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Day 20 Linda Gross v. Ethicon: Medical Director Mesh Exposure 15%

Dr. Piet Hinoul, Ethicon Medical Director Christy Jones Mesh Medical Device News Desk, February 8, 2013 ~ In presenting her case,  Christy Jones, the attorney representing Ethicon,  had to refute on this Day 20 what has been presented so far. That is why she re-called Dr. [...]

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Day 19 Linda Gross v. Ethicon: Medicine and Marketing

Dr. Miles Murphy, urologist, Ethicon consultant Mesh Medical Device News Desk, February 7, 2013 ~ On this Day 19 of the Linda Gross v. Ethicon trial, the importance of marketing to Ethicon was made clear through internal documents. First, second and third tiers of doctors were brought in [...]

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