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Project Censored: Promoting Media Literacy, Democracy and Pelvic Mesh News!

Project CensoreddFebruary 29, 2016 ~ Finally!   Some media coverage on the issue of pelvic mesh. In an in-depth conversation,  Micky Huff and Peter Phillips of Project Censored talked at length with your editor, Jane Akre about transvaginal mesh, the problems, the issues the failings of our FDA.  

This interview was heard in 32 US cities in the last couple of weeks.

Project Censored began at Sonoma State University with its media literacy program and the school puts out an annual Project Censored book, which highlights important stories which never see the light of day on mainstream media.

I thought Micky and Peter had some excellent questions. I answered with many of the concerns and questions you readers have brought to my attention.  Thank you for educating me and empowering this media message.   Click on the speaker then the arrow to open up the sound track! 

Project Censored– Newsletter

Jane Akre and Ken Burrows

Listen here.  

Project Censored– Newsletter




  1. john nix says:

    Great job Jane!

  2. kitty says:

    It’s late. I woke up in pain. In a Hotel at Mayo

    -cant wait until morning to listen to your report Jane. Thank for caring

  3. Nanny Bug says:

    I can’t wait to get their everyone !!! My heart runs over with joy & relief !! I feel like a wounded bird that’s found a nice person to a good person to give me CPR & something to feel good about . I no longer have to live is darkness thinking I’m not loved not worthy to even be a grandmother , mother or wife !!! I do matter , doctors may have broke my heart into a millions pieces and thought they never believed me . Being talk to like I was criminal . My story will be heard and one day I pray the doctors that stripped me down to the bare dirt will hear my story too . God will replace my pain with my my faith & walk with gods love. I can do it .

  4. Don't give up! says:

    You where fantastic Jane it sounded like you your self had mesh the way you described everything I think you have just become apart of all those sick with mesh you are so connected thank you for doing this for all.

  5. Don't give up! says:

    I forgot to add you blew me away when you talked about the Orange bag and cutting it to look like its medical and you pay a fee and it got approved OMG people need to be fired in these departments.

    It was good to here that the people interviewing you had knowledgeable questions they where asking you even when auto Amun was braught up,and you answered everyone of them with an answer that was straight forward and to the point.

    Great interview

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