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Plaintiffs’ Attorney Talks to Jurors One Last Time in Federal Pelvic Mesh Case

Fidelma Fitzpatrick, Motley Rice Fidelma Fitzpatrick was the lead attorney representing Motley Rice on behalf of Mrs. Huskey.  Her closing arguments to the jury are here, as quickly as I could type.  I didn't feel it was possible to try and edit them down.  This sums up the [...]

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September Brings Mesh Trials – Finally

Welcome to Mesh News Desk/ Mesh Medical Device News Desk! When it rains it pours.  This week there were THREE pelvic mesh trials all at the same time! Forget the fact that we have waited for many months to have any litigation.... then they come all at once.  Thanks goes [...]

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Thank You All for Telling the FDA to Reclassify!!

Thank you,,, thank you.... thank you! I talked to the FDA today  and they say that it could take many months for individuals within the FDA to read all of the comments made to a Petition to reclassify pelvic mesh as High Risk!    Some of you may have posted that [...]

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New York Times on Mesh Injuries and Texas Torts

Photo from NYT Texas has had an inquiry into mesh manufacturers, specifically Johnson & Johnson, for two years and nine other states have joined in.  The New York Times, in its Texas edition reports that Aaron Horton and her Mesh Warrior Foundation for the Injured is helping women [...]

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WFAA – Texas AG and 10 Others Investigate Transvaginal Mesh!

WFAA's Janet. St. James WFAA-TV's reporter Janet St. James has been on the mesh story for years and broke a story today that the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is leading a nationwide investigation into Johnson & Johnson and its deceptive trade operations. St. James says there are [...]

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Hello July- A Long, Hot Summer of Waiting

Heirloom tomatoes, Florida Welcome to Mesh Medical Device News Desk, also known as Mesh News Desk (MND). It is a long hot summer and so far those many bellwether lawsuits the mesh community had been promised are rescheduled or off the schedule entirely.  While the heat is good [...]

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Women Protest Texas Taxpayers Picking up Tab on Transvaginal Mesh Injuries

Reporter Janet St. James tells viewers in the Dallas, Texas area that the costs of mesh injuries are enormous and YOU the taxpayer are picking up the tab. Her report aired today on the ABC station, WFAA,  and featured the letter from the Corporate Action Network to the Attorney General [...]

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AGs in 50 States – Investigate J&J for Mesh Injuries, Costs, Document Destruction

Today Corporate Action Network launched what is planned to be the first of a 50 state campaign to urge the Attorneys General of all 50 states to investigate healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson for mesh-injuries and their related costs and the destruction of documents requested in litigation. There are presently [...]

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