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Catastrophically Injured Pudendal Nerve Damage from Pelvic Mesh: Is Your Attorney Seeking Adequate Compensation?

MND, September 9, 2015 ~ Does your lawyer have a life care plan to take care of your present and future medical costs from a pelvic mesh implant?  The following is an article by Dr. Greg Vigna, JD and MD who can provide your lawyer with a realistic cost of [...]

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Pudendal and Other Nerve Damage – Posterior Femoral Cutaneous, Ileoinguinal and Obturator in the Transvaginal Mesh Patient

Pudendal nerve, YouTube March 19, 2013 ~ The author of this article cannot be identified because she is involved in mesh-injury litigation. She is a registered nurse. Thank you for authoring this article. The transvaginal mesh (TVM) patient with pudendal nerve damage (PND) and/or other nerve damage may [...]

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Day 9 Linda Gross v. Ethicon, What Did Doctor Know Before Implanting Prolift?

January 23, 2013 ~ Much thanks to Courtroom View Network for access to the live court proceedings and graphics shown to the jury. Dr. Kevin Benson, Courtesy CVN There was no live person on the stand on Day 9 on Linda Gross v. Ethicon trial. The proceedings began [...]

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