angel Flight West  is a nonprofit organization that arranges air travel for those with serious medical conditions.  There are 1,400 pilots located in 13 western states who donate [continue reading...]
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