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*New* McFarland Jury Deadlock Results in Mistrial

TVT and TVT-O, Mesh Medical Device News Desk, September 24, 2018- After four days of deliberation, jurors in the trasnsvaginal mesh case of Susan McFarland v. healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon) ended in a deadlocked jury. Judge Michael Erdos had no option but to call for [...]

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McGinnis Pelvic Mesh Trial $33 Million for Plaintiff, Punitive Phase Ahead

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 12, 2018 ~ The four-week trial of Mary McGinnis, implanted with two CR Bard pelvic meshes, ended Thursday afternoon with a plaintiff award of $33 million to compensate Mary and her husband, Tom.  The punitive phase will be deliberated Friday. The product liability trial [...]

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McGinnis Defective Mesh Trial Naming CR Bard Continues in New Jersey Court

Bergen Co NJ Mesh Medical Device News Desk, March 26, 2018 ~ In the product liability trial, Mary McGinnis v. CR Bard, the plaintiff blames two pelvic meshes, made by Bard, for her injuries. Monday, it enters its second week in a New Jersey courtroom. This is the [...]

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Oldest J&J Pelvic Mesh Cases Readied for Trial in West Virginia Court

Disintegrating J&J mesh, Sling the Mesh campaign Mesh Medical Device News Desk, November 2, 2016 ~ Judge Joseph Goodwin, who is overseeing more than 97,000 defective product cases in his federal court in Charleston, had predicted neither side would like his future rulings if they did not make [...]

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Defective Pelvic Meshes Remain on the Market

Byrd federal court, Charleston WV Mesh Medical Device News Desk, September 8, 2016 ~ Pelvic meshes found detective in a court of law remain on the market even though the Food and Drug Administration says it can take action against defective devices. Does the difference lie in the [...]

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Prolift Pelvic Mesh Found Defectively Designed, Plantiff Awarded $5.5 Million, Punitives to be Determined

Mesh News Desk, December 21, 2015 ~ A Philadelphia jury today ruled Johnson & Johnson (J&J) must pay a mesh-injured woman $5.5 million in compensatory damages for its negligence over the defectively designed Prolift pelvic mesh. The jury will return for deliberations Tuesday over punitive damages which could add millions [...]

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Ethicon’s Prosima Latest Pelvic Mesh Trial Gets Underway

Prosima for sale on ebay, Sept 21, 2015 MND, September 21, 2015 ~ CAVNESS V. JOHNSON & JOHNSON  Jury selection got underway Monday in the pelvic mesh case of case of Carol Cavness v. Ethicon DC-14-04220.  This is the third pelvic mesh trial before Judge Ken Molberg in the [...]

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Pelvic Mesh Trials Naming J&J

The following is a partial list of the upcoming pelvic mesh trials naming J&J's Ethicon mesh as defective. Understand that the  schedule frequently changes so this is the most up-to-date. Other manufacturers cases will be added as they become available.  Trial updates The Jennifer Ramirez v. Ethicon  case was supposed [...]

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Plaintiff on the Stand in Perry v. Ethicon Pelvic Mesh Trial

Thanks to Courtroom View Network for access to live streaming video of the Perry v. Ethicon trial. Mesh News Desk is prevented from showing any plaintiffs or evidence or from quoting directly from the case. Coleen Perry took the stand in her pelvic mesh defective product case against Ethicon on [...]

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J & J Asks for Directed Verdict to End Defective Mesh Trial

The plaintiffs in the Budke v Ethicon trial in this Camden Co. Missouri courtroom planned to bring their eight day trial to a close today. But before they did, there was one more witness who appeared via videotape, Dr. Durwood Neal, a urologist from Columbia, Missouri. Dr. Neal would be [...]

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