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TOUGH LOVE: A Valentine for the Guys of OBGYN

By Katharine Hikel, MD, Contributing Editor, Vermont Woman Newspaper  I’m having flashbacks. I’m in an operating room at UVM Medical Center. A woman, anesthetized, out cold, lies on her back on the table, legs apart, feet strapped into metal stirrups. A surgeon (in my experience, invariably a man)  invites a [...]

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Doctor: Plaintiff Lawyers in 'Attack Mode' Over Mesh Complications

Sept 25, 2012 ~ A recent news release from an ObGyn in Minneapolis shows that at least he is on the offensive when it comes to mesh injuries. The doctor doesn’t let the facts get in the way. For some reason the doctor, an Ob/Gyn at Oakdale Obstetrics & Gynecology [...]

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