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Still Time to Participate in MDL Satisfaction Survey for Pelvic Mesh Plaintiffs

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 4, 2019- It is not too late to participate in a survey and confidentially share your thoughts on how the multidistrict litigation (MDL) has been working for you.  More than 104,000 pelvic mesh cases were consolidated in one court in Charleston, West Virginia to [...]

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No More Tears as J&J Readies for Pelvic Mesh Trials

June 28, 2016, Mesh Medical Device News Desk ~ Update on Pelvic Mesh Trials Naming Defendant J&J What has happened to pelvic mesh trials? For a while the defective product pelvic mesh trials were scheduled in rapid succession. Trials were conducted naming the major defendants - Ethicon, Boston Scientific, C.R. Bard [...]

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Update on Pelvic Mesh Trials Naming Defendant J&J

Judge Joseph Goodwin Mesh News Desk, April 4, 2016 ~ Pace of Trials Naming J&J Increases This week lawyers and representatives from mesh making companies are expected to gather in Charleston, WV for a status conference on pelvic mesh litigation, April 6 and 7th.  Judge Joseph Goodwin, who [...]

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J&J PROSIMA Pelvic Mesh Case Goes to the Jury!

MND, October 2, 2015 ~ About 3 pm Central Time, the case of Cavness v. Ethicon rested  and went to a Dallas jury for deliberation.  (Carol Cavness v. Kowalczyk et al., case # DC-14-04220). **Late Word** The jury was dismissed 5:51 EST saying they needed more time. They were hungry [...]

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Trial Day 5 – Doctor Would Not Use Prosima Pelvic Mesh Again

THANKS TO COURTROOM VIEW NETWORK FOR PROVIDING A LIVE FEED TO Carol Cavness v. Kowalczyk et al., case # DC-14-04220, in its fifth day in a Dallas courtroom. MND, September 25, 2015 ~ Carol Cavness sued Ethicon in 2014 after having a Prosima polypropylene mesh device implanted transvaginally two years earlier to [...]

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NBC: C.R. Bard Forged Documents on Controversial Blood Clot Filter to Gain FDA Approval

MND, September 8, 2015 ~ This week, NBC News investigated a blood clot filter made by C.R. Bard, and the questionable way the controversial medical device was approved for market. Bard also makes a number of pelvic meshes which are the focus of thousands of defective product lawsuits.  The Recovery blood-clot [...]

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Catastrophically Injured Pudendal Nerve Damage from Pelvic Mesh: Is Your Attorney Seeking Adequate Compensation?

MND, September 9, 2015 ~ Does your lawyer have a life care plan to take care of your present and future medical costs from a pelvic mesh implant?  The following is an article by Dr. Greg Vigna, JD and MD who can provide your lawyer with a realistic cost of [...]

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Jury Decides for Huskey $3.27 Million in Pelvic Mesh Trial!

After a two week trial, Huskey v. Ethicon, the eight member jury returned a verdict just before noon, Friday September 5, of $3.27 million. Emotion erupted in the courtroom as the clerk read the breakdown! Huskey had proven by the preponderance of the evidence, defective design, a failure to warn, [...]

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