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Patient Advocate Tells Story of ” I Am Not Alone”

cm logoMesh News Desk, August 29, 2016 ~ This unnamed patient advocate reports to Mesh News Desk on the  condition of a mesh implanted woman who is fighting for her life at this hour.

“One of Caldera Medical, Inc”s. co-inventing surgeons who owns patents with Caldera Medical, Inc.’s CEO has an implant victim laying in a hospital tonight with an estimated forty percent risk of losing her life. She is being treated for Urosepsis, her fever has been so high it has altered her physical and mental health, she is my friend.

“I cannot go to her, help her, change anything but I can write her story. I can ask you to remember her and pray she survives. She is a high-risk patient—she has a prior history of fistula, diverticulum, urethral injury. She has had multiple mesh procedures,

“With each surgery factor for mesh complications, involving a five-fold increased hazard over time. It is in the horror she lives in while those who injured her get to go about conducting business as usual.

“How tired, sad, wounded and frighten her beloved husband sounded when he called. ‘What do we do?’

Son holds mother's hand, WikiCommons

Son holds mother’s hand, WikiCommons

“How do we do it? He wanted help and answers. I have done my best, it is not enough and it may never matter, without a law firm to hold Caldera Medical, Inc. and all those involved accountable. We will die one by one and most of us in poverty. We are medical professionals, nurses, teachers, we are smart women fighting with our hands and feet bound by litigation and corporate brutality. They just want us to disappear so they can continue to push their product line into the third world. There is no true effort to help us happening.

“I have listen to my friend fight, scream, beg, plead and pray.

“The last conversation I had to tell her she had to stop the legal fight and lay it aside and let all her attention be on surviving longer and being her for her dear husband. My sorrow is so deep, it is the fear of so many things with surgical mesh, urosepsis is the killer, the infections that we battle daily, can kill each of us.

“She needs a miracle to wake up and she gets better. I am not the same when I began these series of articles, I know too much to believe there is any justice for us and I will be a wreck if my friend dies. I think someone must step up and take all Caldera objectors and fight for us. Why are we not important? I think it is because of the powerful persons who are behind the veil of Caldera Medical, Inc.

“I remember my dear friend’s first conversation to me she said, “Thank you for calling me, we are the same, I am not alone”. “

Here is an article concerning the urosepsis we all fear:


  1. Mary Pat says:

    Praying. Please keep us aprised of her condition. God bless you for your loyal friendship and for telling her story.

  2. Advocate. Thank your for telling her story. I will remember her and add my prayers to yours. What a wonderful friend she has.

  3. Anne says:

    My prayers are with her how many of us are going to end up just Like that. I wish the justice system could see the reality of this.

  4. K says:

    So sad! I will be praying for her. These companies have ruined so many lives and all they care about is saving their money. Greedy. They will face their maker some day. I’m

  5. just me says:


  6. Janis Urban says:

    My Prayers and Thoughts for Strength, Comfort and Healing.

  7. Kitty says:

    Just read this sad account. Waiting……….waiting ……I will keep her in my heart with all the other pain and anxiety.

  8. Patient Advocate says:

    She is better today. Plans to transfer home to home health soon. They have called in infectious disease specialist and it was confirmed mesh infection. She is very weak and fighting hard.

  9. Janae J says:

    Praying for you to recover

  10. Willow says:

    A warrior prayer for your friend. We pray, share, and fight for our lives each helping others. We are never ever alone. Reading your friend’s history, may she gather strength to rally on. We need her.

  11. tina says:

    I am praying for this women. I had very similar things happen after my mesh was removed I also told my husband had I been a little older I wouldn’t have made it. How sad. Wishing for a speedy recovery. Prayers for all

    • Jane Akre says:

      Last I heard, she did get discharged from the hospital so she made it over the last hurdle… that of course doesn’t mean she is well.

  12. Patient Advocate says:

    She is resting with her husband at home. Long journey. The infections are always on the horizon of mesh injured women. It is a frightening time and future. We all need to note our medical files and educate our PCP of these life threatening infections before we face them.

    • willow says:

      I too suffered with bladder infections. Finally, found that the bacteria slides off tissue when drinking 100% cranberry juice. Not 100% juice combos. My attitude was nothing to lose lots to gain so I tried it. Really helpful.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Please have her try L-Mannose. I had so many severe UTI’s that I lived on antibiotics with the vicious cycle of then a yeast infection. It never ended. After all antibiotics failed for my CONSTANT UTIs (I now KNOW because of the TVT mesh because they went away after full mesh removal of numerous surgeries) I tried D-Mannose from my local health store. I don’t know if this can help her but maybe it will help someone reading this. Also pro-biotics helped combat C-diff symptoms

    • Jane Akre says:

      Thank you so much for this information.

      • Jane, my doctor didnt want me to take cranberry juice because it is so acidic and can irritate an inflamed bladder. He is urogynecologist, so I followed his advice. He recommended cranberry capsules until I started D-Mannose last year.UTI free. He is a believer now. Amazing. He even refers his patients to my integrative health doctor. You are right about the sugar content of cranberry juice. Sugar is a primary driver of inflammation and should be avoided if possible. I know I have written about D-Mannose before, and another helpful bladder supplement. It is called Prelief. You take it with any acidic food and it takes the acid out of the food . Check at Walgreen, CVS, or amy chair store. Also available online. If you drink a carbonated drink, acidic juces or fruits, coffee, all those things that are on the do not eat section of the bladder friendly diet, use prelief. it really does help when you just want to have a soda or something. Did you know that tea is acidic? We can use it with modification. Make cold brew tea or steep tea bags less than 4 minutes. Tea releases tannic acid that inflames bladders. Caffeine doesnt help, either. I use decaf tea bags. One good thing I have learned on this 9 year mesh journey is all the knowledge about how my body works. It really is fascinating to see how intricate and intertwined our systems are. That was not created by chance

  14. Bejah Blue says:

    I wish to add my prayers, happy that our sister is home, home sweet home. It is the best place for healing or for dying.

    All of us need to remember that dying is just a transition, we wake in Heaven so there is no need to fear, I think it is the body that fears, not the spirit.

    But I am left with the pure truth that this is killing us yet still so little is being done. Unbearably sad.

    I stand with you all in that beautiful white marble cathedral in cyberspace where we can gather in candlelit wonder and pray for one of our own collectively high above the earth where our spirits join in a lilting song of healing for all of those who suffer.

    God bless us, every one.


  15. Bejah Blue says:

    Dear people, I had never heard of this infection before so wanted to learn more about it. I found the following and encourage you all to follow the link to the full article. This is just the intro. of the abstract. Remember “knowledge is power.”

    Personally, I believe the immune system of the planet is compromised (if you will allow) and if that is true what are the implications for us?

    I have lavender, great drifting hills of it across the front of my house and every summer there are hundreds of honeybees in it. This year there were no bees. This is a very bad sign. Nor were there ladybugs or dragon flies or wasps. It was almost as if the world is growing silent. This is devastating for the environment. It is like the canary in the coal mine.


    J Glob Infect Dis. 2009 Jan-Jun; 1(1): 57–63.
    doi: 10.4103/0974-777X.52984
    PMCID: PMC2840933
    Approach to a Patient with Urosepsis
    Om Prakash Kalra and Alpana Raizada
    This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.
    Urosepsis implies clinically evident severe infection of the urinary tract and/or the male genital tract (e.g. prostate) with features consistent with systemic inflammatory response syndrome.[1] It may be associated with multi-organ dysfunction, hypo-perfusion or hypo-tension. Severe sepsis is usually associated with pulmonary and abdominal infections with urinary tract infections (UTIs) accounting for about five per cent cases.[2] However, among the nosocomial infections, UTIs account for approximately 40% of the cases.[3,4] Though sepsis is commoner in men than in women, it has been found that urosepsis is commoner in women than in men. While severe sepsis has a reported mortality rate of 20 to 42%, urosepsis may be associated with high mortality rates in special patient groups.[5] Therefore, patients with urosepsis should be identified at an early stage and promptly treated to prevent development of organ failure and other complications.
    Complicated UTI is the commonest precursor of urosepsis. Complicated UTI usually refers to an infection that occurs in a patient with a structural or functional abnormality, impeding urine flow, or in a host with altered defenses or in patients with metabolic disorders like diabetes or azotemia. When complicating factors are present, antimicrobial resistance is more common and the response to therapy is often disappointing, even with agents active against the causative microbial pathogens. In addition, severe complications frequently occur which may lead to urosepsis, renal scarring or even end-stage renal disease. Drug treatment of urosepsis often has to be complemented with endoscopic and/or surgical intervention.

  16. Bejah Blue says:

    I want to share something beautiful with you all.

    First I must say that I ran out of pain medication yesterday and my appointment to get more is the 8th. I took the last one yesterday about 11am. Nothing else has any effect at all. I did rub Ben-gay on my abdomen and that helped for a little while. I have Sangria and Sherry….and at one point I was laying in bed curled in a fetal position thinking of a certain beautiful man and I realized I did not feel the pain! (Still will like this!, mind over matter!)

    I have mentioned that I have met someone. What I want to share is something very personal, very sacred and very beautiful. I would not share it with many people.

    My heart feels like it is breaking all the time now. I wondered why. As I lay in my beautiful bed a voice came to me in my mind that said that the reason my heart is breaking is because it is joining with his. I said, “Father, I am so wounded, so broken…” and the male voice responded, “Worry not child, he will heal you”. I hope this is helpful or even inspiring for all of you. Blessings, Bejah

  17. Patient Advocate says:

    We all go home. What a lovely way to understand a broken heart. We are in the midst of heroes, mesh injured women are this generation’s heroes.

  18. Bejah Blue says:

    Dear PA, Thanks. I should clarify that healing does not imply that it is not a partnership. I do not ask him to be a white knight and carry me off to a new world. We must support and love each other, all of us. Imagine how that would change the world, that one little thing.


  19. Bejah Blue says:

    I have something else to share. I have a bottle of Bio-Oil. You may have seen it for sale. It is really wonderful methinks. And my friend LaVonna has nerve issues in her face, poor dear, and her hands….I gave her this to try and she loved it and said it helped her face a lot in a medicinal way. She is visiting her son now but will be home tomorrow and I will ask her for more detail. She gave me my bottle back and bought one of her own at the drugstore and loves it. Perhaps you can find it online and read about it. If I do not forget I will say more about this tomorrow. If I forget feel free to rattle my cage. Love, Bejah

    • Bejah. I used bio-oil until I developed a terrible allergic reaction to it. Have many weird post mesh allergies. Now cant even drink from most plastic water bottles. But, I am now using coconut cooking oil on my feet, my, hands, my face. Medication causes me to experience increased dry skin…or could that just be old age? It is wonderful. It can even be used for vaginal dryness. A dermatologist I saw said it is great for skin, and a plus is that it is cheap. Just dont throw it in a jar and pack in a suitcase. It liquifies very quickly and makes a mess of a suitcase ( live and learn ) ha.

      • Bejah Blue says:

        Thanks so much for that SS, LaVonna has never been implanted so I hope this continues to help her but I will share what you have said. I have been wanting to try the coconut oil and love, love, love coconuts in all forms. Funny that we seem to just recently have discovered this benefit. B

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