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Study Confirms The More Transvaginal Pelvic Mesh The More Mess

Disintegrating J&J mesh, Sling the Mesh campaign Mesh Medical Device News Desk, December 12, 2016 ~ A study published in JAMA Surgery confirms the  common adage among the mesh aware community, the more transvaginal  pelvic mesh present in a body, the more likely there will be complications. The Read more

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Court Imposes Sanctions on AMS for its Pursuit of Dr. Walker

Dr. Christopher Walker, UroGyn Specialists Mesh Medical Device News Desk, November 28, 2016 ~ He has been profiled by Mesh News Desk (also an advertiser at one time) and DrugWatch. Urogynecologist, Dr. Christopher Walker is considered one of the more well-known and competent mesh-removal doctors in the country. Read more

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Questions to Ask Your Pelvic Mesh Removal Doctor

Explanted Avaulta mesh Mesh Medical Device News Desk, July 28, 2016 ~ What to ask the doctor before you have your pelvic mesh removed. ‘Kathleen” is not her real name.  She is a woman who was implanted with transvaginal mesh years ago. Today she is suffering the consequences, Read more

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Perry v. Ethicon: Sales Rep, Doc in the Dark about Pelvic Mesh Dangers

Ricky Chahal, LinkedIn Thanks to Courtroom View Network for allowing Mesh News Desk (MND) to observe the proceedings.  No quotations or images may be replicated by MND. Day four of the Perry v. Ethicon pelvic mesh trial in  Bakersfield, California saw a leading sales representative for Ethicon on Read more

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Dr. Veronikis

In a front page story, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports on pelvic mesh removal doctor Dr. Dionysios Veronikis. The headline “Women come from across world to have St. Louis doctor remove their pelvic mesh" by Michele Munz highlights the travels of two women from Australia who had mesh removal Read more

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Doctor Directory: Dr. Daniel Elliott- Urology Department, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Dr. Daniel Elliott, Mayo Clinic Urology, Rochester MN As part of an ongoing series: Doctor Directory, Mesh News Desk  will bring you interviews with the leading doctors involved with the current transvaginal mesh issue. Most of the doctors interviewed have been chosen because they recognize mesh injuries as Read more

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