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Largest Class Action in Australia Blames J&J for Hundreds of Pelvic Mesh Injuries

Outside federal courthouse, Sydney, Mesh Medical Device News Desk, July 5, 2017 ~ As the U.S. celebrated its Independence Day, more than 700 Australian women joined in a pelvic mesh trial blaming Johnson & Johnson for their mesh-related injuries. The largest class action in Australia may take up [...]

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Sherrer Boston Sci Bard Pelvic Mesh Trial Finally Goes to the Jury

*Update- Tuesday morning,  Jury has this case now and a verdict could come at any time. Jurors wanted to see medical records though we are unclear what they asked for specifically.   Missouri Lawyers Weekly reporter Jessica Shumaker is in the courtroom. She tweeted in the closing that Dr. Shlomo [...]

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NBC: C.R. Bard Forged Documents on Controversial Blood Clot Filter to Gain FDA Approval

MND, September 8, 2015 ~ This week, NBC News investigated a blood clot filter made by C.R. Bard, and the questionable way the controversial medical device was approved for market. Bard also makes a number of pelvic meshes which are the focus of thousands of defective product lawsuits.  The Recovery blood-clot [...]

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Catastrophically Injured Pudendal Nerve Damage from Pelvic Mesh: Is Your Attorney Seeking Adequate Compensation?

MND, September 9, 2015 ~ Does your lawyer have a life care plan to take care of your present and future medical costs from a pelvic mesh implant?  The following is an article by Dr. Greg Vigna, JD and MD who can provide your lawyer with a realistic cost of [...]

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Updated Transvaginal Pelvic Mesh Trials Ahead, 83,000 Pelvic Mesh Cases Filed in One Court!

TVT Secur MND, September 8, 2015 ~ After a long spring and summer that was supposed to encourage settlement to pelvic mesh litigation, there were few pelvic mesh trials scheduled. This fall should see a surge in the number of pelvic mesh trials, especially against Ethicon/ Johnson & Johnson. [...]

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Four Years of News on Pelvic and Hernia Mesh Problems

Jane Akre Happy Birthday to Mesh News Desk.   Four years old this past August began the journey.  From 2,500 mesh injury cases then, there are now more than 83,019 pelvic mesh product liability actions filed in one court.  Meanwhile, hernia and pelvic mesh problems continue to mount as [...]

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Judge Goodwin Calls for Pelvic Mesh Settlements as Lawyers Gather in WV

Judge Joseph Goodwin has a problem. With more than 72,000 federal cases filed in his court, consolidated in multidistrict litigation (MDL), he knows there is not enough time for these plaintiffs to ever see justice. The MDL was never intended to deal with a class of plaintiffs this large.  So [...]

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*NEW – Pelvic Mesh Litigation Ahead

For those court watchers who may want to attend a pelvic mesh trial, here are the upcoming actions around the country.  Please be advised there may be more, but these have recently come to the attention of Mesh News Desk.   This list will be expanded as more lawsuits make [...]

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J & J Asks for Directed Verdict to End Defective Mesh Trial

The plaintiffs in the Budke v Ethicon trial in this Camden Co. Missouri courtroom planned to bring their eight day trial to a close today. But before they did, there was one more witness who appeared via videotape, Dr. Durwood Neal, a urologist from Columbia, Missouri. Dr. Neal would be [...]

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Salazar $73 Million Transvaginal Mesh Award Slashed in Half Due to Tort Reform

At the time, it was the highest award ever given a woman injured by pelvic mesh. Now that it has been reduced in half, to $34.6 million, it remains the highest award ever in transvaginal mesh litigation. The Dallas trial of Martha Salazar resulted in an unprecedented $73.4 million jury [...]

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