Vaginal Mesh and English Law

Oliver Thorne, solicitor UK Michelmores by Oliver Thorne, Michelmores law firm UK Vaginal Mesh and English Law There is a storm brewing over the Atlantic. With multi-million pound settlements and awards being secured in U.S. mesh claims, a picture is beginning to emerge of the global spread Read more

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The Scandal of Defective Medical Device Approval in UK

Deborah Cohen, BMJ investigator October 28, 2012 ~ Working with undercover reporters from The Daily Telegraph in the UK, the British Medical Journal's (BMJ) Deborah Cohen has exposed, "a fragmented, poorly regulated, market driven system, with financial incentives to prioritize manufacturers’ interests over those of patients, and with Read more

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History in the Making Petition by Meshies United UK Group

 Petition Delivered to 10 Downing Street I would like to introduce myself. My name is Teresa Hughes The Owner and Founder of The Meshies United Group in the United Kingdom. I originate from Liverpool, Merseyside, England the home of The Beatles and Liverpool Football Club. I had an Read more

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