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Lawsuit Alleges Houston Law Firms Defrauded Thousands in Pelvic Mesh Litigation

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 21, 2019 ~ This is the second lawsuit filed against law firms involved in pelvic mesh cases who warehoused thousands of cases and ran them through the settlement mill. The two Houston firms could lose hundreds of millions in fees they gained in the [...]

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Divvying the Dollars- Common Benefit Firm Winners and Objectors

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, March 23, 2019~ While more than $7 billion has gone to settle pelvic mesh cases, some law firms believe their contributions to the common benefit that all litigators share in this MDL, are being undercut.  Two of the most prolific pelvic mesh litigation firms are [...]

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Philadelphia Firm Asks Judge Goodwin to Deny Paying MDL Lawyers Millions in Fees and Expenses

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, December 3, 2018 ~ It had to happen.  The hundreds of millions of dollars resulting from the 5% common benefit fund, paid by injured plaintiffs, must be distributed to pelvic mesh litigation lawyers. But how?  One firm says pay half of the fund back to [...]

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Torres Legal Services Offer

The pelvic mesh litigation has put a strain on many law firms not used to handling so many clients at one time.  Why then not look at a new form of office efficiency? Mesh Medical Device News Desk - Sponsored Content Torres Legal Services Image:Kara Torres-Kilgannon Torres Legal Services (TLS) [...]

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Clear the Decks – Judge Goodwin Pushes 23K Pelvic Mesh Cases to Conclusion!

Judge Joseph Goodwin Mesh Medical Device News Desk, February 5, 2018 ~ Its time to clear the decks of the MDL and Judge Goodwin's orders show he has run out of patience after six years of pelvic mesh litigation that continues to linger in his federal courtroom.  Be [...]

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Canadian Courts Gearing up for Pelvic Mesh Litigation  

Image, Daniel Joseph Petty Mesh Medical Device News Desk, January 19, 2018 ~ In Canada, there is no multidistrict litigation like there is in the U.S. where many pelvic mesh product liability cases are filed in one federal court for resolution. The Canadian system of justice concerning pelvic mesh [...]

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Mesh Trials So Far – Plaintiff v. Defendant

Plaintiffs' lawyers filing into Charleston court. Mesh Medical Device News Desk,  November 2017 ~ Mesh Medical Device News Desk (MND) keeps tabs on the pelvic mesh litigation so far.  Here are the Transvaginal Mesh Cases as of today:  1. 7/12: $5.5 million – Christine Scott – C.R. Bard Avaulta Plus [...]

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Mullins v. J&J Pelvic Mesh Case of 37 Plaintiffs to be Rescheduled

Mesh News Desk, March 9, 2016 ~ While details are yet to be issued, Mesh News Desk has learned that the Mullins v. J&J trial scheduled for April 11, 2016 in federal court in Charleston, WV has been rescheduled. The case is named for the lead plaintiff, Terreski Mullins. Mullins, et [...]

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Defense on Prosima’s Low Complication Rate

Thanks to Courtroom View Network for access to Cavness v. Ethicon, underway in a Dallas courtroom.  [This coverage is prepared by your editor, who has sat in the courtroom for five pelvic mesh trials (C.R. Bard, Ethicon) and has witnessed three additional trials (Boston Scientific , Ethicon) via CVN feeds.  [...]

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Plaintiff’s Expert Outlines J&J’s Push to Market Prosima Pelvic Mesh

Peggy Pence, PdD and team at Symbion Research Intl. MND, September 23, 2015 ~ Wednesday was day three of the Cavness v Ethicon (Cavness v. Kowalczyk et al., trial, case # DC-14-04220) being heard in the 95th District Court of Dallas County, Texas before Judge Ken Molberg. Dr. Peggy [...]

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