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Mesh Autoimmune Registry Seeks Comments, Will Close in Oct.

UCLA Autoimmune Registry Mesh Medical Device News Desk, September 25, 2017 ~ The autoimmune registry, which is collecting comments from mesh-injured and non-mesh injured, is about to close its questionnaire. UCLA researcher, Dr. A. Lenore Ackerman asks all to add their voice, whether you have autoimmune reactions to [...]

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UCLA Partners With Mesh News Desk On Autoimmune Registry of Pelvic Mesh Complications

Hope Pagano Mesh Medical Device News Desk, August 30, 2016 ~ An autoimmune registry is a dream of Hope Pagano, a mesh-injured woman who developed Lupus shortly after her pelvic mesh implant surgery.   Hope felt, as many of you do, that someone should be looking at the [...]

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