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Suffering in Silence: Thousands of Canadian Women and Cherie Storozinski

Cherie Storozinski May 3, 2013~  “My name is Cherie Storozinski. I am 50 years old and live in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. I am a victim of transvagnial mesh.” That’s how Cherie started her email to MDND. Cherie, 50, had a wonderful life in rural Manitoba, Canada. She and Read more

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Suffering in Silence No More: Lisa Pashenee Takes Her Vaginal Mesh Protest Public

Mesh Protest in California Lisa Elford-Pashenee was mad as heck and didn’t want to take it anymore. She was tired of unresolved questions about her vaginal mesh complications, about a succession of doctors who denied she had a problem, and about a California HMO that denied her a Read more

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