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Patient Advocates Wanted for Training

If you have worked with others to help with mesh-induced injuries, this workshop may be the next step in your journey. 

An Introductory Patient Training Workshop (attached and below) in DC on Oct 14-15 is offered by the National Center for Health Research.  The goal is to help patient advocates understand the research issues that are key to developing safe and effective medical treatments. 

Please share with any patient advocates (patients or family members) who are interested in learning about the research issues pertaining to how to advocate for safe, effective, and more affordable medical treatments.  There are only a couple more spots left so anyone working as a patient advocate already would be most suitable for this opportunity.    


patient advocates


  1. Rod J Keys says:

    My daughter has gone through a tremendous amount of suffering due to transvaginal Mesh implant. I have been involved as a caring father through a lot of what she is going through by being informed through partial surgical removal of the Mesh etc., Would I qualify as an advocate.

  2. sheryl says:

    I would love to participate in this great work. But when I tried the link, it came back. Can’t be found. Please send me the link so that I can apply. Thanks

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