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September Brings Renewed Life in Mesh Litigation

Prolift, from Sumsuro, Japan Welcome September from Mesh Medical Device News Desk~  Mesh News Desk has been carefully watching the proceedings that are public, many of your settlements are not, and the sense is that we are nearing an end to unsustainable litigation.  Just two weeks ago, mesh manufacture, [...]

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Beltz v. Ethicon Jury Form in her Pelvic Mesh Trial

Prolift, from Sumsuro, Japan Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 1, 2017 ~ The jury form in the Sharon Beltz v. Ethicon case shows mixed success in this latest pelvic mesh trial. Beltz v. Ethicon Jury Verdict Form Entered into the court May 31, 2017,  is the form [...]

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Scottish Inquiry into Transvaginal Mesh Mess Called a Whitewash

Holmes and McIlroy, The Scotsman Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 3, 2017 ~ Unlike the U.S., the transvaginal mesh mess, in Scotland is front page news. The government conducted an investigation into the hundreds of injuries there, but the report is falls short of expectations, say campaigners. [...]

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