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New Antibiotic May Treat Chronic Pelvic Mesh Infections

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, February 19, 2018~ A Florida reader says she has been prescribed a new  drug that seems to addressing her chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs), so common among many women who have had pelvic mesh implants.  NEW ANTIBIOTIC FROM SHANDS  Many readers of Mesh News Desk [...]

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Defense Experts Refute Pelvic Mesh Infection Theory in J&J Death Case

Macrophages at work, Stonybrook Medicine Early this week, defense attorneys for Johnson & Johnson and its medical device division, Ethicon, questioned two expert witnesses. Both would try and dispel the plaintiffs’ case that Joan Budke died of a septic condition that traveled from her pelvis to her lungs [...]

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The Death of a Pelvic Mesh Patient – Trial Enters Third Day

The Budke Family The Demise of Joan Budke Ms. Budke, age 77, died in August 2009. The official cause of death was a pulmonary mass, with a secondary cause - pelvic mesh infection. Her daughters, and husband Donald, are sitting in the Camden Co. courtroom. Joan and Donald [...]

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Bard Opening Arguments in Federal Transvaginal Mesh Case

Henry Garrard III July 9, 2013 ~“Our job together is to figure out the facts. Trust is a sacred and powerful thing. Although a corporation may be doing good work, if you find they failed in warning, making and manufacturing this device, you must hold them accountable.” That [...]

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