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A Simple Solutions to Infections?

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, November 24, 2019 ~ Do you get colds, viruses and the flu during the winter months?  Ever wonder why?  The solution may be a simple one. This Harvard trained medical doctor was perplexed why some locations seem to harbor sicker people than others. Working in [...]

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Disease and Profits: Plastic Use Expected to Rise in Medical Devices

October 31 ~  As the baby boomer population increases in the U.S., expect the use of polypropylene plastic to grow for use in medical devices. That according to an obscure website called (here) says it “covers the entire spectrum of the plastics supply chain” from the raw material to [...]

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Dr. Ostergard on Degradation, infection and heat effects on polypropylene mesh

Donald R. Ostergard, MD,  has had a long distinguished career in urogynecology and reconstructive pelvic surgery. Retired from the field, earlier this year he published an article: Degradation, infection and heat effects on polypropylene mesh for pelvic implantation: what was known and when it was known  [...]

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