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Medical Study on Chronic Mesh Pain Needs to Hear From You!

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 6, 2017 ~ People suffering with chronic pain are asked to attend a one-day workshop in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Still Standing, a contributor to Mesh News Desk, is involved with a partnership with the University  of Maryland and other institutions from around the Read more

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CDC Ending Comments on Opioid Use for Chronic Pain

Mesh News Desk, January 12, 2016 ~ Several months ago the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) proposed guidelines for opioid prescribing for those suffering  from chronic pain and mesh pain.  Since then there have been 1,800 comments registered. Wednesday, January 13th, the CDC closes the comment period. With Read more

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Multi-Plaintiff Hernia Mesh Case Against Atrium Medical Co. Will Proceed in California Court

Atrium Hernia Mesh By Dan C. Bolton and Farid Zakaria Keller, Fishback & Jackson LLP   In June 2014, Keller, Fishback & Jackson LLP filed a multi-plaintiff case in California Superior Court against Atrium Medical Corporation (Atrium) and related corporate entities. The eight plaintiffs underwent hernia repair surgery Read more

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Boston Scientific Opening Arguments in Mass. Court

Judge Diane M. Kottmyer Today was Day One for opening arguments in the trial of Diane Albright v. Boston Scientific being heard in Middlesex Co. Superior Court in Woburn, Massachusetts.  It appears to be the first product liability trial against Boston Scientific, maker of transvaginal mesh.  The case Read more

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Dr. Twiss Part II: On the Basics of Medicine and Biocompatible Materials for Transvaginal Mesh

Dr. C. Twiss, Urologist, U of Az. Christian Twiss, MD  is a surgeon at the University of Arizona’s Department of Surgery, division of urology. He is a Board Certified urologist by training with a subspecialty and certification in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery (FPMRS). Dr. Twiss studied Read more

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Transvaginal Mesh Warnings to be Strengthened in Scotland at the Urging of Mesh-Injured

The Sunday Mail Scotland is making changes in the way the public is warned about transvaginal mesh. The Scottish Parliament set up a transvaginal mesh working group in May 2013. Last week the TVM working group met with the Minister for Health and Well Being. Scotland’s Health Minister Read more

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When Family Members Suffer – Watching a Loved One Hurt by Transvaginal Mesh

Aaron Leigh Horton Your Call to be a Mesh Warrior July 21, 2013,   by Aaron Leigh Horton, For many of us, family members of those implanted with transvaginal mesh, life is now largely about watching someone we love writhe in unendurable pain for days on end, staying Read more

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New Hope for Mesh Patients

Dr. David Spellberg, urologist By David Spellberg, MD As a Urologist, I have read about horrible complications such as bleeding, abdominal pain, perforated organs, and sexual dysfunction associated with certain types of mesh products and some of the terrible suffering of mesh patients. The Food and Drug Administration Read more

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