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J&J Recalls Talcum Powder Found Tainted with Asbestos

Mesh Medical Device news Desk, October 18, 2019 ~ The first time ever, Johnson & Johnson is recalling a shipment of baby powder after the FDA found some evidence of asbestos in one of the bottles. This will not serve the defense in the growing number of baby powder/mesothelioma/ ovarian [...]

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Whistleblower Wants Prison Time for Convicted J&J Med Device Execs

Melayna Lokosky Mesh Medical Device News Desk, July 25, 2016 ~ Whistleblower Wants J&J Subsidiary Execs To Be Imprisoned Following $18 Million Fine and Federal Conviction   Melayna Lokosky is not shy. The former Acclarent Inc. medical device sales rep worked for a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary until 2011 [...]

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Just In: Carlino Pelvic Mesh Found Defective Awards $13.5 Million Against J&J

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Mesh News Desk, February 10, 2016, 11:30 am EST ~ Late this morning, a Philadelphia jury found Johnson & Johnson (J&J) made a defective pelvic mesh - the TVT- and awarded Sharon Carlino $13.5 million.  The jury found the warnings to her doctor [...]

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Johnson & Johnson Offers First Transvaginal Mesh Settlement $120 Million

Mesh News Desk, January 27, 2016 ~ Bloomberg News (here) reports Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay $120 million to settle thousands of injury lawsuits filed by women implanted with the company’s transvaginal mesh. The offer resolves anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 lawsuits. The number represents $40,000 to $60,000 per case before [...]

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J&J Cuts 3,000 Jobs in Medical Device Sector Due To Weak Performance

Mesh News Desk, January 19, 2016,  ~ Johnson & Johnson will cut about 3,000 jobs in its medical device division. The company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey made that announcement Tuesday. Mesh particles from Ethicon (J&J) mesh The  workforce cutback represents  more than 2 percent of J&J [...]

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Plaintiffs Rest with $70 Billion Reasons Jury Should Find for Pelvic Mesh Victim

THANKS TO COURTROOM VIEW NETWORK FOR ACCESS TO THE LIVE FEED IN DALLAS COURTROOM.  Prosima pelvic mesh prototype, Marcus MND, September 29, 2015 ~ Continuing on what would be the final day of the Plaintiff’s case in Cavness v. Ethicon (Cavness v. Kowalczyk et al., case # DC-14-04220), Dr. [...]

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Opening Argument Lays Doubt to Cavness’ Claim of Pelvic Mesh Injury

Dallas courtroom, 95th District, Texas Mesh News Desk, September 22, 2015 ~ Jury selection continued for a second day in the trial of Carol Cavness v. Kowalczyk et al., case # DC-14-04220, being heard in the 95th District Court of Dallas County, Texas before Judge Ken Molberg who [...]

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J&J: Talk of Mesh Litigation Absent from 2 Q Report

Notably absent from the Johnson & Johnson Second Quarter report is any discussion of pelvic mesh litigation, its cost and its specific toll on the company. Speaking to a group of investors Tuesday, CEO Alex Gorsky did not mention pelvic mesh, transvaginal, urology, gynecology, or of the 35,000 or so product [...]

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Expecting a Mesh Settlement? Will a Special Needs Trust Work for You?

Many women find themselves in this situation – they are about to receive a settlement as a result of a personal injury lawsuit, in this case a pelvic mesh injury.    But if she also receives any means-tested government disability benefits, this settlement might not seem like good news at all. Settlement [...]

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J&J Execs Fight Deposition Request to Explain Mesh Particles in Packages

Ethicon mesh and blue particles MND, June 26, 2015 ~ According to a filing in a West Virginia federal court last week, Johnson & Johnson objects to the document production request its executives must bring to their August 5th oral and videotaped deposition. Last month the healthcare giant was told [...]

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