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Religious Preferences and the Makeup of Your Mesh

Cows and Pigs, by Rob Purvis, WikiCommons November 14, 2012 ~  MDND would like to hear from individuals who have had an animal mesh (bovine, cow or porcine, pig) or an allograph (biologic) mesh to gauge their experience for hernia repair when compared to polypropylene mesh. In this [...]

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Dollars and Sense? Saving Money on Hernia Mesh

  Money graphic, WikiCommons “Application of Evidence-Based Value Analysis: Standardization of Surgical Mesh Products” In this White Paper, Winifred Hayes, a medical efficiency analyst, known as, “Your Outsourced Research Partner,” tells hospitals how to save money buying hernia mesh by being more efficient. Problem: In the case of [...]

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Hernia from Hell Treated with Biologic Mesh

Story in Sarasota Herald-Tribune February 6, 2012 ~ James Fico had a problem. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune (here) reports on the North Port man’s basketball-size hernia that protruded from his belly for more than five years. (Caution- the photos in this article are not for the weak of heart). [...]

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