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Mesh Pain – What Works for You?

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, August 4, 2017 ~ A few readers have called in that they find relief from mesh pain through some unusual options.  Many readers want to avoid opiate use which can lead to addiction and constipation.  Please let us know what works for you?  JACKIE Jackie Read more

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Pain for Profit Alleges AMS and Reuters

Rep. Bob Goodlatte Mesh Medical Device News Desk, March 20, 2017 ~ Women Undergo Pain for Profit?  Those are the allegations of Reuters writer, Alison Frankel who writes a column 'On the Case' for Reuters. Alison Frankel writes On the Case for for Reuters.  On March 13 she Read more

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Pelvic Pain Management

Mesh News Desk, March 10, 2016 ~  Thanks to Still Standing for her series on the management of pelvic pain following a mesh implant.  Her contribution as someone who has studied and teaches pain management professionally, is very much appreciated. Still Standing cannot be identified because she is involved in Read more

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Patient Advocates Wanted for Training

If you have worked with others to help with mesh-induced injuries, this workshop may be the next step in your journey.  An Introductory Patient Training Workshop (attached and below) in DC on Oct 14-15 is offered by the National Center for Health Research.  The goal is to help patient advocates understand Read more

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How to Avoid and Deal with Pelvic Mesh Litigation

  Mesh Medical Device News Desk, July 25, 2016 ~  That is the title of an article in August issue of UroToday by Dr. Matthew Karlovsky. Dr. Karlovsky, a board certified urologist, is with Arizona State Urological Institute in Phoenix in the Division of Female Pelvic Health. He is fellowship Read more

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Boston Scientific Bolsters Pelvic Mesh Warning Label

June 28, 2016, Mesh Medical Device News Desk ~ Boston Scientific Updates Warning in Pelvic Mesh Instructions In a move that could be considered too little and too late - Boston Scientific (BSC) is updating the warning on its pelvic mesh products.   The news was announced in a Field Read more

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Canadian Coverage of Mesh Complications Continues

Chrissy Brajcic June 28, 2016,  Mesh Medical Device News Desk~ Canadian Television news recently did a report on Canadian women living with the aftereffects of painful pelvic mesh. The video features Chrissy Brajcic, 40, of Windsor Ontario who has been hospitalized with repeated infections, nausea, vomit and pain Read more

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Opioids for Pelvic Pain – What Are the Alternatives?

Opioids, FDA Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 23, 2016 ~ Douglas Scott got an ultimatum from his wife - wean yourself off opioid medication, he began to treat pain after two car accidents, or expect changes at home. Today Mr. Scott is narcotics free. Instead he entered Read more

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What Will Opioid Users Treating Mesh Pain Do If CARA Becomes Law?

Jade R graphic Update on Opioid Prescription Legislation which will affect users experiencing mesh pain!  Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 31, 2016, by Still Standing ~ I have periodically tried to update you on what is being done in Congress to  impact how opioid and opioid-type prescriptions Read more

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When Husbands Hurt from Pelvic Mesh

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 9, 2016 ~ The following article was penned by the article of a mesh-injured woman who lives in Canada.  Many men feel debilitated alongside their wife as they watch them struggle with daily living. Thank you for all you do.  Some men decide to Read more

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