Dickson v Ethicon Depo is Set Over Mother’s Mesh Death

Mary Dickson Mesh Medical Device News Desk, October 1, 2018~ Mary Dickson is set to have her deposition taken Tuesday. She is trying to keep her mother's wrongful death, defective product case against Johnson & Johnson alive, despite the hurdles.  She is facing off with Johnson & Johnson Read more

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Daughter Fighting Late Mother’s Pelvic Mesh Case

Vada Mae Smith, son Jimmy, and grandson Mesh Medical Device News Desk, November 27, 2017 ~ Mary Dickson plans to go up against healthcare giant, Johnson & Johnson over its pelvic mesh on behalf of her late mother, Vada Mae Smith, unless she can find a law firm Read more

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Mary Dickson Finds Attorney in Case Against J&J

Mary, Vada Mae and Ruth Mesh Medical Device News Desk, February 12, 2018 ~ There were many responses to the story of Mary Dickson. She had planned to take the wrongful death case of her mother, Vada Mae Smith, ahead Pro Se, without an attorney in mutidistrict pelvic Read more

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Australia Pulls Ethicon TVT Mesh Devices from the Market

TVT graphic Mesh Medical Device News Desk, January 23, 2018 ~ Last November the Australian government announced that the larger pelvic meshes to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) would be taken off the market because the risks outweighed the benefits. Now in another setback to mesh makers, Read more

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Surgeons Incentivized with Lamborghinis and Swiss Alps Ski Trips Internal J&J Docs Show

Lamborghini Mesh Medical Device News Desk, August 14, 2017 ~ Wealth and Status, Reputation/Ego listed as Key Values for doctors using an Ethicon/ Gynecare TVT polypropylene pelvic mesh. “Surgery is the Cha-ching thing” RETIRE RICH ABC News Australia (Australia Broadcast Company) reports (here) that the pelvic mesh scandal Read more

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TOT Has Twice the Risk of Re-Operation of Transvaginal Tape

Harvard Patient Education Mesh Medical Device News Desk, January 11, 2017 ~ Transobturator tape used to treat incontinence, has twice the risk of re-operation as transvaginal tape, according to Danish researchers.  Danish researchers find that the risk of a re-operation with a TOT or transobturator tape was twice Read more

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Mullins Pelvic Mesh Trial Set for March

TVT from Meshed Up UK Mesh Medical Device News Desk,  February 21, 2017 ~ After much delay, the Mullins case, a defective pelvic mesh trial of 24 women, is still on schedule for March 6, in Charleston WV. This is an attempt by Judge Joseph Goodwin, who is overseeing Read more

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Mesh Injured Address KY Healthcare Conference

Tammy and Janis Mesh Medical Device News Desk, November 5, 2016 ~ Two vocal mesh-injured women addressed a room full of health professionals at this annual conference with a medical device patient safety focus.   See the  videos below.  It was called the Conference for Healthcare Transparency and Read more

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MESH MESS – Banned Pelvic Mesh Receives New Life as a Breast Lift

from Patent Mesh Medical Device News Desk, July 12, 2016 ~ Failed Pelvic Mesh to be Used to Lift Breasts  According to its patent application, a  controversial polypropylene plastic pelvic mesh, that is banned for sale in both the U.S. and Australia and is the subject of litigation, Read more

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*Latest* J&J Wants New Trial in Huskey $3.27 Mill TVT-O Pelvic Mesh Case

Mesh News Desk, April 5, 2016 ~ Ethicon asks for new trial in the $3.27 million first TVT-O bellwether pelvic mesh case.   Jo and Allen Huskey An appeal brief was filed March 28, in the Us Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals No. 15-2118, by attorneys for mesh-injured plaintiff, Read more

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