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Fed Up? Want to talk To MDL Panel? Here’s How!

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, December 4, 2018~  As regular readers of Mesh News Desk understand, and as you've experienced in your own litigation,  lawyers representing the injured have, in many cases, ended up with more money than the injured!   This is all too common an occurrence. Ultimately, you will [...]

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Mesh Trials Ahead with No Prospect of Settling

Scale of Justice, Wikicommons Mesh Medical Device News Desk (MND), April 18, 2017~Protracted transvaginal mesh (TVM) litigation has many law firms moving onto the next attractive Mass Tort and clearing out their inventory. What remains when the dust settles?   The online add for the publisher Harris Martin [...]

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Physiomesh Hernia Mesh Cases May Be Transferred to Florida

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, March 20, 2017~ Physiomesh is the latest focus of defective product litigation and the number of cases keeps growing.  So much so that multidistrict litigation may consolidate cases, filed in state courts around the country, into one mass tort or MDL in Florida or Illinois. [...]

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Judge Approves $12 Million Settlement in Caldera Transvaginal Mesh Claims

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, January 31, 2017 ~ On Monday, Caldera Medical received final approval of its proposed settlement to end all of its pelvic mesh litigation. Those women who claim permanent injuries from Caldera transvaginal mesh, will receive the smallest settlement dollars among all seven manufacturers, under $5,000.  [...]

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Upcoming Mesh Trials Take a Slow Pace for the Injured

The following is a list of upcoming pelvic mesh-injury trials that will be heard this year. This list is subject to change and likely will. Some will be added. Some will settle in advance of trial.  Regardless, with 74,522 product liability cases filed in this one court, consolidated in West [...]

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March Madness: A New Tactic in Transvaginal Mesh Litigation

    Welcome to Mesh News Desk (MND) everyone, aka Mesh Medical Device News Desk, your original source for news on the transvaginal mesh and increasingly hernia mesh front for nearly three years. There are now about 60,000 lawsuits filed in this country alone concerning transvaginal mesh injuries. MND continues to [...]

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