Women in Limbo

//Women in Limbo

Women in Limbo

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 7, 2018 ~ Many readers of Mesh News Desk promise they will not take the paltry settlements being offered  in pelvic mesh litigation. 

They are left as women in limbo, not set for trial, not heading for a realistic settlement, not knowing what their future holds.

When you signed up with a law firm, you might have been told that you would have your “day in court.”  You may have even been told yours was a “million dollar case.”  No one knows that for sure and such a claim of a certain outcome is perhaps a sign that you should consider if that law firm is the right one for you.

So can you change your law firm?  Attorney Michael Monheit, who helps market Mesh News Desk and is also a trial attorney weighs in with editor, Jane Akre. He is one of the few lawyers remaining still taking pelvic mesh cases. 

Michael Monheit

Image: Wiki Commons, Cynthia Magana

Monheit: “In an ideal world, I wish we could turn back time and explain this litigation so you would have realistic expectations. Whatever you were told in the beginning, every mass tort contains some realities. For example, at least one-hundred thousand women were injured by pelvic mesh – that is a fact.  Some law firms signed up thousands of cases, some just a few. Some may have intended to settle those cases and perhaps never take one to trial.  Others planned to select a few for trial as “bellwether” cases to help determine or estimate of their worth for settlement purposes.

My frustration is there are hundreds of women in the same boat saying, “I don’t want to settle.”

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Akre: What will happen to those women? 

Monheit: “I’m afraid most of them will end up as dismissed cases.

“It is unlikely you will find another attorney as rarely will an attorney want to represent someone who already rejected a settlement. And you likely can’t spend a couple hundred thousand to go forward alone.  What that results is injustice upon injustice. Thus, going it alone is not much of an option.”


Akre and  Dr. D. Veronikis

Akre: Doesn’t a lawyer have an obligation to represent you until the end?

Monheit: “Most firms have within their fee agreement the right to withdraw from a case, and thus have informed clients of this possibility. Some might argue this is unfair to clients, others might even argue it is not ethical.”

“However, the motion to withdraw would be approved by the Court, so it is unlikely that this will result in any ethical issue for the lawyers seeking to withdraw from the case.”

Akre:  But you understand most women want their day in court. 

Monheit:  “Yes, Your story deserves to be heard.  Often the other women who have gone to court have received favorable awards, even though they will have to wait years to see any money as the appellate process plays out.

“But let’s look at the numbers.

“If all of these cases actually went to trial, or consider even 30,000 cases, (there are many more) and you gave 10 judges 3-thousand cases each, if those judges could try six cases a year, it would take those ten judges 500 years to get through!  You can see the impossibility of having each case litigated.

“Your attorney may advise you to settle your case since there are so few they can take forward to litigate.

“It is highly unlikely that new firm would want to step into a case where you have indicated you would not settle.

“We have limited time in life and must choose our battles carefully. I urge you to consider this for yourself as well.

“Ask yourself – What is your goal? If the goal is to be part of a movement that in the aggregate is holding the defendants accountable, then you are likely accomplishing that with your claim. If your goal is to receive what feels like full compensation for your injuries, then I doubt it is likely you will achieve that goal.”

New Brunswick, NJ, April 2014 gathering


Akre:  We know that firms settling cases must agree to about 95% of their clients agreeing to a settlement.  Defendants require that.  Why is that so important?

Monheit:  “Manufacturers want to know that they are obtaining a certain degree of resolution, or otherwise may as well keep paying their attorneys to defend the cases.

“To achieve these percentages, in order then to help the vast majority of their clients who may want to settle, even if not for as much as they would like, the attorneys may need to withdraw from most cases where clients do not want to settle.

“Put another way, imagine if you are the client who wants to settle. Your lawyer may not be able to settle your case because of clients who insist on going to trial.

“Coming back to the issue of finding other counsel, you are likely to encounter the same issues. These firms you are reaching out to are likely to already have other clients. Thus, it is not likely that this lawyer would be willing take on a client who has already demonstrated an unwillingness to settle their claim, as the law firm does not want to jeopardize the ability to settle the claims of clients that they already represent and who have expressed a willingness to settle their claims.”

Mary and husband, Rick

Akre:  MND has told a story of a women who is going it alone, Pro Se, after she asked her two law firms to drop her. Does she have any chance of representing herself in court?

Monheit:  “While I admire and honor her determination to see this through, my common sense tells me that she is facing a battle that is almost meaningless to the mesh makers and their team of high powered attorneys and difficult for her.

“It is distressing to know that this world has wrongs that at least in our time or in ways we can see don’t make sense and don’t seem to be righted. They are like weeds that keep growing.  They are wicked who prosper and may be cut down later, but often not in our time. The underlying sense or purpose of this is simply not revealed to us for now.

“For each injured mesh victim, your story deserves to see the light of day, but I think that there are easier ways to tell your story about any mesh maker than putting yourself through a Pro Se litigation process.

Here are some things to consider…

  • You are going to be to a certain degree outside the typical benefits of the MDL process – it will not be tailored to your needs. Rather, you are going to have to fit into your life to the court’s deadlines and requirements.  Do not expect that the judge make any exception for you, the Pro Se plaintiff.  The system is the same for everyone. That is why people hire lawyers who know the system – because the process is complex.
  • If it does not work out, you don’t get to do it again. While lawyers can survive if one case doesn’t work out, because they are working on many and can spread the risk, you only have your one chance at your one case. And it is so much more so the defendants, who have thousands of these cases and can afford to win some and lose some.
  • It is unlikely defendants will want to settle with a Pro Se plaintiff. They know that you are not coming at the case from a position of strength. They know that they can make this very hard for you.
  • The MDL work product may not be shared with a Pro Se claimant, since you did not pay for it. That may mean you have to create on your own, essentially duplicate, what has been accomplished by the MDL.
  • As far as the costs – Depositions – you will have to figure out how to prepare for them (know the science) and will need to compensate medical experts. Typically this could cost more than $10,000 for each physician. To testify is $1,000 an hour on average.
  • Travel – There are costs to get to the deposition and retain a videographer and court reporter. You will need a location, a hotel and airfare.
  • I would think the above could cost $100,000 – $200,000 to prepare a case and take it to trial.
  • Will your doctors agree to testify? If not, are you prepared to file the motions in court to compel them to do so?  Will they cooperate with you and your questioning?
  • How will you present yourself as a witness?”

Akre:  So it doesn’t sound hopeful? How can these women give up and take a small settlement?

Monheit:  “Defendant manufacturers are corporations and as such do not have feelings. Their attorneys will get paid win or lose. They want to win as much as you do. They have more resources than you do. The company likely sees this as a cost of doing business. Companies don’t have souls. They make money. They don’t apologize.

“Your story is important and deserves to be told. Every mesh story is tragic and deserves to be told. Thousands of them! The question for me is do you get the most benefit and do the most good in this Pro Se fight, or is there a better use of your time and energy to tell your story and impact the world and your life going forward in a positive manner.”

Akre:  What might she do to direct her energies to right this wrong if going Pro Se isn’t an option?

Campaigners from Sling The Mesh, July 18, 2017, Cambstimes.co.uk

Monheit:  “Lawsuits are a part of the picture, as in the aggregate they create a significant financial penalty on the manufacturer. But a Pro Se plaintiff has little chance of moving the company into action.

“Things we can do as individuals include the following: get active in the political process, organize lobby days, petition Congress, run for office, find a media outlet to target, march on insurance companies, organize boycotts, change the laws. These are all places where energy could be focused so we can change the law and insist on medical coverage for harm from devices, paid for by device manufacturers, since they got you here in this difficult situation in the first place.

“As the laws stand now, there is not enough regulation of these devices and we need people to continue to speak out.”


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About the Author:

I’m National News Editor, Jane Akre and I began Mesh Medical Device News Desk aka Mesh News Desk (MND) in the summer of 2011 just after the Food and Drug Administration issued an explicit warning to the public that complications associated with surgical mesh used for prolapse repair (POP) and incontinence (SUI) are NOT rare! That was the starting point for the litigation you see today and thousands of lawsuits have been filed by women whose lives have been altered, some permanently, by the use of this petroleum-based product.


  1. lou May 7, 2018 at 6:18 pm - Reply

    Has anyone heard anything on American medical temporary holdback funds or got a letter

  2. Mary May 7, 2018 at 6:48 pm - Reply

    Hi Mr Monheit,
    I respect your expert opinions, and your compassion for Mesh victims. In reading your interview, with our Editor, I can definitely relate to the attorney issues-of not being able to find Counsel. I did NOT reject a settlement.
    I was told J&J were going to place a “value” on my Moms Case, and then they were going to offer settlement, based on revisions.
    That information led me to request that my attorneys include relevant records that were very important-that neither firm had put on the short-form complaint. I explained I did not want her case to be “valued” as the claim was filed. I supplied the records for each of the 6 items I wanted added.
    During me begging week by week, to have the claim amended-my Attorneys-
    (Unbeknownst to me) found out my case had been chosen for a Bellwether Trial and placed in a wave. Not only did they never discuss amending the complaint, or why not-I was ignored and told I could take my documents when they offered a settlement and hand them to J&J attorneys at that time. I told them I would prefer they fire me if they refused to amend the complaint before a value was placed on Moms Case. By July, (after 3 months of begging) I was told they were going to withdraw! How convenient for them, that they wouldn’t have to prepare my case for trial! The Judge did not dismiss them until October 12, 2017.
    The Court Docket came out on Sept8, 2017. Everyone knew my case had been chosen for trial-except me. One of my lawyers was on the steering committee! I’m sure he knew long before the court entry, about the trial.
    Not only was I not given an explanation on amending the complaint- I wasn’t even kept informed during the time of motion to withdraw-til dismissal. August9,2017-October12,2017.
    The 1st question I’m asked is, “Why did your attorneys withdraw?”
    This case is important because the records prove every statement I’ve made on this site, as well as the Court Docket. This case was originally filed by my Mother. We didn’t know she would die!
    I AM part of the MDL. I have all the records already. I agreed to pay the % to have the access-and pay if I win. I have complied with each request by the Court and the Defense.
    Am I ready? Of course not! I never thought I would ever be in this position.
    But that’s no reason to forget it! Perhaps the Court will dismiss my case, but it won’t be because I gave up. My Mom never gave up, and neither will I.
    There are more ways than one to achieve justice with my case.
    I have a couple options to proceed, but I know it’s going to be hard work.
    Maybe I’ll be that “1-Case” that just might be successful! The truth. That’s my secret. My hope? That God will guide me to do my best.
    That’s not a choice!! This was thrown in my face and I refuse to let it end up in the trash without a fight.
    With Respect, Thank you Jane and MrMonheit.

    • Mary May 8, 2018 at 4:30 pm - Reply

      I am going to try my best to share what I know personally about the MDL-as a pro se litigant. I hope my words will provide some sense of direction for those of you that choose to reject your settlements.
      If your implant was a TVT or TVTO, and your lawfirm signed the “global settlement agreement”- they have probably already told you- you will have to find a new attorney, that did not sign that agreement. The agreement prevents all firms that signed it, from representing TVT and/or TVTO plaintiffs in future litigation.
      If you don’t take the settlement:
      You will have to find Counsel elsewhere.
      The Court is permitting plaintiffs with no revisions, to have your case dismissed without prejudice. That means you can refile it.
      If you have complete records in your case that support mesh injuries, and refuse a settlement-you may ask your current attorney to withdraw from your case. If an attorney withdraws-you will not be responsible to pay them. If you fire your attorney, you will be responsible to pay them, in most cases.
      Finding a new attorney for these cases will not be easy. I have tried and not been successful. I decided to represent my case, because I was told it wasn’t trial-worthy, I was told my Moms Case was being reviewed for settlement. I had no idea her case had been chosen for a Bellwether Trial.
      As a pro se plaintiff, I DO have access to the MDL Discovery. I signed a confidentiality agreement and agreed to pay 5% of any reward to the attorney fund. If your case was placed in the MDL, then you are entitled to the same access.
      On the Court Website, there is a pro se handbook. It addresses every rule and procedure and your requirements that must be made to satisfy the Courts procedures.
      You also have resources at your County Courthouse. Legal Aid is also an asset, for those who are financially eligible. Current law students from many Universities have programs to help the public with legal procedures.
      Young attorneys are most times, eager to take a Contingency Case for the experience that comes with “Practicing Law.”
      I hope this information and my suggestions will be helpful, if you are one of the victims that have been pushed in the corner.
      The Bellwether Trials were set up to set a standard for settlements. They have not served the plaintiffs waiting for fair settlements. Most Bellwether Cases have been rewarded by juries…
      yet the settlements do not reflect jury decisions, as I’m sure most plaintiffs now realize.
      No one wants to be pushed into corners. Not plaintiffs-and not Attorneys either. This MDL does both.
      It is severely flawed, but my victim was my Mother. I will exhaust every path available to me to present the complete truth of her 15 years of suffering and death.
      Each victim, has a different story, and circumstances to weigh, when it comes to your case. I simply want you to know you have options.
      Thank you Jane, for your website, and genuine compassion. Mary

      • Jane Akre May 8, 2018 at 5:21 pm - Reply

        Thank you Mary…. you are a very worthy opponent to JNJ……I hope they know that.

  3. Dawn May 7, 2018 at 8:09 pm - Reply

    Interesting read. Let me ask you this question then….. why didn’t the MDL lawyers fight harder for higher payouts ? If they have all the extras to do the battles, why not fight at least a little bit harder?
    My mind sees if only 15,000 had been horribly maimed , instead of the 150,000….they would have gotten better representation.
    Mesh victims are just pawns in this game of monopoly. Everyone won but them.

  4. Still Standing May 7, 2018 at 11:01 pm - Reply

    It makes no sense to assume the MDL attorneys didnt fight for higher payouts. They get paid according to what settlement amounts they negotiate for their clients. Higher settlements equal higher pay for them. They arent the ones who threw us into an MDL. The federal court system sets those up and assigns cases to them. Some MDLs have worked well for plaintiffs. Mesh MDLs became too big to manage and I think the colossal failure of Mesh MDLs will ultimately bring changes to a system that was not set up for so many plaintiffs.

    Here is something else to think about. MDLs and their tier of injury structures ( which are not unique to mesh cases) allow some plaintiffs to benefit. When cases are grouped for settlement with a law firm, there are a percentage of people who do not have a strong jury case at all who get settlement money when there is no way it would result in a jury award. Cases have flaws. Women with preexisting conditions, or who smoke or are sedentary, overweight, have mental health issues, illegal drug use, criminal background, the list goes on and on have can be included in settlement negotiations since attorneys settle their entire inventory of cases. This has a positive result for their outcome. On the other hand, women who are catastrophically injured with many many surgeries are grouped in with women who have less injury documented by number of surgeries. For example, on the tier system, generally a woman with four surgeries gets as much as a woman with 10 surgeries. That isnt fair either as is women catastrophically injured with no surgeries. It is definitely not a fair system for many plaintiffs who find themselves tangled up in the MDL system.

    • Jane Akre May 7, 2018 at 11:30 pm - Reply

      Thank you Still Standing. I believe the implications is that because of the sheer number of cases, it became too burdensome to individually advocate to maximize each payout. It would be impossible to do so with a couple thousand clients for example.

  5. Way2Be May 7, 2018 at 11:41 pm - Reply

    I’m supposed to get a settlement offer soon. In the mean time, I’ve developed a large hernia under my stoma,
    Mind you, the stoma is a result of failed rectopexy surgery. It’s not seperate from the the entire story.
    In six months, I will have no money. For real. The stoma wound which I am fighting to get fixed. Really bad pain. And I’m watching my only resource go down. What’s going to happen to me. Are monies made available in emergency? Calling my lawyer tomorrow. What have you heard. I’m seventy one. Had surgeries since 2012. This is going to kill me or I’m going to kill myself. And that is not an idle threat. No friends, no money, and another open wound in my gut. Losing my home. What is there to live for?
    Please no prayers or other nicely meant empty ness. Maybe if I didn’t have the surgery in front of me – but I do. Surgery alone. Again. I just want to die, I’m so tired, frightened and in pain. This is the face of the mesh injured. Is there advance money against the settlement. Another few months and no one will even know I have no money left except my landlord. From a simple prolapse they reunited my body. Talk therapy will not help. Every human needs to feel cared for. I’m invisible. The surgeon prick wants to put in more mesh. They have used me like a teaching cadaver. Just thought I would ask if there is an advance. Maybe I could be safe another couple of months.

    • Jane Akre May 8, 2018 at 11:39 am - Reply

      Please do not let him put in more mesh if you have not done well so far. I’m so sorry. I will ask that question during our upcoming seminar about emergency funds but that is an excellent question for your attorney, not a “loan” that would have interest, but emergency funds for extraordinary cases of women falling through the cracks. Can you unite with some folks on Facebook or in your community? It sounds like you need support. MAM is a good resource for that (Mesh Awareness Movement) on Facebook. Again, I’m so sorry … please stay in touch so others can reach out.

  6. Way2Be May 7, 2018 at 11:50 pm - Reply

    Ruined my body. I hope I die on the operating table. This kind compassionate country, medical profession and certainly not last all my friends and family I gave money to when they needed it.

    • Still Standing May 10, 2018 at 4:51 pm - Reply

      Way2be. Please print out what you wrote and take it to your primary care physician. He or she has an ethical responsibility to respond to your mental and physical distress. Physical pain is so isolating that sometimes we can’t even take in a friendly smile. I can’t understand how you are feeling. We all have our own unique experiences. But, I can relate to your wish to end it all. I’ve been there more than once in my 10 year mesh trip. I can also relate to your rejection of nice comments. People can pretend to care but they can’t pretend to be there. You are worthy to feel loved. You must tell these people who have been in your life what you need now. It is essential to your survival to do so.

      Parastomal hernia repair unfortunately requires mesh because of the size of the wound. Have your doctor told you your options. Biologic grafts are considered the most ideal for this repair but they are 10x more expensive than synthetic mesh. You need to insist on that option. You can appeal to Medicare if they refuse to pay. Insist on it.

      I’m sorry this huge burden is weighing on you so heavily. There are no promises for tomorrow for any of us. Dying sometimes feels far better that living another day in such pain. I hope you are able to take in the caring and compassion that is surrounding you from other women who have found support on this site.

  7. tiredofwaiting May 9, 2018 at 12:18 pm - Reply

    Way2Be, hang in there. I know how hard it can be and it sucks that we feel subhuman and robbed of our lives. We must continue to fight for a reasonable quality of life.

  8. Mart May 10, 2018 at 12:43 pm - Reply

    It’s so sad this women is mentally distraught I feel she needs counseling very depressed
    And I fully understand how she feels my doctor told me I was the worst case yet in removing the mesh
    I still have pelvic pain intercourse is out the question I’m so happy I have a understanding companion

    • Jane Akre May 10, 2018 at 1:01 pm - Reply

      I’m glad you do too… that is one of the keys isn’t it? I’m appalled how many men leave.

  9. Jimmy May 10, 2018 at 4:27 pm - Reply

    Man this is just crazy to me. So whats the purpose of a bellwether trial if it really doesn’t help the settlements? I guess my mothers mesh isnt worth anything in the court. So i assume her hip wont be either that was a recall to. Jad to remove 60% of the muscle around her hip because of the metal rotting away from the hip. But i suppose the way this makes it sound is just bad luck. Gee! Thanks J&J!!!!

  10. Mart May 12, 2018 at 7:03 pm - Reply

    It’s a shame because we’re the ones in pain and suffering but the attorneys are the ones
    Who gets the big payout we’ve done all there foot work getting all the info from our doctors
    Sending it to them but yet we’re the ones who are scarred for life I guess they don’t realize
    The impact that this has had on us women some of us are loosing homes ,jobs,husbands
    And our mind as well as sense of being I don’t feel that we are being compensated enough
    For the pain and suffering but wait don’t dare mention this to your attorney they’ll probably
    Want to drop your case “WHATEVER” they’ll all have to answer to God in the end remember
    Ladies money is the root of all evil they will pay do unto others as you would want others to do
    To you

    • Jane Akre May 12, 2018 at 8:53 pm - Reply

      Ask him to drop his percentage rate…. if he really wants you to settle!

    • Still Standing May 13, 2018 at 1:43 am - Reply

      Mart, the attrneys always seem to get dumped on and while some may be unprofessional, I think you need to recognize that you signed an agreement with your attorney in the form of a legally binding contract. They did not force you to hire them. They have not asked you for any money to pay for their time and resources they have fronted for your case. It may not seem that they have done anything, but there is a lot of work that goes into advancing civil cases. It is not the courtroom drama we see on television for criminal cases, but there is expertise involved, which is why people need attorneys to represent them instead of going it alone. They also do the work without any guarantee that they will get any money at all. Is there any other non family person you expect to,do work for you without getting paid? They did not cause our injuries. They want good settlements for their clients because they get compensated more. Do you blame your banker for causing you to have to pay it back on a loan? Do you blame a person who is helping you change a flat tire on the side of the road for the flat tire? Maybe in hind sight 40% seems like too much money, but you agreed to pay that amount as an informed adult probably because you did not have the thousands and thousands of dollars to hire an attorney by the hour. A legal contract is binding

  11. Angela May 14, 2018 at 1:11 am - Reply

    I’ve suffered 6 years , giving deposition soon, my uritha is dead , my stomach works off box like casing battery stimulator it’s dead , stomach was poisoned by the mesh ,, constant blood shows in every bladder infection , have one now, emuined to antibiotics , it caused my appendix burst 8 months ago in er , straight to surgery , inside washed out battery stimulator covered by bursting I went in screaming pain , days in for that , back day later for two day stay bowel infection , I was leaking bowel everywhere in the hospital , the smell bad I was quaritenied , , after coming home a day later I go back put in hospital dehydrated , three separate stays I knew I was dead , , I’ve been bed fast two years now , was up 4 years prior I could set up hour so a day now I don’t get up but to doc visit , pain clinic , , lot more get idea , I feal raped used mistreated , torchered on daily bacis , I’ve been in mental hospital , I’ve wanted to die , and don’t want to die leave in fear crying when awake , first thing I see I open my eyes cry a wheel chair by my bed , dint know the woman in the mirror , I kept my hair done my makeup my nails , my house was clean I loved crafting , I do nothing I can’t I only am at peace when I sleep , I have been in prison 6 years two months after surgery I started to be sick time went all this more came to pass , I know my body I can feel my pancetous swollen I fear it’s is next organ , mesh eating away inside , removed 2014 put in 2012 gone don’t mean get better the damage goes on poison eats away it there still dock said I got it one arm was hard to get out , I can’t get a good family doctor now one said to much meds to many health issues , that’s why ppl need doctors , so I suffer till my body gives all out rest to wake suffer more , I don’t know who I am I miss me , I beg God for a medical , out don’t mean you will be healed I’m going , I won’t live to be old one more organ down to vital ones now . Life was good till I got mesh it’s deadley , I’m owed to hire ppl to do what all I did do , what do ppl get for serving life or years if there life I can’t take heat st all , pain takes my breath , my body is stiff from being down so long , we should be Abel to live in our own home an have money to hire help for what we could do , so we can get back as much as we can that they took from us , they live like kings in comfort while we suffer they used us for trash cans , implanted humans souls with what was not ment for humans , would been same if put bubble wrap , packing tape , maybe might not been as bad , what it was made of gets in our system can’t be removed , would they allow it to be done to wemon men in their life they loved , they showed what others lives ment to them , just money , so they need to be hit hard take what means most our mom wife’s daughters , there love of money all mattered I say they should have no money , take what they live fair punishment , meats the crime , they broke the ppl pay to fix it , oil based plastic not for humans , we are humans suffering hurting , I’m torched daily . 24/7 took my life what’s my life worth , let them decide , the one they care for most what would they give them how fast would the get it to travel far to find a good doctor , to help comfort or find way to help , don’t think u can clean out my insides my blood

  12. Angela May 14, 2018 at 1:22 am - Reply

    My lawyer desirve whst he gets , It’s his job and he studied for it , He’s smart haven’t went yet , by what I know am blessed to have him , know he will do his best , He has a heart I’ve spoke with him and can see he cares , don’t think I can say who he is , I got lucky

    • M August 23, 2018 at 12:14 pm - Reply

      Adam Slater

  13. Mart May 14, 2018 at 10:38 am - Reply


  14. BECCA May 29, 2018 at 7:23 pm - Reply

    I decided to settle because I’m in debt, have to get loans to survive , like one person asked if we can have emergency money to get through the year , I would not want to be homeless, my pain and suffering for 8 years this June is so bad at times I have to take crazy pills, pain pills , and mixed incontinence pills, stage 4 erosive esophagus pills, thyroid pills, high blood pressure pills and so much more pills the go on and on ,

    I just want to know when I get my settlement I just signed it on may or April this year. I do not want to get a loan off my settlement because I hear it would cost me more in the long run. So forget that. I call my attorney but never calls me back.
    I just get letter of signing settlement offer so far.

    • Sadjdm June 1, 2018 at 12:28 pm - Reply

      I’m in the 15,500 whatever they call it, I’m waiting for my settlement packet….so they say, I’ve been waiting for six years and have NO CLUE what the attorney decided was my settlement is deserving of. This whole thing is crappy. Attorneys are the ones who won here, not u s women who have suffered and will continue to suffer, it makes me sick. My case is a BOSTON SCIENTIFIC mesh. I’ve had one surgery to remove only a partial bit of it because the rest is grown to a major artery so they are afraid to attempt to remove it. My incontinence is bad, along with chronic infections plus hematuria. So basically it is what it is. They won’t give me any kind of amount, such a BIG SECRET, what a joke. I honestly don’t care anymore, I’m not letting this ruin my life, just another thing honestly. I hurt yes, but I’m moving forward. I truly feel for those that are worse off than myself. Unfortunately this is a cruel world and there are people out there out for the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR (not us ladies). I will be surprised if I even get 10,000 out of this lol. All for nothing. Good Luck everyone!

      • Jane Akre June 1, 2018 at 5:44 pm - Reply

        Did you already agree to settle? Did you sign the papers? How can you agree when you do not have an amount? Is yours a Boston Scientific implanted after 2012? Is the Chinese mesh involved in your case?

  15. Still Standing May 30, 2018 at 5:56 pm - Reply

    Unfortunately, it could take months before you receive a check. It could be this summer or 10-12 months from signing. It is not a speedy process. My law firm was pretty prompt, about four months but I’ve heard others say a long time. They need a better system for payouts. There is no recognition that many injured plaintiffs are in dire financial need.

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