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Endo Will Stop Making Pelvic Mesh and Close Women’s Health Division

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

March 2, 2016 ~ Facing billions in defective product lawsuits, Endo International will shut down its pelvic organ mesh unit, Astora Women’s Health, after a search for a buyer was unsuccessful. Based in Eden Prarie, Minnesota, Astora will close March 31 to “reduce the potential for product liability related to future mesh implants.” the [continue reading…]

Endo/ American Medical Systems Under Investigation for Transvaginal Mesh

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

Endo Health Solutions took over American Medical Systems (AMS) in 2011 for $2.9 billion and in doing do inherited roughly 22,000 transvaginal mesh lawsuits. That may have been a mistake. In its annual report released by the Securities and Exchange Commission Monday, Endo says it has received subpoenas from several states investigating its pelvic [continue reading…]

Anatomy of a Transvaginal Mesh Litigation Settlement

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

On June 14, 2013, American Medical Systems and its parent company Endo Health, entered into a Master Settlement Agreement with an undisclosed number of mesh-injured patients. The following has been posted on the Securities and Exchange Commission report on the settlement.   The number of litigants is left out as are the Tiers of Injury [continue reading…]

Endo/American Medical System Sets Aside $520 Million for Mesh Litigation Costs

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

Whether you settle a lawsuit or fight it to the bitter end, it costs a lot to be involved in transvaginal mesh litigation. Endo Health Solutions, the parent company of American Medical Systems (AMS) has set aside approximately $520 million to cover those costs according to its Securities and Exchange Commission filing (SEC) just [continue reading…]

AMS Granted Limited Discovery into Alleged "Scheme" in Transvaginal Mesh Litigation

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

On Friday, October 11, AMS, American Medical Systems, was given a limited green light to look into what it alleges could be a fraudulent “scheme” to  stack the deck in the plaintiff’s favor in the ongoing transvaginal mesh litigation. At the same time, those alleged in the questionable activities were granted protection from an [continue reading…]

Breaking News! AMS Alleges "Scheme" to Profit from Transvaginal Mesh Injuries

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

A Mesh News Desk Exclusive, October 10, 2013 ~ A hearing in federal court in West Virginia, Thursday, will determine whether American Medical Systems (AMS) can pursue allegations of what it calls a “scheme” to create fraudulent transvaginal mesh removal records for profit and to stack the deck against the mesh maker in ongoing [continue reading…]

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