Pelvic Mesh Implant Procedures Halted in Scotland

//Pelvic Mesh Implant Procedures Halted in Scotland

Pelvic Mesh Implant Procedures Halted in Scotland

Scottish Health Sec. Alex Neil

Scottish Health Sec. Alex Neil

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, June 23, 2016 ~ Journalist Marion Scott continues her headline-making reporting on pelvic mesh implant procedures for Scotland’s Daily Record.

On Tuesday, Health Secretary Alex Neil suspended surgeries using pelvic mesh (transvaginal mesh)  for pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI) pending an independent safety audit.  A national review will begin early next year. Patients who are awaiting pelvic mesh surgery will be contacted and offered alternatives.

Also part of the decision, doctors are being urged to report complications to any pelvic procedure, not just mesh.  Neil will include patient advocates in the review and they will be brought into a final decision.

This is the culmination of campaigners in Scotland including Linda McLaughlin who was the first to address parliament to expose the life-altering aftermath of pelvic mesh surgery.

Elaine Holmes addresses Parliament

Elaine Holmes addresses Parliament

Hear Our Voice campaign and Scottish Mesh Survivors members were present for the surprise announcement. Olive McIlroy, 57 and Elaine Holmes wept with joy, Scott reports, as Neil made the announcement.

“Mesh firms spend millions on research and funding and we cannot have anyone who has been involved in that work heading up the review. We need someone with an open mind who will put patients first,” said McIlroy.

Lorraine McCorquodale, 58, of Dundonald, Ayrshire, who is about to have her 15th op in five years to remove mesh tape, said: “I just hope Alex Neil stays strong because the powerful, wealthy companies who sell these devices have influence everywhere.

“We always knew our fight wouldn’t benefit any of us but no other women will have to share our nightmare and that is enough for us.

When Alex Neil uttered the words, ‘We will be suspending mesh…’, it took a few seconds to sink in, writes JEFF HOLMES.

Women who still want a mesh implant will be able to have one with full details on the procedure and its complication rate.

The campaigners had asked for mandatory reporting of all adverse incidents by health professionals, a Scottish Transvaginal Mesh implant register, a fully informed patient consent, along with the mesh use suspension.

In October of last year, the Scottish government said it would no longer recommend three of the four procedures routinely recommended to treat incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.   Scottish Mesh Survivors, Hear Our Voice campaign and Marion Scott’s insistent and consistent reporting largely made the difference.  See the  background story on Mesh News Desk here.

Marion Scott, Reporter of the Year 2015

Marion Scott, Reporter of the Year 2015

Back then Marion Scott told Mesh News, “The mesh victims played a huge role in writing the patient information leaflets and they have ensured all possible side effects are explained clearly.  The SUI leaflet has already been done and they are working on the POP leaflet as we speak.  This is a great example of what can be achieved. I’m so proud of all these incredible women who put their own pain to one side and pushed for these changes so no other women need suffer.  They really are incredible.” 

Scott won Reporter of the Year, 2015 for her grabbing headline and front-page news.daily mail sunday april 28 page one 300

October 2013, both Dr. M. Tom Margolis and Shlomo Raz added their letters to the voices of mesh victims in speaking to members of the parliamentary health committee. See the story here.



Scotland Health Secretary Interim report, October 2015 mail scotland newspaper page one


Scottish Mesh Survivors Petition, April 2014


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About the Author:

I’m National News Editor, Jane Akre and I began Mesh Medical Device News Desk aka Mesh News Desk (MND) in the summer of 2011 just after the Food and Drug Administration issued an explicit warning to the public that complications associated with surgical mesh used for prolapse repair (POP) and incontinence (SUI) are NOT rare! That was the starting point for the litigation you see today and thousands of lawsuits have been filed by women whose lives have been altered, some permanently, by the use of this petroleum-based product.


  1. Nameless June 23, 2016 at 11:16 am - Reply

    This is the best news I’ve had in a long time. I went to Scotland after my sons plane was down over the town of Lockerbie. I found the Scots to be outstanding (for the most part/I’m biased given the reason for why I was there) people. Intelligent, kind and strong of purpose. Seems their representatives listen to those they represent. Walking in the town of Lockerbie, we needed directions. Once they heard our accidents they knew why were there. I found myself standing on the street in front of the one and only food market. In a circle with my group and local residents holding hands with people we never knew before. One of the Scots lead us in prayer for their neighbors who perished as a result of the planes fuselage landing on a row of houses. I’ll never forget how impressed I was with their kind hearted openness in that moment. This is just wonderful news. I hope it sets the stage for other less humane societies to follow their lead.

    • Jane Akre June 23, 2016 at 1:26 pm - Reply

      That’s a wonderful story. Thank you. I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. Nameless June 23, 2016 at 11:22 am - Reply

    Accents. The downed plane was no accident. I keep running into these catastrophes with scuzzy trolls leading the bad guys.

    • Still Standing June 23, 2016 at 7:37 pm - Reply

      Nameless, I just cant begin to imagine what you went through after your son’s plane went down. It definitely wasnt an accident, nor was the fact that mesh makers knew about the complications just a mere oversight. You have certainly had much sorrow in your life. Im sorry. Hearing your story just adds another heartbreaking layer to your pain. Scuzzy trolls was way to nice a description.

      • Nameless June 24, 2016 at 10:25 am - Reply

        I’m just so sick to death of finding corruption and greed at every turn. The plane was a terrorist attack. Our government, at that time, had no interest in citizens welfare. They covered up information. Were not cooperative with surviving families. The aviation industries profit margin was more important from the very beginning. We as a group of very hurt families had to work hard to get the bombing made public. That’s hard to believe now when it seems these incidence are all to frequent and make up most of what they call news. Our loved ones, were equal to cargo. Like moving freight. Every effort was made by the then first Bush administration to keep the facts of the bombing out of the news. G-d forbid the airline industry and its well paid executives that donated to political parties should lose their cushy lifestyles. It took organizing and embarrassing them to do a turn around and admit the truth. The plane was Pan Am 103. So, on the 103 day after it went down a rally was held in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House. That was the beginning of our campaign to get them to begin to admit that many times over people failed to do their job or were just corrupt. I’m giving you these details because even though there are many disimilarities there are many similarities. In that instance, it was the aviation industry. In this its medical manufacturing and pharmaceuticals that have a stranglehold on all of us. Doctors who want to be ethical find out early that they will not last long in the business if they don’t play the game. How is it in one country they put a halt to implantation and in this they don’t miss a beat. Keep up the charade. Keep implanting and those injured denied any recognition. Those wealthy pariahs that live off either moving freight (people) or providing health care will do everything in their power to keep their lifestyles. If you die, or me, or an airplane full of people it’s a write off. They have people in place and on salary to make sure collateral damage effects them as little as possible. In the case of 103, the attempt was made to wait us out. They had the money and time. What they failed to take into account was that the victims were our children, parents, siblings. Our blood. In the end, we didn’t get our people back, but we took them to court and in trial got them to admit through the evidence what they did, how they did it – they failed to protect. It was provable with a lot of work. And very good attorneys. I’m not so sure about this bunch of attorneys. They seem to be to close to the corporations or not close enough to their clients. As far as the gov’t goes they were forced to put a system in place to assist families that are effected by terrorism. One family was notified that their daughter was on 103 on their answering machine. So, the point is, if you want to make them stop hurting women – you have to make it public, public, public. You have to take the face of JnJ and shove the truth down their throats. These advertisements of family first and delicately providing children with empathic treatment are a divisive tool to form opinion and fog people’s impression of the real killers that lurk in the board rooms and stay in the background. It’s difficult to pull off what we accomplished in the pasr and did publicly to embarrass them because many of us are to sick to endure the kind of public demonstrations we did that ultimately over took their attempt at keepit quiet. Every time some one gets an interview on tv or in local newspapers they get concerned. They are counting on the victims to be shut down by their doctors disclaimers and their hold on the media. Advertisements pay a lot towards the medias budget. So, these outlets do not want to loose these accounts. This is a tough road. Thank you for your empathic concern. Yes. I still miss my son. He was my heart and still is. Everything I did to knock Pan Am and those in government, as well as, those responsible for placing the bomb, I did as a cry for his lost life. There were many of us. They could not make us go away. They had taken our lives (just as now) and we said no. No other family should get a telephone call from the state dept on their answering machine if a loved one is attacked. Not as a citizen of this country. And so now, there are measures in place that changed entrenched bureaucratic behavior. Pan Am went out of business because once the public was made aware of its sloppy safety – no safety – the public went elsewhere. If you want to get any satisfaction or make them stop hurting women and men – people really have to know what they are up to. These companies would see us dead before capitulating. And that’s what I learned through the loss of my son. The Bush, the father, wouldn’t even meet with us to discuss the terrorist issue. By the tenth year they were holding memorials in Arlington. They did not come to the table willingly. They had to be publicly embarrassed or financially threatened. I advocate every single victim get a personal injury attorney and sue the pants off if them. Failure to disclose the high risk. For one. Not providing transparency. By 2012, it was public information and doctors are supposed to know how to read. They will never implant if they are financially at risk. Currently, they are hiding behind the MDL litigation. The MDL that will not provide anything. Business will go on as usually. Just my opinion from pasr experience. Money, public embarrassment, lose of revenue – that’s what will change things.

        • Still Standing June 24, 2016 at 3:47 pm - Reply

          Do you mind if send your post to my congresswoman? It strikes a very personal chord that only you could tell and you told it well. You are right, it is hard to find the physical or emotional will to do what needs to be done because of the physical pain, but also the emotional pain of revealing such private pain publicly. Today I took my granddaughter to the swimming pool and about 30 minutes after we got there, I got overtaken by terrible pain. It sometimes just comes out of nowhere. So, it makes it hard to make a commitment of time because pain is just lurking, waiting to pounce. I know what I need to do to ease it up, but we cant just stop, drop and roll in public. Bringing it down to an acceptable level will take a two or three day commitment. Really just makes me pretty mad from time to time. Better bring out the frozen water bottle for this one…….

          • Nameless June 25, 2016 at 7:47 am

            Absolutely. My only reason for sharing that story which I hold tight to my heart because it is so difficult to live with was to hopefully convey the reality of similarities. For me it is eerily similar. I wondered this morning about how many times big business has destroyed lives among people who couldn’t for one reason or another protect themselves. The other thought I had which I’m sure no one wants to hear is that the writing is on the wall yet most people can’t read it. The MDL system whether intentionally or just by nature of its construction is not working and not going to work. The unending waiting for closure sad relief that I perceive in the writings of the victims is a fruitless endeavor. If satisfaction has not been met by now (here’s where it speaks to me) it will never happen. The settlement from 103 took 20 yrs. most of us were not ill and fought on. No one here has that kind of time. Our lawyers returned phone calls and were available all the time. They believed in what they were doing for us and we believed in them. That’s not what’s happening here. I hear weak unorganized and suffering voices that are connected by the Internet. Even though I found a firm to accept my abdominally placed mesh case it seems to me there is no real intention. They claim it hasn’t been filed to save costs. No explanation. I can only assume they see some monetary gain in it at sometime. But are not or cannot connect me to the transvaginal cases. In the mean time, I’m hung up with them in a contract. This is not how it’s done to get the client an award or settlement. That’s why getting one personal injury attorney that has to interact with the client is my intention. I’m ripping that those doctors are being protected and off the hook. Ok. They were trained and not given info. Six years later they are still doing the same thing but can be identified as lieing now. I understand the pain that comes on. I never know when I’m going to be functioning. Even in one day hour to hour. It’s making a mess of my head. Go right ahead. Reach out to that representative. By the way, our representatives both state and federal were the first people we went to see. It was slow start first but once we got their attention they were the counter valance that changed the game. Some of the reps are really good people. Sen. Lautenberg was difficult – a crusty old guy – but boyoboy. Once he understood what had happened he advocated for us and was at our side to the end. Ted Kennedy and a few others. They don’t like to see people hurt. Especially, if it’s people that vote for them. The other tool we learned to use was to get articles in small town newspapers. Like planting a seed. The big time papers were in bed with the advertisers. But there was usually someone local related to or had a friend on staff on the local level. The more people that understood the story or even that there was a story the momentum was gained. This implantation needs to stop. Look at Scotland. That’s unbelievable. One guy says stop it and it stopped. They Must not have a bunch of conflict with American Pharma or maybe they do and just care about themselves more. Use any of it. Good luck.

          • Nameless June 25, 2016 at 10:37 am

            Still Standing. Thank you for responding to my e mail. Writing about my son is as personal to me as it can get. Last night there was a beautiful sunset over the Hudson River. Times like that, I bring him to me and we watch or do whatever together. Underneath though, I think and feel the lose so profoundly. That there would never be sunsets for him again. He was 20 yrs. old a sophomore at Vasssar. I didn’t have the money to send him to this school. He did it on scholarships. The child every loving parent wants. The child that trusts you and you know loves you as dearly as you love him/her. Extinguished by corporate greed and revenge by some believe Quadaffi for Reagans bombing his residence a few years before 103 went down. There was a warning phoned into, I believe a newspaper that a Pan Am plane would have a bomb on it out of Franfurt within a two wk window before Christmas in 1988. The State Dept. issued a paper to Pan Am. The public was never informed. The paper disappeared under a pile of other paperwork on the desk of a PA employee at Heathrow. The telex operator that received it secretly made a copy and put it in her locker. Some how, it made her uncomfortable enough to save. She also knew it could cost her her job. The bomb was put on in Malta. The small plane from Malta interconnected with PA in Frankfurt before leaving for Heathrow and the US. The bag was unaccompanied. There was no passenger to bag match. It had a device that once the baggage compartment (which was not pressurized controlled) reached a certain altitude the timer would begin to count down. The plane would have been over water if the weather had not caused a delay and route change. 103 usually took off and headed for the Atlantic crossing. Due to bad weather the captain rerouted to go North into southern Scotland. The plan was to then to be at altitude and bank left to the US. So, in effect the remains of the plane would hardly be found and certainly not enough to trace the items that could divulge the truth. Because of that unforeseen course correction there was a country side strewn with evidence. Some passengers were still strapped to there seats. The townspeople had bodies in their trees, on their roof, in the garden. Luggage for miles around. The Scots recovered what they could l. They organized the town not only to join the royal guard to search but turned their laundromat with local women volunteers to wash and iron every piece of salvageable clothing. Washed and ironed socks, underwear. Then once cleared by their police to rule out evidence mailed it back to us. Their town had the planes burning fuselage land smack in the middle of town wiping out the block of residence as they went about their daily life. No one knew what grotesque object would be found anywhere in the town until it had finally been purged of its debris. My son was found outside of town on a quiet pasture hill near a very old church and grave yard called Tundergarth. He had many seat mates close by. There was some speculation that as they dropped from 31,000 feet (six miles) some of them if not wip lashed could have become reoxygenated and conscious. Pan Am denied everything, as well as, the then president daddy Bush. Including the memo and circulation within the State Dept. of its internal warning. According to them there was no evidence. Until the very brave telex person turned over the communication to the British newspapers. It was Christmas – company parties people on vacation. There was a surcharge on every ticket specifically to cover “security”. The memo was circulated by the State Dept. to stations throughout the world but they were under orders (as they always were) to not share this information with the public. I heard the station master testify in DC that he informed his colleagues against regulation policy in the then USSR about the warning because his colleagues would be traveling out of the USSR to places west for the holiday. The usual route was to take a plane out of Russia (the USSR run airline) to Frankfurt. Where transfer to Western Europe commercial jets would take them to destination. Needless to say they rebooked out of Pan Am 103. The station master took the warning seriously enough to break with regulations as he stated “he did not want any deaths on his hands”. As a result, the plane was now almost empty and when my son went in to buy his ticket to return home he wanted to travel with his new friends from Syracuse U. He asked for 103. He had no trouble getting on three or four days before Christmas. The plane blew up on 12/21/88. The winter solstice. The US government and Pan Am adamentally denied everything every time an inquiry was made. And kept denying it until people like our local representatives, as well as, the media irrefutably held them to truth in the public domain. There was s lot of concern among aviation industry and lobbyist that this information if known by the flying public would harm all of aviation credibility and s lot of money would be lost. There was a trial in which Pan Am was the defendant. They brought in the best manicured expensive legal team thru could find. It was by no means an open and shut case. Pan Am became openly dogged in the trial chamber. They attempted to cast vicious diversion in any way possible. The case was heard in Brooklyn Heights with run offstage mill Joe and Jill working class family jury members. Eventually, PA lost. It was another eighteen yrs before Quaddafi’s regime was brought to trial in The Hague, Netherlands. This time the stakes were international . None of it brought my boy home. Just as none of our legal efforts will give us back our health. It did change a lot of how the US gov’t handles the aftermath of catastrophic events. Especially, terrorism and massacres such as we just saw in Orlando. It put Pan Am out of business. They never recovered public trust. That doesn’t mean the other airlines would not have done the same or aren’t still capable of doing business in this manner. Obviously, pharmaceutical companies believe they are untouchable and a lot of back room deals are being made. Not necessarily in our interest. Capitalism breeds this kind of desperate and disreputable self protective shield. Like a many headed monster it refuses to quit and/or die. There’s a huge amount of money to spread around to influence people in power to sway the situation to go their way. I mean huge. I don’t believe there is any way in this culture to capture a settlement unless it’s through the knife holders and the institutions that support them. That is when this will stop. They are pharma puppets. They cannot survive without them. Instead of going after the top. Start at the bottom. No doctor wants an action on their bio. No hospital wants the liability of multiple cases. No case is ever guaranteed but every person has the right to bring action. That alone is a great insensible to stop implanting. There are two goals. Personal compensation and stopping them from ruining other people’s lives for G-d knows how many years to come or how many women. If they get over on this now when will it end? My urogyn in the past two weeks wanted to offer me all kinds of riduculous treatment modalities. I might add paid for by our tax dollars and Medicaid wasted. The issue of mesh was only discussed in the context of the look of panic on his face as he described how damaged I could become during extrusion. So, I had better accept the bladder medicine without a name for I’m not sure what. Without any concern for now putting another pharma unknown chemical entity in my body and brain. On snd on with the crazy everything but the mesh as s cause attempt. He directly asked if there was anything that would satisfy me short of mesh comeing out. When I said “no, I believe the mesh toxic”. He terminated the convo and left the room. What is this do we look like idiots? I mean give me s break. This is my body that I am forced to live in. Buoy can throw this garbage at the problem but I go home with this body and trapped in it tonight while you go somewhere and do something pleasurable. Take your g-damn bladder drug and stick it. That’s the story. The folks need to stop holding on to the notion that life will take care of it. Life will not do such a thing. The people in power have s vested interest in remaining rich and in power. Our attorneys are too close to these folks.!! And I believe not truly representing. They did s good job with the bellwether and took home s pocketful of change. That kept the masses quiet for s few years. Meanwhile I feel sick today – do, at this point, I hope the message is clear because I can’t go through repeating it. These are my sincere observations after having many years up close and personal with what big business will go to all the little people who use their product or service. I like many others feel like I am dieing. Bit only gets worse as time goes on and I am turned away from my doctor. I feel like I am slowly dieing. Having an illiostomy or colonostomy next month to relieve some of the pain. These radical surgeries will not remove the foreign body reaction nor stop them from doing it to someone else. Maybe soon I can join my son.

          • Jane Akre June 25, 2016 at 9:08 pm

            Your story is amazing…obviously you’ve experienced what coverups look like first hand. I’m so sorry about your son. Can you get a few expert opinions about removal? A doctor who leaves the room is not a professional, a human and likely not competent to further treat you. Sadly, there appear to be many docs like that.

          • Kitty June 27, 2016 at 7:24 pm

            So sorry for your loss Nameless. Hashtag: “no more wire traps” I feel so angry with the neglect from so many involved in this shameful exploitation.

  3. Mary Pat June 24, 2016 at 10:43 am - Reply

    Yeah Scotland!!!!! We love you!!!!!

  4. Rebecca O June 24, 2016 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    Hello mesh ladies any one seen Dr Phillippe Zimmern, from Dallas Texas , or Dr Michael Hibner, from Phenix Arizona , do any of these mesh surgeons accept Molina Centennial Health plan , I need the rest of my mesh to be taking out. I had a partial mesh do everything may 2nd 2016. Thanks for any information is my email.

  5. dan June 26, 2016 at 12:09 pm - Reply

    apparently the health officials in Scotland have more integrity and compassion
    for their people than they do in our

  6. MarieAnn June 27, 2016 at 3:38 pm - Reply

    Maybe Hillary should be made aware of the horrors of Mesh on American women? She keeps saying she’s fighting for women??? I do think thought that the politicians are in bed with Big
    Pharma and Big Device Companies…
    J & J being the number one contributor to the mesh debacle. No matter which political party. They all give money to the politicians for favorable legislation that affects their bottom line. Greed and mesh—–killing us for profit.

    • Toni June 28, 2016 at 11:16 am - Reply

      Marie, Hilary is aware as are most of the officials in our coubtry. Problem is they are in bed with pharma and big business. They say they are there for the people women men children of our nation. If that were true they would step up and do something about it. Other countries are but not our once great nation. We are simply their guinea pigs. Nazi did experiments on humans and it was terrible but pharma does it and they are protected . We as the people are left to protect ourselves against them while our government and FDA helps them cover it up.

      • Jane Akre June 28, 2016 at 12:06 pm - Reply

        When you hear about election reform- this is a prime example. Candidates need millions to stay in the race and you and I cannot really afford them… but big business and billionaires can. So what they personally believe may not be reflected by where the money comes from…..that’s my opinion anyway.

  7. dottie June 28, 2016 at 10:43 am - Reply

    I’ve been diagnosed with Epidemiology Klebsiella. Chronic Sepsis was the first diagnosed condition on the day of Dr visit. UTI’
    S are not new to me, before mesh 2006 and still. The Epidemiology Klebsiella sound and reads as something new. Someone help me understand this.

  8. dan June 30, 2016 at 10:29 am - Reply

    Toni, Thank You for your comment about the Nazi’s in world war prison camps
    who did unthinkable experiments on
    prisoners of war. The same thing is happening with drug companies experimenting on humans all around the world!

    • Still Standing June 30, 2016 at 3:25 pm - Reply

      Dan and Toni. I am a mesh woman who has had major complications and 8 major surgeries, but I find the comparison to Nazi experimentation offensive. We will never ever be able to understand their pain or equate ours to theirs. There are so many reasons for this it is hard to list them, but most of them should be quite obvious. Their families were ripped apart, stripped of all belongings, gassed, starved, and , yes, they were the subject of inhumane and atrocious experimentation. The Nazis didnt care, and for most of the time, the world didnt care. The end goal of the Nazis was the total extermination of the Jews… Millions and millions of them. they did not have the ability to opt out , or sign an informed consent , or be operated on in sterile operating rooms.or be offered antibiotics for infection. There was not a medical community the prisoners could call on to help with their pain. They had no one to write to with complaints, no one to step forward and demand restitution. They bled and died with only their starved, emaciated, lice infested, dying bunkmates to comfort them. While I have suffered, it can in no way be compared to what Nazi prisoners endured. I imagine that if they had been offered a choice, they would have most certainly chosen our paths and I would most certainly not choose theirs. We do not need to marginalize the suffering of others to validate our own suffering. I just think we should keep it in perspective.

  9. Nameless July 1, 2016 at 8:27 am - Reply

    Your observations are all true and accurate regarding the difference between those used for experimentation in Nazi Germany and present day US. On the other hand , I just read a woman’s post today that reported attempting suicide, being hospitalized and rediagnosed with borderline personality disorder. A very serious, difficult stigma denoting severe mental illness. One which she may carry for the rest of her life. Those in the psychiatric community seem to be protecting their brethren medical doctored. Mesh implantation and pain were here presenting problems. So while many of your valid observations are true these are different times and they are destroying us differently. My dad was an Askenazi. Something I’m very proud of. I’m sure if we had been there that would have been our fate. I still hold there are Mengeles among us. And be very careful with whom you have a breakdown as a result of excruciating pain.

  10. toni July 1, 2016 at 10:11 pm - Reply

    I was in no way trying to say we have it near as bad as the Jews had in Germany. But again I never signed a consent to implant a devise that at the time was not even submitted to the FDA. The Prolift was not submitted till at least 2 yrs after it was implanted. It was what my Dr said was what would be the best option. I remember him saying I would be a new woman when he was done. He also said he just performed the same surgery on his wife. How is that for a recommendation. if I ever get to court I would sure like to know how she is doing from the same surgery. These companies have taken a lot from all of us. Health careers sex lives just to name a few things. There have been times I didn’t want to live anymore. I have also been treated badly by a medical community that is the same people who sent me to this Dr for my surgery. Now treat me like a hypochondriac or drug seeker. Saying I need to go to a councelor Psyciatrist . We have all been through the ringer just to try to get help for the pain and issues these products have unleashed on our bodies. I would have never had this stuff put in my body had I known it never had any clinical trials never through FDA and barely been on the market. I have always trusted Dr to know what is best. I hardly ever ever went to Drs until I had my 2 kids then this surgery changed all that. I was in the Dr all the time it was one thing after another. I was sick all the time. I now live on profalactic antibiotics just to keep constant infection at bay. What the Jews endured was horrific. But what these companies have done for $ is pretty terrible.

    • Jane Akre July 2, 2016 at 8:26 pm - Reply

      Toni, was your doctor involved in experimental trials for Ethicon? Was he a preceptor or consultant? Please let me know privately if you can,,,,

      • Toni July 6, 2016 at 12:26 am - Reply

        Jane I do not know if he was a preceptor or not . I do know now that my product was very very new on the market prolift came out late 05 and my surgery was in Jan of 06 . Jane I would be completely in the dark if not for your site. I would really like to know if this doc was because he left his practice less than 6 months after my surgery said retire g in letter but I found info from somewhere in Florida were he was practicing still I believe . How can I find out if he was? I thought this doc was compassionate but think I was his career booster to get him to Florida . Great for him sucks for us.

        • Jane Akre July 6, 2016 at 7:59 am - Reply

          Hi Toni- If you want to name names, go ahead… maybe someone will know of him. or if you want to email me privately, we can find out. I always like to rely on the tried and true method- call him and ask!!!

  11. Nameless July 2, 2016 at 10:48 pm - Reply

    Jane, how can we find out if our surgeon was a preceptor? I’m just suspicious because my doc actively tried to sway me away from other methods. In retrospect I wonder if he was connected in this way. He was the director of colon at a really prestigious hospital. I would have expected more from him ethically. I guess the prestige of the title does not guarantee. Other than asking directly is there another way to find out?

    • Jane Akre July 3, 2016 at 10:49 am - Reply

      Hi Nameless- That is a good story for further exploration….The Physician Payments Sunhine Act of 2010 requires manufacturers of drug, medical devices that participate in federal health care program (Medicare, Medicaid) to reports payments given to doctors and teaching hospitals.
      The reporting is overseen by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and it’s called the Open Payments Program.

      Find your doctor’s payments here Search Tool

      • Still Standing July 4, 2016 at 8:16 pm - Reply

        Here is another site where you can get info for years before the reporting became mandatory. It also has a list of top companies that paid docs and teaching universities that accepted pharma money. Also some really good articles about physician payments. It is called Dollars for Docs. Here is the link

  12. Nameless July 2, 2016 at 10:51 pm - Reply

    Toni, please don’t feel bad about your comparison. You are not alone.

  13. dan July 6, 2016 at 1:35 pm - Reply

    still standing,
    Allow me to tell you what offends me!
    14 years ago I went to a Doctor for a Hernia surgery, he told me the mesh patch
    was the best way to repair a hernia and went father to say that his patients have never had a problem with the mesh. I completely trusted him! I was very healthy and had a lot to look forward to in my life. After the surgery it would be the start of health problems that would turn my life upside down. Now after 14 years and just recovering from chemo therapy from cancer I am ready to voice my opinion no matter what. When I was comparing Nazi to drug companies I was in no way comparing suffering to suffering I was comparing Evil to Evil {period} !

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