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Your Turn: Dental Issues and Mesh Complications

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Mesh Medical Device News Desk, January 14, 2018 ~ So many people who have had polypropylene mesh implanted complain of dental issues – missing teeth, cracked teeth, gums receding. 

While dental issues do arise as we age, there seems to be an unusual number of dental health issues noted among the mesh-injured community. Are these mesh complications?

Here are the comments of one woman, who chooses to remain anonymous. She has a question you  might help with at the end.

She is also a nurse.

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“Okay my mesh brothers and sisters, I need and would so appreciate some feedback that I can show my dentist in regard to our complaints and hopefully some research which shows the adverse effects of mesh on our teeth!

“I have already spent so much over the last 5 years (5 crowns) and have lost several teeth…I am so heartbroken and I am so tired of investing thousands (that I don’t have and probably won’t ever have as I most likely won’t ever live long enough to see justice with my lawsuit!).

“I don’t have dental insurance but did purchase my dentist’s yearly plan ($250) but because my teeth are cracking so badly, because my mesh created foot-drop caused me to fall and lose a tooth 2 years ago, and because now my gums are receding, I have been told I need $15,000 more to crown the rest as they are so brittle or are losing their enamel and setting me up for high risk of decay. (Vit.D/calcium levels are within normal limits).

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“I told my dentist about how many of us are suffering with biofilm/bacterial issues due to the mesh and I just know my issues started after implant in 2010 and I said this deeply concerns me because I can’t be investing in something over and over again if I am eventually gonna lose my teeth because of the mesh. (I have already had to go on disability and while I really like my dentist, I honestly feel like I am being taken advantage of).

“My dentist then looked at me and kindly said, “Well, (name) show me some concrete information on that because and I will review everything because I have never heard of anything like that.”

“I am hoping if I can provide info. to her that she will be more apt to empathetically help me and with my PTSD, I don’t want to leave her office and start over somewhere else because I am comfortable there.

      “So family, if anyone could send me some links or tell what they know or have been through, I would be so grateful as I have to go back on Tuesday. Thank you!”


  1. Sally says:

    I had mesh in Feastasw and have already had two cracked teeth,. My teeth were not that bad before so I wonder if mesh is anything to do with it,.

  2. Cathy says:

    Sally, what is “Feastasw”?
    Anonymous, in your request, you asked the mesh-injured if anyone knew of “some research which shows the adverse effects of mesh on our teeth”. Really? The medical community/industry won’t even admit what they’ve done to us and you want research on the effects of mesh on our teeth???? Good luck with that. NOBODY is doing any kind of research to help us. Instead of blaming mesh for your teeth problems, let’s look at all the drugs that they have put the mesh-injured on. Google: Prescription drugs that cause tooth loss. We’ve all been put on drugs because doctors don’t know what to do with us. Pain meds – a cause of tooth loss but you won’t find that on the PI (Patient Information) Sheet given to you with your prescription. Antidepressants – most of us are put on that not for depression but because “off label” it’s rumored to help nerve damage. Antibiotics – can cause tooth loss. How many of us have been given a “boat-load” of antibiotics because of the UIT’s and other infections we’ve suffered from mesh? Blood Pressure meds – can cause tooth loss. Pain increases your blood pressure and if you are in pain, you will test high on a blood pressure test, then they put you on blood pressure meds. Illegal drugs cause tooth loss too! Stay away from meth and heroin!!! When I googled “amitriptylin” (many of us are on that drug too) it showed “Females 50-59 years old who take this drug for 2-5 years complained of tooth loss”. I was on that drug for 13 years, no wonder I’ve spent a fortune on my mouth. Doctors will not admit that they are putting you on drugs that cause tooth loss, we must be our own advocates!! The days of trusting your doctor or any doctor, are gone. Seek out the knowledge to protect yourself. NOBODY is going to help us without us putting up a fight. And quite frankly, I’m too damn tired and in constant pain to keep up the fight much longer. Those of you that call my comments “mean-spirited”, “depressing” or anything else, remember, I’ve been on this mesh journey to hell a lot longer that you.

    • Jane Akre says:

      You are not mean…..I’m sorry. All drugs have side effects. Has anyone checked the labels about dental problems?.

    • Kitty says:

      Has anyone taken gabapentine for pain…or used it to help get off Vicadin 5.325 4X per day? Please reply

    • Still Standing says:

      Cathy, you don’t come across as mean spirited, but frustrated. I haven’t had the same negative experience with my doctors in my 10 year mesh experience and I’m sorry you haven’t found a doctor who will treat you with integrity. My implant doctor passed me off pretty quickly, but the doctor who has treated me for 10 years has respected my pain. I’ve had 6 surgeries with him and 1 at Cleveland Clinic. I , too, have had some dental issues post mesh. My Endodontist believes that these problems are rooted in the mesh , not just the mesh material, but the medications, the surgeries, the change in diet, changes in breathing from pain(when we have pain, we have a tendency to do shallow , mouth breathing, which dries the mouth) I have developed a severe ulcerating autoimmune disorder orally, vaginally, all mucosal areas. Doctors certain it was triggered by the mesh. It’s horrible but we have figured out some ways to reduce the impact of it. We are treating the symptoms as they arise. At this point, the cause is not as important as treating the symptoms. The most important thing to consider for oral health is dry mouth. Medications DO cause this, dehydration can contribute as well. I use a prescription toothpaste for dry mouth and it has helped a lot. Using a water pic helps, too and I have my teeth cleaned every three months. Focusing on hydration and extreme detail to my mouth hygiene has stabilized things over the past year. Even without proof positive that mesh caused the oral issues, the symptoms can be treated. ACT makes a good lozenge for dry mouth. Another contributing thing to tooth issues is rooted in diet. When we are in pain, we crave sugar and other comfort foods that can rapidly release endorphins but that can cause damage to our teeth. And then there is the aging process. As we age, our mouth gets drier and some dental issues can just be that we are older. Paying attention to every thing that might contribute to the problem can add up to significant relief.

      I do want to let you know that transvaginal mesh and it’s complications is being robustly studied. If you go to pub med and type in transvaginal mesh, it will bring up almost 600 scientific articles on Transvaginal mesh. If you filter down to transvaginal mesh complications, there are 350 scientific articles. There are only a few research articles on mesh and oral health.
      Here is the link:

      There ARE people in science who are trying to figure this out. Research takes a long time to conduct and it is expensive. Most research is done at the university level and most funding is from governments or pharma around the world. Doctors in practice are generally not researchers because they lack the capacity to carry on long term randomized controlled studies. Developing a research project, being approved, getting funding, conducting the study, analyzing the data can take years and thousands upon thousands of dollarsfrom start to end. Transvaginal mesh is really just ten years out from the first FDA warning in 2008 so it is in the infant stage as research goes. That doesn’t help us with our pain today, but I believe that it will eventually yield answers to what went so terribly wrong.

    • Kim says:

      You don’t cone across as mean at least not towards the person asking. More like mad as heck, tired, in pain and just downright frustrated and those that put us in the situation and condition we are in. I have been in this mess going on 13 years now. Implanted in 2005, small removal in 2006, lost all my teeth due to infections that first was in my chest 4 months of bronchitis, then 3 months of sinusitis until it effected a nerve in my face. This was in 2008. I was told lose tooth or you won’t see the end of the year. I did not know then that mesh was even a problem. No, the doctor that implanted the mesh put me on pain meds, and was giving me trigger point injections twice (down there) a week every other week from 2006 to 2012 never knowING the mesh was causing my sickness, my autoimmune, seizures, TIA, loss of my teeth, my pain, not until the very end of 2011 start of 2012. So I get it. I understand why you may sound harsh but I also know it is not at the other mesh person but at the medical community cause I feel it too. It’s an awful mess we have been put in and I fear everyday for what else is to come, what other effects can this crap have on me. I wish you nothing but the best and know that you are not alone.

  3. Lisa says:

    I had crowns on my 2 front teeth. One the tooth under it broke off at the gum line so lost that tooth, and the other is cracking. I have the beginning of gum disease that I didn’t have before too.

  4. Janis says:

    I have a cracked front tooth which is now discoloured. Have had two teeth crumble, had a crown on one of them which kept falling off. The 4th time it did this I swallowed it. Going to cost a fortune for another one. I take Amitryptline have done for about 20 years plus lots of other pain killing medication all because of the mesh.

  5. Kitty says:

    My believe is that research and/or time will point to the truth. Remember 20 years ago coffee caused Cancer and now Coffe may prevent cancer. IT SEEMS SO EVIDENT THAT A PERFECTLY HEALTHY WOMAN COULD GO from 50 to 85 1n 5 years. No fool in the industry will admit to wrong. And no one is in a big rush to do research. There is a lack of altruism when it comes to wealth. It is sad to say as a woman that I have no use for women Dr’s. The final visit with a female this week will be the last. Look at all the women now coming out with accusations of abuse that they kept hidden for > 20 years. Why? They needed to increase their wealth. Men..Drs?? Deep inside I believe they do have pity on some of us and will fight for justice in this “debacle”. And we have Jane..our hero….who will eventually have karma come around.

  6. Kitty says:

    I wanted to add one more comment. The push now with Trump is to get everyone off pain meds. What is the difference to be on a few Vicadin a day compared with the damage with psycotropics? He needs to go after the drug pushers who get Rx off Medicaid and over the border to resell. He can go off Heroin addicts ey al…tell me any mesh injured woman that has died from overdose or heroin poisoning. Also the valium compound is a really stoner…no opiods…but NOT FOR EVERY DAY USE. SOMBE LAND.

  7. Cher says:

    Many rt canals . Sjorens is dry mouth side to scleroderma.. dentist are nnit helpful they take your money 2yrs then when rt canal falls out with in 6 mths all teeth must come out..very angry

  8. Cher says:

    Now my bones are bad..teeth are bones..i think it is the toxins that keep breaking down..we dont stand. one wants to admit fault no one wants to stand against big pharma..we were a science study gonevwring and no one gives a rats azz

  9. Barb says:

    I have had many crowns, receding gums, cavities, and breaking pieces of tooth. I have had mesh since 2003. I have discovered oil pulling. If you look that up you will discover how beneficial that is for your teeth and gums. It can strengthen and reverse damage. I use organic virgin coconut oil and just take a teaspoon full and swish it in my mouth pulling it through my teeth. I do this while showering because it’s recommended for 15 minutes give or take. Then spit it out in the garbage and rinse your mouth out. Don’t spit it in the sink because coconut oil will solidify at colder temps and could clog up drains. My dental hygienist noticed that my gums were growing back more over my enamel. It’s great therapy.

  10. Tom says:

    Yes I have also lost or cracked teeth. Dentistry is not cheap as we all know, I personally think they deserve everything they make as they are the one and only doctor held accountable if something were to go wrong. Yes I am with you. Recently lost a tooth eating pancakes 1 morning. Its a definite problem amongst mesh victims. Unbelievably.

  11. Disgusted says:

    I have a mesh friend whose Dr. said the pain meds were masking her grinding of teeth that was happening due to pain. Her teeth were medicated so she couldn’t feel the damage being done. She’s had several root canals and crowns. I myself have noticed that my teeth all have hairline cracks that go up and down each tooth. My front tooth just chipped last week. I don’t have dental insurance and I need to get it fixed. I am sure it’s a combination of medication, stress (grinding teeth – although why my front teeth too?) health, our bodies are directing energy to healing and not keeping up with other areas. It is a complicated problem. However, the root cause is the same – transvaginal mesh!

  12. Daniee S says:

    I have the full removal of the mesh in 2015 by Dr. Raz, but while the mesh was in my body, not knowing that the mesh was slowly killing me !!! could feel my teeth moving like they were almost falling, the sensitivity … My front tooth cracked to its root, also my gum line rescinding…Lord !!! After 3 years of full removal of the mesh slowly are gaining strength.

  13. Susie says:

    Thank You for this post! I have always had at least what most people would say “good teeth”. I’ve had cavities which were fixed with fillings, & a couple of crowns. Until recently over the past couple of years, I started noticing my gums receding, my fillings falling out. The last time I went to a dentist was a couple of years ago. I was extremely embarrassed but my front tooth had cracked off & I needed it fixed. Of course, I was supposed to go back for the remaining issues I had. But, just simply couldn’t afford the out of pocket it was going to take to fix everything! So, I of course got the necessary front tooth fixed & canceled the upcoming dental work I needed. I work for the Post Office & we have pretty crappy dental coverage. But, They do offer outside plans so I do pay for the best Dental Coverage offered to us that covers the most percentage of cost off of in-network providers. I first would like to state that I make way to much money according to the Missouri Social Security office to receive any kind of financial assistance such as SSD, Medicaid, etc…Because I do have a Special Needs Daughter (which Again doesn’t qualify for financial assistance, because of my AGI) She needs her Wisdom teeth pulled & braces put on. So, of course due to lack of money I’ve delayed this. Not, everyone can afford even the out of pocket cost. So, long story short lol….I guess starting last year I noticed my teeth started getting way worse. However, I delayed seeing a dentist because of the financial situation. But, starting in the middle part of 2017 my crown fell off. I didn’t get it fixed. Then things just escalated from there starting probably mid Octoberwhere now fillings are falling out, Teeth are just cracking off, it was like everyday I would eat something & a piece of one of my teeth would just come out daily. I am now so embarrassed to even go to a dentist! Actually terrified, because I am only 40 & basically everytooth now has probably something needing fixed. I am not going to pay to fix anything if it is just going to eventually fall right back off. I really don’t want dentures at the age of 40. But, now at least this helps me understand why my teeth just started to disappear like crazy. And, maybe will help give me the courage to try & find a dentist with out feeling so humiliated & embarrassed. And, try & figure out a plan of what options I should try & take! Thankfully most of the damaged teeth are not very Visible to others. And, if I don’t smile really big you can’t see the parts of my teeth where they have fallen off at the gum line or where the gums are receding. But, until now I never even thought that the mesh could cause any of this? So, even though it hasn’t been proven that the mesh is a reason for all of this to happen. I Thank You for your post & everyone’s comments! Johnson & Johnsonhas already destroyed my life & I will probably never receive a penny for anything. And, that’s just sad truth….Who would of thought a simple bladder procedure would have caused all of this destruction in so many of our lives???? Shame on the FDA for just believing whatever the Big Pharma’s told them! To me they are just as responsible and should be held even more accountable for not putting a stop to this sooner. Or, at least stop letting these companies produce whatever they want. Step into the court room & back the victims & make these Pharmaceutical Companies pay majorly to each individual. Stop them from appealing & delaying! I’m livid now so sorry for my ranting. I have No Idea what/who can make these Pharmaceutical Companies stop destroying lives & make them pay for the (I’m gonna use this word because this is exactly how I feel) CRIMES THEY CONTINUE TO COMMIT???? #VaginalMeshContinues2DestroyMoreThanWeEvenProbablyWillEverFindOutAbout

  14. Still Standing says:

    Susie, where in Missouri do you live? Are you near Kansas City? I have a great endodontist/periodontist that is wonderful whose office is in Lees Summit. She does believe that the mesh has impacted my teeth. She is really awesome. Her practice is Stephanie Mulluns, website is

    • Kitty says:

      Maybe the dentist believes mesh causes dental problems…Maybe the neurospinal Dr believes that mesh caused the spondolythesis…and maybe the rheumatologist believes mesh has caused various autoimmune Lupus MS etc…The Defendent Settlement Nurses don’t believe it and u won’t get a dime. But Susie I hope that u are able to afford the Thousands to take care of your teeth.

  15. Kitty says:

    Susie it is extremely difficult to read of your pain. It is unlikely that the inventors and devils from hell will be brought to justice. They have certain criteria they use for injuries, but teeth. Spine. Autoimmune are not one of them. They will continue to implant indiscriminately as long as they can enjoy their lavish lifestyles May G-D have mercy on their souls.

  16. p says:

    does anyone know of a dentist in the DFW Texas area that believe mesh is causing dental damage? I am really having problems with my teeth

    • Still Standing says:

      P. It is not essential that a dentist believes that mesh caused the dental problems for you to get good dental care. They will deal with the issues at hand. Your mesh history is important info for you to give, but the dentist will have to deal more with what happens now instead of what happened. Just find a good periodontist that will work with you to minimize the impact of the dental problems on your current health. I imagine most dentists don’t know about women with mesh on a professional level. Just get going before your teeth cause even more health problems. It is vital to reduce the inflammation.

  17. Theresa says:

    I never thought about that, but I need work done in my mouth. My teeth have chipped, I need a crown , because a piece broke off, and several other teeth have chips. I’m getting spaces in my teeth, which no one else in my family did this happen. I also found in the last year and a half , I put weight on for no reason, and meds to help boost my metabolism doesn’t help in anyway. I can’t control my weight anymore.Thats another question if this is happening to others.

  18. Jaque says:

    If you have access to a dental hygienist you are indeed lucky. I am a long term mesh victim and I have had trouble with my teeth, I have a secondry tooth abcess untreated, I live in the UK where we have the worst teeth in the worl. Here is a new warning for Mesh sufferers here, this is happening to me right now. I was recently threatened by an NHS worker that if I didn’t shut up about Mesh, she would have me sectioned, there does this ring bells with anyone? Try the case of Christine Collins USA and code 12. Her case changed the law for women. Who would have thought a similar thing would start up in the UK, This is not just happening to me here, it is happening to thousands of women, so I have been informed.

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