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Patient Advocate Lana Keeton Sues J&J, FDA for Criminal Obstruction of Justice – Dead Women Matter!

Keeton at Hart Senate Office Dec. 4, 2014

Keeton at Hart Senate Office Dec 2014

Lana Keeton has probably done more to bring awareness of the pelvic mesh mess than any single individual.

She has spoken to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), held rallies in Washington, D.C., testified to the expert panel convened to discuss transvaginal mesh in September 2011. Having worked within the system for so long, with a very slow if not nonexistent response from the FDA, Keeton has filed a federal, criminal lawsuit naming Johnson & Johnson, the FDA and its Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) and the CDRH regulators who ignored his responsibility to act in the public interest.  Below is her news release.  This week a series of interviews will follow.


July 20, 2015



Patient advocate and medical device expert, Lana Keeton has filed a civil RICO lawsuit in Miami federal court alleging criminal conspiracy by doctors, pelvic mesh maker Johnson & Johnson, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as regulators within the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) which oversees the approval of medical devices in the U.S.

The most recent 86-page filing by Keeton includes the reports of death of at least a dozen women after their Gynecare TVT bladder sling. The deaths were reported to the FDA before January 2007.

Lana Keeton, Spirit of Justice Statue Dec 2014

Lana Keeton, Spirit of Justice Statue Dec 2014

“The FDA failed to take any enforcement action against J&J despite a clear pattern of harm from the Gynecare TVT bladder sling evidenced by the deaths associated with the defective pelvic mesh kits filed with the agency by Johnson & Johnson itself, but rather the FDA continued to clear pelvic mesh kits knowing the fatal consequences.” Keeton calls that a violation of their mission of protecting the public health.  Working with industry doctors, J&J and its subsidiaries, the Cleveland Clinic and employees of the FDA conspired to obstruct justice and commit fraud, a violation of the Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), 18 U.S.C. §1961.

“Defendants have committed mail fraud, wire fraud, perjury and a massive cover up to influence doctors and surgeons worldwide through professional societies, the International Urogynecological Association (IUGA), the International Continence Society (ICS), the American Urogynecological Society (AUGS) to implant millions of women over the last 20 years with a petroleum waste byproduct, the Ethcion/Johnson and Johnson trademark Prolene polypropylene synthetic surgical mesh for surgical treatment of incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.” states the Original Complaint filed on February 4, 2015.

Unlike a defective product lawsuit, a RICO filing alleges a pattern of predicate act” crimes which are punishable by at least one year imprisonment.

The FDA is not immune from prosecution when it harms another federal agency. Keeton says in her case, the cover up by the FDA Defendants in her case defrauded the U. S. Bankruptcy Court and Medicare. Her lawsuit hinges on the damage done to her business and property.

In her filing, Keeton chronicles the deaths of a dozen women beginning in 1999. All of the women suffered and died after being implanted with an implant made by Ethicon. Some died from bacterial infections, some from bleed outs after or during a mesh implant.

“Dead women matter. Their deaths were reported to the FDA but the agency failed to act even though it knew the mesh products were misbranded and adulterated and should have been recalled.  It’s their job to protect the public health. How many chances do corporations get before the FDA/CDRH uses its enforcement authority? The dead women did not get a second chance” ~ Lana Keeton 

The pattern and practice of the FDA/CDRH allowed the deaths to continue when the reports came into the agency and it failed to enforce its own regulations.  She names David Krause, PhD, a senior member of the FDA who conspired along with Johnson & Johnson employee Peter Cecchini to cover up knowledge of the dangers of mesh even when in 2010 he obtained a 2007 videotape hosted by a consultant/doctor to Ethicon showing the Prolene mesh, also used for hernia patients, was too heavy for the pelvis, shrank and hardened like a stone inside the body.

“For years I’ve been bringing evidence to the FDA about polypropylene mesh and its dangers to patients. Instead, the FDA communicates secretly with industry and conspires to protect industry, not Keeton, not the public, and certainly not the women who died from the Johnson & Johnson Gynecare TVT bladder sling.” she says. #



  1. For the record, I was invited and was trained by the FDA/CDRH in 9/2010 to be a Patient Representative. I am in complete agreement with Jane Akre’s report about Lana Keeton and the RICO lawsuit filing against J&J and this defective mesh product. There must be criminal charges & criminal sentences for this criminal behavior. Without this basic justice, our government has no meaning for PREVENTABLY harmed patients.

    • Jane Akre says:

      Thank you Joleen… preventing harm to patients. Isn’t that why they are there? I will post her RICO or portions throughout the week… thank you.

      • Ronald James says:

        Jane, I’m asking people to come together and go to the New York Stock Exchange and stage a sit in on J&J. With this new information I’m sure national news would pick up on it. What do you think?

        • Jane Akre says:

          Wow- it might make an impact. How many people can make it to travel,,, can afford it…. those are obstacles but able to overcome. The J&J shareholders meeting is next April in New Brunswick, NJ.

    • Aaron Leigh says:

      “Without this basic justice, our government has no meaning for PREVENTABLY harmed patients.” Well said, Joleen. Having attended mesh trials, it’s maddening to hear very relevant evidence that is not admitted (like the number of others harmed by the very same corporation and device on trial!). If any individual were a violent, repeat offender, our criminal justice system would certainly allow jurors to know about past violent crimes committed. It should be no different for corporations.

      • Jane Akre says:

        When you see the evidence of what the company knew and continued to sell their product, they knew preventable harm would occur. That’s what juries are seeing in my opinion.

        • Aaron Leigh says:

          Agreed, Jane! And every single person in this country has a right to trial by jury. Let’s hope that happens for women whose injuries are so severe that they not adequately represented in the MDL.

  2. Linda G says:

    Thank u Lana, Jane, and others who have worked endlessly for all of us.I was one of those J& J and FDA harmed, I was 2 days from dying.They all need to be held accountable. If it had been faulty equipment failure in a car they would have acted more aggressively. We have been brushed aside and ignored. So thank you for speaking up for all of us!!

  3. stopmeshimplants says:

    Perhaps this lawsuit will finally get the attention of the public and those who suffer from mesh daily will be validated. Thank you, Lana.

  4. Mary blanks says:

    I’m so happy that finally someone is attempting to get the head people charged criminally!! I have long thought that this should be handled in criminal court. To kill over and over by any one else other than I guess a pharmaceutical company the person would be arrested and labeled serial killers. Why is it that our lives mean nothing

  5. jbroken says:

    I so wanted to do this many yrs ago. But no lawyer thought I had a case. U go girl, fry them I say AMEN

  6. Disgusted says:

    I wish Lana Keeton the greatest success in this endeavor. Criminal charges should have been there from the beginning. You go girl!!!

  7. Evy says:

    Wow way to go Lana God Bless you girl.. Thank you also Jane for posting this Now maybe our voices will be heard

  8. Donald Rainey says:

    To Lana and Jane, everyone that is suffering from the effects of mesh are surely praying for your success and are behind you all the way. Your success will give us all a chance to have our own. And for the protection of future for all others. We thank God for women like you both. You are going to save LIVES .God bless you lady’s…. Donald M. Rainey

  9. Samantha Squires says:

    I wish Lana the best of luck with the RICO case. J&J must be held accountable.

  10. suffering in silence says:

    Thank you.

    All this suffering is enough . We deserve the right to live our lives with dignity and to be pain free. May we all win our battle and lets pray no more deaths come from mesh implants.

    I think every doctor should be implanted so they can see how it feels. Its like dying a slow painful death.

  11. Janis Urban says:

    Thank you Lana Keeton, and Jane. Let’s see if our Judicial Systems does the right thing and not let J & J bury this case into the sand with delays. I have often wonder why it is not a criminal offense. Their medical device has caused bodily harm, it has assaulted my well being, never to be well again? They keep reloading and harming women.

  12. Lori Pelucca says:

    We all stand in great appreciation for your grace and grandeur Lana, May you be blessed and guided and let the power of Love be beside you all the way.

  13. kitty says:

    FINALLY— back in earlier 2000’s before mesh removal some victims died—frail old women–women who had stool coming out of the vaginal area. Left to fend for themselves when urogynocologist left town. No one knew what to do.

  14. Deanna says:

    When will j&j ever start to settle these cases how many more people have to suffer , Thankyou for helping all of us who suffer!

  15. Barb says:

    Finally someone who has seen mesh injured men.woman deplete in health after several warning’s issued but not to the right people!! Along with all the infomation BEJAH provided about JNJ appears they have been able to pay the right people to cover up!! I believe all involved should be going to trial… can only run so fast before that one person makes all the difference. I know Judge Goodwin has protocol to follow however it seems when it comes to JNJ no matter what they have/have not done just a pat on the hand and back to business when he’s been extremely hard on other manufacturer’s whom thank God are finally realizing that putting together some type of settlement out of court is best on the behalf of both parties!! For us who have AMS and cases are supposed to be settled in October 2015 we shall see how Generous offer’s are made!!

  16. janet says:

    This us absolutely wonderful, I bless her

    This is so true the FDA has known about this and nothing was done another sweep under the carpet. I also asked my attorney regarding filing against the FDA he stated could not be done

    They should be accountable for there actions regarding not protecting us. I pray that justice will be done to hopefully protect anyone else in the future

    The FDA should be fined and who ever kept this silenced needs to be punished to the fullness of the law

    This was a crime what they did to us

  17. Mary B says:

    When I was told what stance Johnson & Johnson was taking, I was astounded. Do not dare to tell me my life was worthless.

    My implant decomposed. My Doctor spent 5 hours picking pieces from my abdomen with his assisting surgeon. He has made this his specialty. He made it possible for me to walk more than a block once again. Unfortunately, several years of inflammation and infection had caused unrelenting pain and vital organ damage prior to diagnosis. I now face an early death. As my Doctor said, I try to live for every moment. My adult children don’t know that organ damage is shortening my life. I will also leave my sister and grandchildren behind.

    Worthless, I was not. I raised a wonderful family and absolutely shattered the glass ceiling in my professions “good ole boy” network to tiny pieces while working through pain and hopelessness.

    • Bejah B says:

      Mary, Evildoers have, throughout human history, dehumanized those whom they wished to destroy. It may be this unfortunate capacity that ultimately condems our species to extinction.


  18. Aaron Leigh says:

    This is exactly what needs to happen! I am inspired and grateful for Lana’s work. The behavior of these corporations is criminal. Since a corporation is seen as an individual defendant in the courtroom, its executives should be treated as any violent, repeat offender would be. Let the punishment fit the crimes! And those crimes are many! VERY, VERY GOOD WORK LANA, and INVALUABLE reporting, Jane!

  19. Lana Keeton says:

    Hello Jane, Thank you for making such a difference yourself. I want to be sure everyone understands I wholly support your work in telling the stories of mesh injured women and men. Melayna Lokosky, a very brave woman herself who I highly respect, ( made me understand how very important it is WE ALL STAND TOGETHER against these corporations who destroy lives at will. In the past, I definitely had tunnel vision when it came to your work. I want to publicly apologize for not appreciating who you are and the capacity in which you rightfully chose to do your work. We may sometimes go down different paths, but we are going in the same direction. God bless you and Thank you so much! Lana Keeton

    • Jane Akre says:

      Thank YOU and Melayna, Lana. Such good work needs to be recognized! YEAH!!

    • Mesh injured says:

      I had asked lawyers if something like this could be done against the MHRA & JNJ and they said no – In the light of this amazing news and the efforts of Lana ( and you Meylana ) I have gone back to ask the question again. This news brings hope – and grateful to those who have not given up and continue to fight for all of us!

    • Thank you Lana, Melayna and Jane! It makes my heart soar to see us standing united again! The different paths we chose to fight the mighty corporations that have callously harmed us are once again converging. Joleen and Aaron, your efforts are appreciated, your comments are so on the mark. Criminal behavior needs to be challenged with criminal proceedings. May God bless a righteous battle for justice for women through Lana’s efforts! I stand in full support of holding the FDA accountable!

  20. Tracy Dolin says:

    I a a trans vaginal implant mine was through American Medical Systems, which is also being sued by thousands of women that had basically a the same implant I had mine February 2011. Until they have tested a new device and know that it is a reputable devise. I will not have the second surgery unless it’s been approved by the Federal drug administration and approved by trans vaginal mesh administration that they can put the next device on the market without any Side affects or Complications. because of taking the old device out and taking a risk of doing that I could also bleed on the surgery table and I’m afraid to have that device put in so until the that a new trans vaginal mesh back on the market that’s been approved by the FDA transvaginal mesh kind and all the other companies I will not have the surgery done until I know its been remarketed back and approved by the administration I will only have the surgery done again if I know that my bottom has dropped out to a point where I have to have the surgery I can tolerate some of the complications that I’ve had on and off for the last 3 to 4 years but there is going to be a point where I know that I’m going to have to have the surgery again and I’m going to make sure that this time that week and for all the women have the right way on the market

    • Bejah B says:

      Tracy, If you can afford to pay for explant surgery it may be best to do it sooner rather than wait for a new and improved mesh. If I understand it correctly as you wait scar tissue continues to form and the mesh continues to be intertwined with our own making removal increasingly difficult. I did not realize for some time that neither Medicare or Blue Shield would cover the cost of removal. That is not right. Perhaps the government realizes that if the defendants were to be found guilty on all counts the probability that Medicare would have to pay for explant would mean a significant cost for the FED. I do not know the cost of explant but I would guess at least $50k. Please make sure you have thought this through carefully. I would borrow against my house to pay for it if that were an option for me.

      The effort to make revisions seems to be an ongoing process with different products produced using the same material. Maybe they should try carbon like the material high end race cars are made of and now some automobiles and I believe the wings of the Dreamliner: Strong, lightweight, resistant to high heat failure…seems the perfect thing to insert into the human body. We aleady have metals in our bodies, in our teeth, in hip and knee replacements, in pacemakers and we are not far from artificial human hearts, etc. so bio-compatibility seems possible depending on the material. Carbon is the most abundant substance in the Universe. It is what diamonds are made of, the hardest substance in the known Universe I believe.

      To digress a little: FYI according to the History Channel we have found a dwarf (small) star not far away (in light years, the distance light travels in a year) that is one big diamond! Imagine how beautiful it is.

      I once had a wonderful dream that I was flying like a bird or an angel around the solar system circling the planets. It seemed so real. I believe that there is a wonderous life beyond life and even if we face an early end to this life we go on into a glorious future.


    • Barb says:

      Tracy, WE all thought the mesh that was put in was FDA approved until evidence arose that told us that it was not!! There are alternatives! talk to your doctor make sure and ask every other method. I know down the road we all at some point will probably have to endure more surgeries, however there will be no more mesh inserted in my body! There are too many people out there that has lost all faith, and because the FDA may approve a different kind of mesh who’s to say these company’s won’t figure out another method to cover up the real INGREDIENTS! Burch, they can use your own tissues and several other options!

  21. Lana Keeton says:

    I want to thank everyone for their support. I really appreciate it. I sincerely hope this will influence the FDA to take all synthetic surgical meshes off the market, including for hernia repair. NOTHING supports their being placed in the female reproductive system, no testing of the final product and no honest clinical trials (J&J paid ULf Ulmsten for fake research on the original Gynecare TVT back in 1997). Implantation of synthetic surgical mesh for pelvic organ prolapse repair or bladder suspension should be outlawed. It is God’s will and it will happen!!

  22. Exposing the negative truth Johnson & Johnson would rather remain hidden through forced accountability is the only way to get pathological unethical & illegal companies to stop encouraging, replicating and rewarding the behavior that’s now escalated to the death and injury of tens of thousands of women. #GoLanaGO

    • Jane Akre says:

      Love the hashtag. Thank you Melayna for ALL you do!!!! Follow her on Melayna is a former J&J employee.

  23. kitty says:

    So many witnesses

  24. Diane Miller says:

    Victims throughout the country are working with countless attorneys. Why haven’t any of them persued this angle?

    Why now is this RICO aspect coming to court?

    Thank you Lana and Jane for your hard work.

  25. K says:

    Lana, my heart goes out to you for all the pain and suffering you have endured. I pray you will see justice and you are rewarded beyond belief for the wrong done to you. I will keep you in my prayers daily my friend!

  26. MAMOHIO says:

    Thanks to all the brave women and men who have stepped up to bring this serious and deadly issue to the forefront. I wish Lana the best in making sure everyone knows what has been done to us. This has totally killed my career, my marriage, my livelihood. I hate to sit around and think when is this going to start decomposing again for another surgery. I will have to be on my deathbed for I am going to allow any dr to try and remove this mesh. They were not trained to remove it but see how many of them now are wanting to make money to try and tell you they can. My dr did not remove all mine just the part that protruded thru my vaginal wall and then wrapped another one around it. Now they want to go in and remove them and then see if I still have incontinenence if so then put another one in. After that they want to do a hysterectomy and then more mesh put in cause very few drs know how to do the Burch procedure anymore. Be careful and do your homework before falling prey again and be guinea pigs for them to try and remove and make $$$. I will live with this until I am on my death bed, stay on pain meds and try to enjoy what life I can. I pray everyone to be blessed by God to give us all the strength to see justice prevail. Thanks Lana and Jane and all of you out there who knows about the seriousness if TVT/Mesh. Keep living your lives day by day and someday I hope we can all get on with our lives without worry and pain. I love you all.

    • Jane Akre says:

      There are doctors who are competent. Please find one….Do you have insurance and/or travel restrictions? We don’t let dogs suffer this way.

      • MAMOHIO says:

        I do but I am too scared to do anything, I have heard too many terrible stories and until I cant take it any longer then I will have too. I live in Ohio

        • K says:

          MAMOHIO- it is scary but it but living on pain killers just to exist makes no sense if you can have it removed. Your quality of life will be much much better. It you have the means for removal get it done. It’s far scarier to leave it in.

        • Bejah B says:

          MAM, When were you implanted if I may ask? (Makes it sound like some alien from another galaxy came to earth to experiment on humans, doesn’t it?). Seriously, if you do not try to have it removed now you will come to the point where it can not be removed, no doctor will attempt it. Trust me please, you do not want to be in that position. Please seek counsel on this from trusted friends, family, professionals. In that way, at least you will always know you tried hard enough. I know the fear, we all do. The mesh taught us about fear. Look beyond the fear. There is a place…a state of being beyond the fear. Seek it out. Beyond all this, may the FATHER bless you and keep you all of your days.


          • MAMOHIO says:

            My first one was in 2005 and then a partial removal in 2008 which I thought was going to be a full removal but it was not. Now I have so much scar tissue there’s alot of risks in trying to remove it the Dr says. Infection, cutting my urethra or nicking the bladder. I am too scared to take any more risks after reading all the horror stories. I am too scared.

        • Bejah B says:

          Dear MAM OHIO, If you have the ability to pay for the explant surgery at the time you are admitted, I know of a doctor in NYC who may be able to help you even when others have said they can not. He is a urogynecologist and he is world famous in UROGYN circles and in academia. Jane can give you my email address or phone.


  27. cybil says:

    How does this “criminal” lawsuit help the victims get compensation. I would think it just muddies the water and delays settlement talks. If J&J and the FDA now need to fight a criminal lawsuit, they will have less to give to victims who need it. Yes, dead woman count – but, how does a criminal lawsuit compensate them or there families? If Lana wins does her corporation get paid money on behalf of these dead women? I believe we MUST focus on getting the women who are survivors monetary compensation so that they can proceed with treatments that will help them. A criminal lawsuit is a diversion that, in my opinion, is a PR campaign for Keeton. BTW: Nice photos – most of us victims can’t smile like that, Lauren.

    • Jane Akre says:

      I suppose if people go to prison, they will think twice about future harm to women.

      • cybil says:

        Really? I do not think they care. Criminals have a “chip” missing. They have no conscience. Most criminal are narcissists whose ONLY thoughts are for themselves. Prison will not change that. They ONLY feel that they were wrongfully accused and will continue to defend their crimes withOUT regard to humanity.

        • Disgusted says:

          This is being tried in criminal court, not civil. Monies will not be awarded. I hope they go to jail. It will cost some for the court cases but I don’t think it will take away from the civil cases. OJ Simpson was tried in criminal and then in civil court. There may be some with a “chip” missing, but there are others who just follow. I hope it scares them straight. I think they will use this to say that they will no longer be allowed to “think creatively and provide innovation”. It’s been the mantra of tort reform for a long time. (For fear of what is happening now). Accountability must be had, otherwise we only get more of the same.

          • Bejah B says:

            Was it not organizations like Johnson & Johnson who spearheaded the movement in the corporate world for TORT reform obviously because it would greatly benefit them. This is why we need to pay attention to the news, to what is going on in Washington D.C. and why we need to vote. If the American people had known what this was, had they known it would or could affect them or their loved ones I believe they would have made a stronger stand against it. I wonder if we can have this legislation repealled. After all, it is supposed to be our government.

            I would like to add that having just read through the posts on this page again, I am struck by how decent the American people are which makes this Corporate conduct all the more agregious.

            We need to wake up, to pay attention to our government, to participate. What happens to something when we do not take care of it? Wouldn’t it be funny in a wierd way if Donald Trump turned out to be the answer to our prayers. A scary thought but I love the idea that he is paying for his own campaign.


    • Joleen Chambers says:

      We can and must do both: compensate the harmed women and bring up the ‘business leaders’ that conceived of and prolonged the PREVENTABLE harm of pelvic surgical mesh.

      • Joleen I agree the more attention brought to the subject the better. The companies have already muddied the water with inconsistent & contradictory information, manipulation of the facts and not recognizing the rights of patients, and exposing the negative truth they’d rather remain hidden (in as may ways as possible) is the only way to force accountability and create positve change.

    • kitty says:

      If they settle we won’t testify

    • jade says:

      Bejah – I believe Jane Akre is monitoring this website with a keen intellect. It is her decision whether, or not,to post comments. Cybil’s comments are well stated and represent her true feelings about the proceedings. I don’t see any malice or darkness present in them. She is just stating the facts as she sees them. Also, what good would this site be to any of us, if the only posts shown were ones that agree with YOU?

      • Jane Akre says:

        Thanks Jade…. I did finally decide to monitor and approve comments…. you are right. Cybil has a POV that others may share and the only folks who are censored are those who are profane, personally attacking and off topic. Other than that – comment away! Thanks for being so astute.

        • jade says:

          Thank you, Jane. You are doing a great job. I, for one, am an admirer of your on-target journalism and fair reporting.

    • Cybil if anything your comments are PR and for whom is yet unknown but clearly not representative of the tens of thousands of injured women and men. I do however agree that the pathological abusive history of some corporations is beyond rehabilitation and why the courts are the only way to force accountability.

  28. Samantha Squires says:

    The FDA cannot be sued.

    Federal sovereign immunity

    In the United States, the federal government has sovereign immunity and may not be sued unless it has waived its immunity or consented to suit. The United States has waived sovereign immunity to a limited extent, mainly through the Federal Tort Claims Act, which waives the immunity if a tortious act of a federal employee causes damage, and the Tucker Act, which waives the immunity over claims arising out of contracts to which the federal government is a party.[28] The United States as a sovereign is immune from suit unless it unequivocally consents to being sued.[29] The United States Supreme Court in Price v. United States observed: “It is an axiom of our jurisprudence. The government is not liable to suit unless it consents thereto, and its liability in suit cannot be extended beyond the plain language of the statute authorizing it.”[30]

  29. cybil says:

    I don’t agree. Most criminals are narcissists and ONLY consider themselves in any of their actions. They are beyond rehabilitation and will defend their crimes until the end! My grandmother used to say “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

  30. Angry says:

    No doubt, we are getting stronger by the day ! Lana, I wish you the very best and let them have it ! I can not Thank both Jane and Lana enough for years of fighting and not backing down along with helping so many. With this mesh nightmare the two of you have helped educate us in issues that no one else took the time to do so. Sadly we did not sign up for this life long battle, but having both Jane and Lana standing up for justice sure has helped so much. Lana as you know there is a higher power looking down on us and God does not like ugly. I pray a lot and also ask “why”. I truly believe that one day justice will prevail. It has to !

  31. Lisa (Florida) says:

    Lets see what the Criminal Court has to say about all this! WooHoo! Way to go Lana! And Thank you Jane for always keeping us informed. Power Women shining a bright light on a dark situation. Lets do all we can to keep that light burning bright!

  32. Lisa (Florida) says:

    Lana we’d LOVE to stand with you, united in support! please keep us posted of hearing dates and we’ll gather the troups in front of the courthouse!

  33. K says:

    Any idea how long it will take for Lana’s case to go to trial?

  34. MAMOHIO says:

    Ill try to be there! Im sorry I missed the last one. Bejah please continue to support everyone in gods way. We are all suffering and being questioned and accused to Cybil and others is not supporting. We must all stand together. I know sometimes you care but then sometimes it comes off wrong. We are Gods women lets support and believe we are all together in this for the betterment of all women who have died, are suffering, and all the women who do not know about this mesh and will be affected in the future. Lets all support and love one another thru this.

  35. kitty says:

    This is to Samantha- the comment I made had nothing to do with u it was meant for Jane and Bejah. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

  36. cruci says:

    After my third surgery for removal of both transvaginal mesh n bladder sling I found myself I had gotten worse I now had lupus which makes everything harder I’m going to an obgyn Dr who says he will fix my leakage again but in reality I’m afraid now, I know I have little time left but I’m afraid either the judges or lawyers are not moving fast enough, before we loose this battle, we went into the operating room thinking we would be better, meaning health wise, and we end up worse,

  37. cruci says:

    I’m a very faithful person but I wonder what did we do to deserve all this pain n sufferings . I keep on praying that God has mercy on us and to en light Ms Keep on n Ms Jane to keep on fighting n helping people who maybe they won’t even meet face to face at the end of the journey, please send prayers to both ladies Ms Keep on n Ms Jane for us still here God give us strength to fight this companies whose only interest is money

    • Samantha Squires says:

      None of us deserved this honey and all of the pain and suffering has created in us some VERY VERY STRONG WOMEN. We are fighters now that we were not before.

  38. mary babb says:

    Thanks for posting this important page i had mine in 2002 and started having pain right away finally they went in again and found the mesh was wrapped all around my colon and when they tried to get it out they cut my colon into had to have a colostomy for 6 months what a mess worst time in my life after it was attached i was still having so much trouble pain constipation you name it i had it. so after 3 more surgery’s scar tissue is bad i do get by with pain medicine i fill so sad for all the other women wish them the best we all need to get what is coming to us and not after we pass away either J&J needs to pay.. women does matter

    • Mamohio says:

      This why I wont go in and have anymore surgerie. Most of these women are worse than before. Too many risks. That’s why we are getting beans from the AMS settlement. More surgeries more money. But by the time the lawyer’s. Paperwork. Insurance companies liens and so on. I know I could possible end up with 0. Its bs when everyone else gets more money than the victim ans we continue to suffer in pain. No justice in the future. I give up all this fighting for our rights and compensation is for naught. Sorry but it is a slap in the face. Lawyers ans insurance get richer off our pain and we get 0.

  39. justme says:


    If you are planning a revised mesh surgery, I am begging you to do exactly as I say before you even think about doing it.

    I will not say sorry for using caps! if it gets your attention then so be it!

    STOP SMOKING RIGHT THIS MINUTE, NOT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    STOP DRINKING ANY AND ALL ALCOHOL BEVERAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    STOP DRINKING ANY AND ALL COKE, COLAS AND CAFFEINE DRINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    STOP DOING ANY ILLEGAL DRUGS LIKE POT ASAP AND DON’T START BACK AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DO NOT OVER TAKE ANY PAIN MEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    YOU WILL NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!T


    WHY OR WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you don’t do all of these things plus whatever extra orders all of your doctors will give you, you can die or have serious side effects from the anesthesia or if you suffer from low immune system, you will have complications weeks after the surgery. The risks are there even if you are in good physical shape. But the are 100 times worse if you have any health problems at all that can be avoided.


    You won’t pass stress test if you don’t get heart rate up

    Fatty Foods Will Hinder Everything before and after surgery on healing.

    Boost your immune and protect it like a new born baby

    Coke is a killer and will hinder your healing progress

    Caffeine is just as bad, limit your intake now.






  40. Lana Keeton says:

    United we stand. Divided we fall. Dead Women Matter.

  41. Lana Keeton says:

    There is no lawsuit for the dead women. The women who died are the evidence of the lack of enforcement of the FDA (the crime) under the Park Doctrine or Responsible Corporate Officer (RCO) Doctrine. Perhaps if FDA had taken the proper enforcement action against J&J there would not be 80,000 lawsuits now. And perhaps with the 80,000 lawsuits and my RICO suit there won’t be 80,000 more. Corporations can not sue under RICO, only people. It takes all of us, standing together to get justice.

  42. Mary Pat says:

    Jane, I have said it before and it is worth repeating. YOU are the ONE person who has advocated for the mesh injured, YOU have worked tirelessly to inform the world of the horrors of mesh. YOU have created the global community that has helped to educate, encourage, inform, and direct mesh injured people. YOU have created the global community that has helped prevent more mesh injured victims. YOU have created the global community that has validated our injuries, the crimes against us, and you have helped us maintain our sanity in the midst of Big Pharma’s cover up and the FDA’S and the medical profession’s denial of the problem. When I attempt to educate a person about mesh, I direct them to your website. Without your awesome journalistic reporting and your incredible intellect, myself and probably other mesh injured people would come off as lunatics, or at the least as hypochondriacs. YOU have united the mesh injured, so we know we are not “the only ones”. YOU have reported the facts, the legal discovery, the interviews with expert witnesses, the interviews with doctors who are willing to tell the truth about mesh. YOU have given us credibility, you journal factual evidence and truth. We, the mesh injured, would be hopelessly lost without YOU! Many of us would be dead, by either suicide or mesh caused deaths without the information you have blessed us with. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!! YOU are AMAZING!!!! There are no words strong enough to thank you for what you are doing! YOU are making history. Someday, the truth about this atrocity will be revealed to the entire world. YOU will be at the forefront as the courageous, self-sacrificing, and unrelenting journalist who had the guts and character to stand against Big Pharma, the FDA, the corruption and the crimes against women and men who have been criminally injured. I hope we live to see that day! Please, don’ quit! The world needs YOU! YOU are making a difference!

    • Jane Akre says:

      Wow thank you. I think about quitting often, financially this is a drain, then I get an email like yours….. Wow. Advertisers would help. I’d love to have Depends or Teva… wouldn’t that be a nice sponsor…. then I wouldn’t have to scramble every month. Thank you again. Some women don’t think I should make money from this effort but my time is worth money and it does take time to cover this “beat”… all of my working hours basically. Thank you.

      • Bejah B says:

        Hi Jane, If it is true that we all have a mission in life then perhaps this is yours. Many of us search for years or decades to learn what our mission is. Sometimes we realize we have been doing that work all along without making the connection. I expect it is one of the sources of our sense of longing, of not wanting to be alone in the Universe, our sense of the tragic sense of life. I think it is already within us and if we can make the connection, which often takes a leap of faith, our perception of everything shifts and things fit together in ways they did not before. I expect there is great personal fulfillment in knowing one is doing what they were meant to do in this life.


  43. mamohio says:

    Thanks too Jane! If all of us women can at least send $25 silver donation on this website or whatever you it would help Jane’s expenses. Since we cannot or do not have the strength we have to help Jane keep going. Ladies if you have any contacts to sponsors that would help too! I will make another $ 25.00 silver donation today to keep Jane going. Can you all at least match this or something? We need Jane to help us fight while we are laying in bed and cannot get out at least we can do is give back for all her hard work and keeping us informed. It’s not like we are paying her it’s for airline, travel, time and energy put into our fight. Here’s my $25 silver donation Jane and I hope the other women and men see this and add to it so you can keep on going. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND DEVOTION TO US!

    • Jane Akre says:

      Thank you mam…I really do not want people who cannot afford it to donate. Truly I’m disappointed that law firms have not chosen this as a way to post a News Release to speak to a lot of their clients at one time. Would seem to be a win-win.

  44. Debbie says:

    I think we need to get a petition going to all the news stations including FOX, CNN, etc. and have it open for all the women and their families too electronic sign asking then too please do a story on J&J and all the mesh cases. IF they refuse to run the story we will be able to use social media too out them………maybe that is going to be the only way we will get action

  45. Theresa stockland says:

    Dear Lana

    I wish you all the best for your forthcoming legal action, against the FDA, etc, here in England the MHRA also accepted the Corporations so called SAFE MESH answer, when I complained, there is not a solicitor here who have the guts to help us , there hasn’t been one successful case, because they wont believe the patients surgeon who had to remove this diabolical mesh, it has to be independently accessed. why? answer, a conflict of interest !. and insurance companies wont do A.T E. status. thank you Jane for all your hard work.

  46. jade says:

    According to a recent article in New Jersey Monthly Magazine, August 2015, entitled “Honoring the State’s Most Generous Corporations”, both C.R. Bard and J&J are noted:

    It states: C.R. Bard, Murray Hill, NJ, Medical Device, donated $1.1 million in cash and 1,142 volunteer hours to the State in 2014. And, J&J, New Brunswick, NJ, Health-Care, donated $6 million in cash and 15,000 volunteer hours to the State in 2014.

    What the article failed to report in this PR campaign for it’s full-page advertisers, is the compensation it owes to the victims of its transvaginal mesh surgical devices. “Show Me the Money”

    If any of you are interested – the culmination of all this brew-ha-ha is September 29th at an awards dinner at the Palace in Somerset Park, NJ. No doubt, J&J and C.R. Bard will be among the TOP companies honored that evening! Anyone close enough to picket? And, get this – the criteria for judging the awards states: “The HONOREES were chosen based on measurable achievements – such as donations (AKA-Payoffs); in-kind giving (AKA – no kindness towards TVM victims suffering); as well as subjective factors, such as creativity (AKA don’t use word “experimental” in brochure), innovation (AKA – get it to market without adequate testing) and the impact of their charitable programs (AKA – no charity for TVM victims) and partnerships (AKA – disregarding Sumika Phillips’ MSDS noting that the polypropylene supplied is not medical grade and not suitable for implantation into humans).”

  47. jade says:

    According to a recent article in New Jersey Monthly Magazine, August 2015, entitled “Honoring the State’s Most Generous Corporations”, both C.R. Bard and J&J are noted:

    It states: C.R. Bard, Murray Hill, NJ, Medical Device, donated $1.1 million in cash and 1,142 volunteer hours to the State in 2014. And, J&J, New Brunswick, NJ, Health-Care, donated $6 million in cash and 15,000 volunteer hours to the State in 2014.

    What the article failed to report in this PR campaign for it’s full-page advertisers, is the compensation it owes to the victims of its transvaginal mesh surgical devices. “Show Me the Money”

    If any of you are interested – the culmination of all this brew-ha-ha is September 29th at an awards dinner at the Palace in Somerset Park, NJ. No doubt, J&J and C.R. Bard will be among the TOP companies honored that evening! Anyone close enough to picket? And, get this – the criteria for judging the awards states: “The HONOREES were chosen based on measurable achievements – such as donations (AKA-Payoffs); in-kind giving (AKA – no kindness towards TVM victims suffering); as well as subjective factors, such as creativity (AKA don’t use word “experimental” in brochure), innovation (AKA – get it to market without adequate testing) and the impact of their charitable programs (AKA – no charity for TVM victims) and partnerships (AKA – disregarding Sumika Phillips’ MSDS noting that the polypropylene supplied is not medical grade and not suitable for implantation into humans).”

  48. Julie H says:

    It is so nice for those of us mesh injured people to have people like you willing to stand up and give us a voice! Not all of us have the courage to stand up and fight. I know what has happened to me and I know that I am feeling a lot of feelings about it, but I don’t always have the knowledge or proper vocabulary to say what I want to say. Thank God for people that are willing to represent others. It is not right at all what these big companies have done to us and they need to be held accountable!

  49. Bejah B says:

    It has come to my attention that there is a whole other popuation of women who were implanted with transvaginal mesh who are not among us because they do not fit the accepted profile. I do not understand why. I was talking to a woman about this in Applebee’s of all places. These women are banned from suing the defendants I guess because the mesh was implanted in them robotically rather than vaginally or both. I wonder how many of them there are and how we, as a nation, can leave them out in this way. I just thought this should be mentioned.


    • Jane Akre says:

      The distinction appears to be a transvaginal placement rather than abdominal is my understanding… thank you for bringing this up.

      • Disgusted says:

        This doesn’t make any sense. If true it would also change the numbers by a whole lot. Why does it matter how the mesh was placed? Women are suing when it has been placed abdominally, at least that was my understanding. Are there any more details on this development? Thanks for all your hard work Jane.

        • Jane Akre says:

          It’s been that way since the FDAs 2011 warning that mesh complications are not rare. Pull it up on search bar….it specifies transvaginal placement ……hernia mesh abdomin , placement are not included unless you’ve found a clever lawyer…pls advise

        • Bejah B says:

          Exactly, Thank you. Why does it matter how the mesh was placed?????? It is the mesh that is toxic, that is inert. Thank you Jane for informing us that “transvaginal mesh” was specified. Forgive me for being dense but are you saying that the FDA stipulated that only transvaginal mesh placement would be considered????? The same FDA that is “in bed” with Johnson & Johnson??? Are you also saying…could it be,,,the FDA brought the suit we are all flying our flag on now? If not, then who, who brought the suit? That may tell us a lot. It is a path I would like to wander down. Thanks, Sorry for the relatively dumb questions. Just want to make sure I am on the right track…don’t want to go “off the rails” any more than I already have! 🙂


      • Bejah B says:

        Hi Jane, I have been thinking about this and wonder how many women fit into this category and why we do not hear from them. More importantly, since it is the material that is problematic, not inert, allegedly producing toxins, etc. does it really matter how it was implanted? If we considered these women I wonder how our numbers of wounded would increase. Who brought the case we are all involved in and why did they not include this other population? Do any of us know? Why isn’t this cause for concern? Do those women not matter? I do not understand.

        The gentleman I lease my house from (retired, USC Law) said that we have not proven that the mesh devolves into a state where it releases toxins in the body, nor have we proven that it causes auto-immune diseases, dental problems, etc. so these are not defensible positions in court. Even if we know it is so and can demonstrate it by the numbers of wounded we must show a causal connection. Since they will not allow the testimony of expert researchers how can we ever prove this? I think that we have proven that nerve damage occurs and have proven a causal connection in that case….I am not sure. Is this correct? There is also the matter of urinary tract complications which is HUGE I believe. Have we proven a causal connection where that is concerned? Thanks anyone that can clarify or elaborate.


  50. Linda says:

    Thank you, Lana, for your great work. But, it is too late for me. I am writhing in constant pain from this giant mesh device that was implanted in me in 1992, as a Bard experimental procedure on we women who were having hysterectomies in Houston, Tx. I have contacted doctors, lawyers, attorney generals, 800 numbers on television, & there is no help for me. It seems that I don’t have the “right” device. I have nothing but Medicare now, & no one wants to help me. The evil doctors ignored my health complaints for 14 years & the FDA finally recalled my device in 2004, but no doctor will take my case. The mesh is paralyzing my sciatic nerves, & the toxins in the mesh are killing my kidneys & causing heart attacks. As a nutritionist, I know how to care for my body, but these doctor/butchers are winning. I am too tired to fight it anymore.

  51. Thank you Lana, and all others who are fighting for all of us harmed ones. It changed my life for the worse…. Mesh is destructive and a lot of suffering could of been prevented had companies been honest and not GREEDY. I know, I’ve experienced, I’ve seen …… The powers of Polypropylene Mesh ….. It Destroys bodies, relationships, bank accounts, lives, and more. Thanks again.

  52. janet says:

    This is so wonderful

    I really believe maybe this will make these manufacturers take responsibility and start being truthful

    I will most likely not be alive for settlements to really happen from Boston scientific

    Since they will not settle there faulty devices

    I wish they would also be fined for doing this a second time

  53. fran lane says:

    I feel as tho you are voice we need. To bring this( atrocity) the forefront of the media.

    Please! If there is anything that we the victims can do to help. Do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you so much for love and compassion.

  54. Laura Henze Russell says:

    I am seeking to unite device illness and injured patients in a call for systemwide FDA regulatory reform. Please sign and share this petition for Medical and Dental Device Safety and Urgent Reform (MEDDSURGE). In addition, please contact and meet with your Congressional representatives during the August recess, write letters to your local paper, and keep working to protect others from medical device harm. Thank you.

    • Bejah B says:

      With all due respect and appreciation for your efforts Laura, I think we have learned to be very careful about what we sign up for, who we speak freely to, etc. My guess is that you will gain more supporters if you provide us with appropriate in depth background on who you are, what your credentials are, a little bio and a summary CV. My memory sometimes fails me these days but I do not recall your posts here before and if that is so we may feel we really do not know you. Hope you understand and thanks again. Just my personal thoughts….


      • Laura Henze Russell says:


        Thank you for asking. I was ill for 20 years, and finally figured out the cause and began remediation and recovery 3 1/2 years ago from another FDA-approved medical device. As I recovered my ability to work and enjoy life again, I became active in advocacy and research on that issue. I have worked with others to bring people together and look at stuck issues in new ways throughout my career in the nonprofit sector and consulting on issues working for families and communities. I saw the barriers we were up against at FDA, in industry, in the professions, and in politics, and I learned this was to be the hardest fight yet. My background is in economics and ethics, and I come from a scientific family.

        During the Surgeon General’s Tweetchat earlier this year I learned many patients ill from many different devices were in the same boat, and I began to reach out and share experiences, and learned other groups and people were starting to do the same. I honestly believe any one group of patients is never stronger than the industry that has harmed it and will have at best partial, limited victories and many defeats if we fight these battles in isolation.

        They say if you have a really big problem, you need to build a big tent, and build a truly giant solution. That is the route I am forging. I have spoken with a handful of women in the mesh network, more in the Essure network, some working on implants, learned about morcellation, and signed up to give supportive testimony at the FDA hearing Sept. 24th. My personal story is that I was mercury poisoned by dental amalgam, as I have a genetic variant that means I do not methylate (clear heavy metals and toxins) well, so the mercury that off-gasses in small amounts with heat and abrasion bioaccumulates rather than being excreted. This is not uncommon, just rarely examined or diagnosed. I have friends harmed by several different devices over the years.

        This led me to in-depth research in the interplay of genes and toxins and inflammatory processes fueling chronic diseases, the history of device promotion, and the curious regulatory history of all medical and dental devices at the FDA, which utterly lack any kind of “Precision Device” framework for pretesting to ensure the right device is used in each individual, and give little appreciation to or understanding of how living tissue reacts to foreign substances over time. I do some freelance writing on these topics pro bono and am writing a paper to submit for publication. You can find articles I have written on these topics by googling my name. I hope this helps.

  55. Nicole says:


    have any of you lost your ovaries because of the complications from mesh revision or partial removal of the mesh?

    i have had so many revision surgeries along with a total removal of my ovaries, when i had my Hysterectomy i kept my ovaries because of a blood clotting disorder that does not allow me to take HRT. because of all the revision surgeries i was cut hip to hip and they found a nasty sticky infection along with adhesion that wraped around my ovaries and intestines.

    another part of loosing them meant that took away a future of using a segregate mother to have more children.

    i am now being told that when i get a settlement offer they will not pay for the loss of my ovaries……………….

    UGH not only did this stupid mesh put me in organ failure and septic shock i lost count of how many surgeries i had after 8 or 9. my tail bone was broken and had to have one for that, i also now have IC and menopause at age 36. i am 40 now and still suffer from hot flashes and night sweats.

    the IC if horrible and i have a lot of nerve damage. i doubt i will ever be able to have an intimate relationship ever again due to the pain

  56. Bejah B says:

    Lana, Are you going to keep us updated with all the interesting developments in this courageous plan of attack you have undertaken? As one of the ever so many JnJ victims I am both supporting you and very interested but understand there are things you can discuss and things you can not. I am sure we all think of you often and wonder how it goes. Prayers for you continue. Remember that the slings and arrows of your oppressors will return to the source having been repelled by the golden light of the Holy Spirit and your own energetic spirit.


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