One Woman Facing AMS Legal Setback After TVT-O Injury

//One Woman Facing AMS Legal Setback After TVT-O Injury

One Woman Facing AMS Legal Setback After TVT-O Injury

Suzanne and her pups

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, February 13, 2017~ The following is written by a mesh-injured woman.  Since she is involved in transvaginal mesh litigation, and represented by legal counsel.

She does not want to be named. Instead, we will call her Suzanne.  Suzanne was implanted with American Medical Systems (AMS) TVT-O transvaginal mesh in 2012. 

As many readers know, there have been no trials involving AMS transvaginal mesh.   It was one of the first to settle. But the settlement dollars have been small and slow in coming.

Now Judge Goodwin, who is overseeing federal court in Charleston, WV, wants to file a number of AMS cases in “waves” that is a large number of actions at one time.

Wave one and Wave two are being prepared with a schedule. See it here and here.  Most likely they will never make it to trial, but heading toward trial should encourage a settlement.

Also comes word that those law firms with 75 or more AMS cases will be the ones largely represented in these waves.  Firms with fewer AMS clients will have to wait, or be remanded back to state court.

Suzanne’s lawyer feels she is being treated unfairly.

“Why should she be penalized because she went with a firm that had fewer than 75 cases?” he asks Mesh News Desk.  Like many women, Suzanne has lost nearly everything, her vocation, her husband, finances and she fears her home.

What was most heartbreaking is she fears she may lose her dogs, her only steady companions.

For a topic that has been largely ignored by the media, perhaps more women would like to share the story of their survival and the pets that help them hang on.  Maybe then the world will pay attention.

Thank you,

Jane Akre, Editor MND

In her own words:

Hi Jane, 

I wanted to wait until I talk to Dr. Hibner before I contacted you again. 

I spoke with his nurse today and they have gone over my complete file, looked at the operative report for the mesh removal, and the pudendal nerve surgery and have told me that there is nothing more that they can do for me surgically. 

That’s what the neurologist said. 

They have suggested a pudendal nerve block. Another is thinking about an obuturator nerve block. The nurse will be calling back next week with his thoughts but he believes that might be a good step to go.

Problem is flying down to Phoenix is not possible at this time. So I’m trying to get a doctor here in (her town) to take an order from Dr. Hibner, if Dr. Hibner would allow that.  I’ve already had one revision and four or five injections to numb the pain, but the pain has gotten terrible lately and not much relieves it. 

I had a surgery to place a neurostimulator in for 7 days, but it didn’t work so it was taken out.  I’ve had pudendal nerve surgery. My doctor said he’s done everything except Botox. Each batch of Botox is tested on dogs, so because of my principles, I will not let anybody inject me with Botox. 

I tried taking my fentanyl patches and putting them on, but every time I put one on I get extremely sick to my stomach. The doctors are pretty much hopeless other than that what to give me. 

So life is not fun right now. 

Jane, I’m one of those forgotten people that nobody cares about and I wish the world could even know my story. I just wish somebody understood how I have to live with the young mind of a 57-year-old woman and such a broken body. 

I was sitting here and thinking tonight about where I used to be and where I am. Each day is just a struggle to try and find a way to get the pain to stay away. 

I used to be a biller at a multi-million dollar transportation company, a very important, responsible position. My work suffered because of the meds I was on and all the doctor appointments, not to mention trying to work with constant pain. I miss the challenge every day to do a great job.

I had dreams with my husband. We had a chance to have a good life. It’s all gone now. 

It’s destroyed who I was completely I used to be so active and now I sit all day long, doing whatever I can to try to easy my pain, my anxiety, my depression.  It’s a vicious cycle. 

It’s not just the injury itself, it’s not just pudendal neuralgia, but it’s so much more about how they’ve destroyed me as a person and have taken my life. I just don’t think anybody gets it. 

The only thing that’s keeping me going day in and day out is my faith and trust in Jesus.

Thank you and God bless you Jane as always for the help that you do give us women. You gave my injury a name via your website and the contacts that I got from there have at least got me to this point. 

I guess you just have to take one day at a time now and just pray that one day maybe you won’t feel pain anymore. That’s all I can do. 

God bless Jane

Hi Jane,

Wanted to let you know I talked to (my attorney) tonight and he is going to ask the judge to send my case back to the state so we can go to court. He’s hoping to understand how the most catastrophic people that are hurt seem to be getting less attention.  He asks why should we be penalized because he only has a small caseload?

Normally, they go by cases that are filed first, my lawyer says, and go down the line, but the court is not even doing that, so something is very wrong here. Meanwhile I don’t have the money to go get the medical care that I need and he’s forcing me to suffer and that is simply not fair.

Jane, I moved around my whole life and not until seven years ago did I ever have a place that was mine to keep; a place I could call home.  I don’t want to lose the only place I have ever called home.

But if I leave now I will have $850.00 a month to live on. I can’t survive on that. I would end up homeless! I have no family left.

I can’t work. If I venture out to a store by mid- afternoon I am in so much pain even the fentanyl doesn’t help completely. If I try to vacuum, it kills me almost.

Judge Joseph Goodwin

I told my lawyer yesterday, I will need help to come in and do the cleaning for me, do my grocery shopping, lawn work if I am by myself. I need resources—aka, a respectable settlement to help me live the rest of my life the best I can. I have 3 pets, my family that I will not give up! They are the only thing that gets me out of bed in the a.m. If I lost them, life would slip away on me.

AMS already offered me a settlement that even my lawyer laughed at and I’m sure that I will get some money from them to help me some, but I will fight this to the very end if I have to.

I will never get the millions it will cost to treat my injury. So I face medical debt the rest of my life, perhaps even bankruptcy.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it to continue to fight for my life. A life that once felt worthy now, I just feel completely broken.

They are not going to butcher me and get away with it.

Greed, I think not. Survival.  I will not settle until I can provide a way for me to live.

I just don’t understand Judge Goodwin, Jane. You said he is a good man but yet it seems like he is punishing the ones who don’t take the settlement.

Judge Goodwin is not even following protocol for these cases. It doesn’t matter when you filed your case, if you have an attorney with only a few cases it will be years before my case is heard.

If it takes years, I don’t know if I will be here anymore.

My only hope is that the steering committee will support our request to go to state court. Jane, I am desperate. Why is Judge Goodwin doing this? Why!!!

I cannot support myself now! Anyways I don’t know what to tell you. I am trying to hang on. I am trying to believe that God is watching.

My life was bad growing up. My life hasn’t been easy but I always could work and make money. But now I have nothing.

Do I have to end up dead to get someone to take notice?

Is that the only way to help the catastrophically hurt women out there? Would anybody even care? I am at a loss, I just try to survive every day the best I can. And wait and wait and trust in those people who I put in charge of my case.

God be with us all.

As always Jane you are an angel sent to earth to help all those you can.

I’m going to stay positive and believe my case will be sent back and we’ll go to court if we have to and it will all be okay, that there will be life after surgical mesh. It’s a fairy tale I keep telling myself.

Anyways I’m going to try not to be so negative it’s just that some days like I said a very hard when you’re losing everything in your life all at once.

God Bless Jane.

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About the Author:

I’m National News Editor, Jane Akre and I began Mesh Medical Device News Desk aka Mesh News Desk (MND) in the summer of 2011 just after the Food and Drug Administration issued an explicit warning to the public that complications associated with surgical mesh used for prolapse repair (POP) and incontinence (SUI) are NOT rare! That was the starting point for the litigation you see today and thousands of lawsuits have been filed by women whose lives have been altered, some permanently, by the use of this petroleum-based product.


  1. Hope February 13, 2017 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    I hope I get remanded back to state court.

  2. Cher February 13, 2017 at 3:14 pm - Reply

    I have AMS as well. I am on one of my life saving machines and 17 drugs. Too tired to move, the back spasms keep me close to home. My sp needs adopted got pregnant would need my help. I don’t know if I will live to see tomorrow so he was adopted out. My heart is so broken. All over a quick in out surgery. Then no one would say mesh complications till it eroded making everything so much worse.

  3. Cholsakorn February 13, 2017 at 9:00 pm - Reply

    I understand i have impathy for you…honey sometimes we have to lower our standards and prioritize have faith in the lord he left a door open try the botox the lord doesn’t like a person full of pride ..

  4. Anonymous February 14, 2017 at 11:31 am - Reply

    So that means I should accept abortion, the inhumane treatment of animals and so on and so on just because I don’t want to try Botox every batch of Botox is tested on dogs before it sent out I will not do this it’s not a matter of Pride I have no Pride left it’s a matter of last thing I have ate my morals my integrity and nobody can take that away from me I will not let them and as far as lowering my standards I didn’t live high on the hog in the first place I didn’t have a big fancy house I accepted a lower house cuz I didn’t want to be married to my house payment but then they took even that away if I lower my standards anymore I’m going to be homeless on the streets or living in a Roach Coach Hotel I will not lower my standards because somebody decided to butcher me and permanently crippled me why lying straight to my face on the matter so that they can have their money their fancy vacations in their big houses no more as women should we be told to be quiet and step aside and not complain and let them do whatever they want to us and remain quiet about it I’ve had enough I will have my faith in the Lord and stuff but the Lord didn’t make Botox either he didn’t make surgical mesh he made human body parts which is what should have been used on me as far as pets yes I understand sometimes they have to be given away but I will push myself to my last dying breath and suffer through pain to take care of my family because they are all I have left when they leave I leave I don’t trust anybody to take care of my animals the way I can because I them put animals higher than humans my pets are still with me my friends have gone on with their lives I had lots of friends that I ran around with but who wants to be with a cripple my pets love me unconditionally they never say terrible horrible things to me they’ve never hurt me in the name of money or selfishness and when I’m sick they lay beside me end less hours and give me something to hang on to my standards are as low as I can get all I want is a home and the way to survive in this life with some amount of decency I want them to pay me back for all they took from me all the dreams my life my husband everything I will not be put on Skid Row while these fat cat medical companies smoke their cigars take their tropical vacations and laugh at us I will not stop fighting ever to be dealt a fair hand

  5. Anon February 14, 2017 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    Please………………We need to validate each other. We need words of encouragement and kindness, after all, who understands the devastation and pain we are experiencing but Us (mesh victims). We should never bash, judge or accuse…… because we do not know the whole story.

  6. Still Standing February 14, 2017 at 8:35 pm - Reply

    Suzanne, I hear you and the physical and emotional pain you are going through. It is heartbreaking and Im sorry. I truly hope that your attorney can make a successful plea to get your case sent back to state court. It sounds as if he is a strong advocate for your well being. It could be a lengthy process, but at least it would be moving forward. That can give you hope.

    As a mesh injured woman with full posterior and anterior mesh, I know well these depths of despair. They are paralyzing and overwhelming.As a professional who teaches pain management, one comment stood out to me when I read your story. It is where you talked about sitting all day trying to keep your pain, anxiety, and depression at bay. Those three words perfectly describe that negative loop that develops from pain. Most people with pain naturally have anxiety about it, which can lead to more pain and depression. They feed each other and all have to be addressed. You probably cant make your pain go away, but there are small things you can do to ease your suffering.

    One is to allow people to help meet your needs. Bless your beautiful dogs…they DO nurture you in so many ways. What financial help do you need for them? I would love to provide dog food for them. I know that can get expensive. If you would be willing to give me your address through Jane and the food your dogs like, i will order it tomorrow. I can do that for you and WANT to do that for you. I believe that God shows us needs that he calls us to meet. We have to ready to be aware of that small voice and act.

    Please reconsider the botox. In 2011, Allergan, a major developer of Botox, developed a new process for testing botox that does not batch test on animals at all. That new process was approved and they now do not use on dogs or other animals. The EU banned animal testing as well, so you may be able to do that without compromising your principles.

    It sounds as if you really miss your work. It provides much more than a paycheck. Works makes us feel capable, challenges us and provides a social context as well. Your particular job expertise is in high demand. Have you checked for any work from home opportunities? I dont know what is out there, but maybe that is something you can explore.

    One thing that is essential is physically moving. Not heavy exercising, but just moving throughout your day. Being sedentary dramatically increases pain. Your body physically tightens up when you dont move. It becomes unbalanced, muscles tighten up, pain goes up. Then all of that is reinforced until there is a fear of movement. It even has a name..kinesiophobia. This creates more physical and emotional anxiety and depression. Moving is painful, so we think that not moving will lower pain, but that just isnt true. This is especially true for the pelvic muscles. Tight pelvic floor muscles can generate great pain. Pelvic surgical trauma certainly increases that chance. Adding just short movement around your house every two hours is beneficial. Also, light stretching lying down, like a cat stretches, is helpful. This can improve your emotional well being, too.

    One other observation then I will shut up, I noticed that you were wearing jeans in the picture. Fabrics that are not stretchy can actually put enough pressure across your already hypersensitive pelvic region to generate more pain. I cant wear anything that has a button or zipper. No hose or tights, either. It seems like a ridiculous thing, but it is true. Many websites discussing female pelvic pain recommend avoiding tight clothes. Im thankful for leggings and I will wear them for the rest of my life in style or not. However, some legging have too much spandex, and make me hurt terribly, so it is a process to find ones that work. I guess the message here is to be aware of anything that could be contributing to your physical pain and try to eliminate that one trigger. Small steps……

    Hang in there. Im praying for you as well as all the women who carry this horrific burden.

    • Jane Akre February 14, 2017 at 9:54 pm - Reply

      Suzanne really wanted to talk to you, so your words are meaningful. She is a thoughtful, intelligent woman as are you….so I’m sure you have much to talk about, I’m happy to make the introduction.

      • Toni February 15, 2017 at 8:02 pm - Reply

        Jane I recently saw a video on Facebook from I think one of the big lawyers fighting on our side. It was on MAM . Anyway it was interviews and info on JNJ and how much they knew and when. Think it was produced in Dutch or France. If this were put out on main stream media in the US like 60 minutes. This kind of exposure is what truly needs to happen before any of us as a whole get true justice. The real truth needs to be exposed. It is so obvious but has not happened. We need to all get a fund gathered and buy our own primetime. You can go live and bring the truth out on primetime and bring these corrupt companies down to their knees like we are in pain.

    • Diva64 April 18, 2017 at 2:26 pm - Reply

      Clothing, I have eliminated most of it.
      I went from jans,slacks ,etc to long loose dressed, sports bras, cotton undewear, to just the long loose dress or nightshift no undergarments due to the pain of anything pressing against my body I only wear actual cloths when I go to the doctor

  7. Still Standing February 14, 2017 at 8:52 pm - Reply

    One more thing. I have not used fentanyl, but I ran a hospice program for years and fentanyl patches take a while to adjust. They need to be put on with a strict schedule. Your body will eventually adjust and you wont feel so drugged up. It just takes some time. If you have a doctor who will prescribe, they are certainly worth getting through that initial phase.

  8. anonymous February 15, 2017 at 9:19 am - Reply

    Still standing you are an amazing gracious woman. I appreciate your words. All I will ask anyone reading this is please do not make any assumptions about anything. To tell you everything I would have to write a book. I have done everything everyone has asked me to do to try to help me and then some. This includes meditation, PT, walking, doing everything I can to help myself. I usually dont wear jeans, only sweats. But as I told Jane personal appearance is important to me especially in pictures. As a few doctors have told me we are all the same yet we are different. I have talked to my mesh friends and some have different pain some is the same. I can not sit or stand more than about 10 min max so if I say I sit here and wait that is just an expression. Sitting is something I can’t even do normal anymore. I change positions many many times in an hour. I walk around my yard with my puppy when I can to try to stay limber, I know it is important to stay moving. Perhaps this is the one thing that bothers me the most. Please remember I use to be an avid hiker and know a lot about my body and how to take care of it. Please dont think I am snubbing you but I have tried and will continue to try all I can. I appreciate everyones help so very much! However, just a walk to the store puts me into terrible nerve pain and I am left crying out laying on the couch or bed or where ever. I know how much I can walk and it is not much anymore.
    As far as Botox is concerned I am ecstatic that they are no longer using pets for testing! However, I have been told that the injections can cause fecal and urinary incontinence. I will not put my self that humiliation either. I have been through more than my fair share.
    The reason I wanted to share is just so the world knows. You look at me and say you dont look injured but you can’t see inside my body. I will never be healed again but I dream of the chance to live happy again. I want Judge Goodwin to say ok send the case to her attorney and let him handle it. I do not want to be in the Global settlement! I just want a chance to move on with my life the best I can. But that wont happen until my case is active and moving forward either to a settlement or court! I want all women to be taken care of. I want to get the word out that there are people like me still standing and Jane who are catastrophically hurt and not being taken care of. There are us who have extreme pain day in and day out. I am glad to all those out there who have found relief for their pain, I have not had that much pain relief. Please do not assume you know me or any other woman who hurts like me. I have not exaggerated! This is my life. But my faith is so very strong that I have found an attorney who has integrity and fight in him, and he will make it all ok for me. I have to believe he will make sure i have resources. Perhaps all that I have lost is gone for good. But some day I have to believe there will be life after AMS and Mesh! I have no idea what that will look like but one thing I know for sure, no one has the right to do to me what they did and not compensate me for the damages. I continue to pray that we will win in the end and some day some day the world will know what we had to lose and endure just to be treated fairly!

    • Diva64 April 18, 2017 at 2:05 pm - Reply

      Still Standing,
      I can understand every thing your saying and empathize with you 100%. Judge Goodwin does need to look at these cases different than tiers as to the number of Meshremoval surgeries.
      Myself, I had to be among the group of first implants of Mesh, perhaps even that ; that was recalled. To date I have not had mesh removal, what I have had is a lot of very insulting doctors. Either with knowledge or without. Either way it has not been to my advantage in my health not would it be in a courtroom.
      The mesh has caused me so much pain I have felt like cutting my own abdomen open while calling 911, that way I would be rushed to a hospital and OR where I might get some help. The anchors feel like daggers or knives inside my pelvis, movement and life are all at a lifetime low due to this
      The mesh is poisoning my body I have S.E Lupus, I have a hypothyroidism, I have to be on thyroid meds the rest of my life ( however so far in 2017 I am on no meds; due to less than caring doctors shall I say, I do have appointments in 5/2017.
      I have an adrenal gland insufficiency, I have gastrointestinal problems both upper and lower. I am told by John Hopkins during a phone consultation that I probably have cancer from the diagnosed given to me 3 years ago after one year of diarrhea, now 3-4 years.
      I can eat or drink nothing without the urgent run to the bathroom , often not running fast enough. I do get over the counter anti diarrhea meds they work as well if not better than the expensive prescription meds.
      I can barely urinate I am like a clogged up sprayer.
      I need a urologist, a, a neurologist for the low back pain, I believe the mesh is cutting my colon is rolled up in a ball and blocking the urethra and pushing up against my spine. Is a doctor going to tell me that. I can only hope when I see this new Dr. A specialist in May he suspects the same thing orders test, and gets results and actually either has empathy and helps me or used me to take to surgery so that this doctor may write for N.E.Journal of Medicine, use me as testimonial on brochures and becomes the next infamously know Dr Raz.
      I pray for relief.
      I have suffered squamous cell carcinoma II in the a pap smear in 2011 or 12, stage 111 is the kidney.
      It may be I am so far gone that a doctor won’t do anything for me, but no one tells me this, as I am a MESH MESS. However like most of you, I still have hopes and dreams of a doctor helping me and living a normal life again
      I love the ocean I am deprived of walks there or even walking my dog in the neighborhood.
      I can’t go to the store or to get my hair done as I may have an accident in my cloths. I have not had pain medication all of 2017, since I can’t be away from the house very long to go wait for lab or in the general practioner office and he has no understanding and won’t send a Dr or someone to even draw blood to my home.
      I have only seen my autoimmune doctor in 2017 who only perscibes the medication to try to keep the lupus under control.
      At least I won’t have to hear the new doctor say I need to come off this or that medication before they can do anything to help me.
      I feel like I am about to give up if this doctor does not help me. I did and still do not have funds to go to LA , and Dr Raz, not do I have $$ for a neurologist, a urologist , a G.I. doctor and all the test and medications let alone do I even have the financial resources for gas in my car to run from doctor to doctor if my colon problems would allow it.
      How a judge can sit on his/her bench and assume because we have not been under the knife xxx times for mesh removal we deserve less than someone who has.
      I have the pain from anchors the poision from the mesh, the pain in my vagina and low abdomen from the Mesh. No sex life. Recurring UTI’ s which I keep my a pitcher of cranberry juice always mixed and a cabinet stocked full of cranberry juice to add to my picture. I can’t run to the doctors for UTI treatment , I have not even had a car much of the time and rely on island cures so to speak.
      I am fortunate enough to have friends from a couple different islands that have passed me information. I was a nurse and I do research.
      So I treat myself a lot.
      I can’t go to doctors all the time for documentation sake.As I am sure others are in the same situation as me as far as getting to not seeing doctors all the time. Yet Mesh Manufactures attorneys
      Want to claim many are going under the knife to get a larger reward. While many of us set with having years of inadequate doctors that insult to having inadequate means $$ as the years have slipped by. I do hope Judge Goodwin will realize this along with the fact the mesh manufacturers knew All these complications would occur just not how soon each of us would expierence them.

      • Lisa June 10, 2017 at 1:45 pm - Reply

        Hi I’m so sorry you are going through all that I am. I have lost my car,my man, and everythingelse. I can’t work part time anymore it’s just terrible. I have had several surgeries and almost died from being so septic with infection. This is the most painful experience I have had in my life. I have muscle spasms 24 7 . I have been a go get er all my life and this mesh surgery I had in 2011 has completely ruined my life and kids life’s just because of my lack of being there for them. So terrible what we all have gone through. All the things I could once do to make money I can no longer do with out causing me severe pain.I can no longer keep my once beautiful garden. Can’t do anything to make money. It’s just sick the little compensation they want us to take. It has cost a lot of us our lives, so to speak. I missed out on my kids teen years and school functions made a few of them only because I was taking pain medication. Problem with pain meds is you do more than you should then pay later or have to continue taking pain pills. I pray to God that they figure it out and compensate us enough money so we can actually live. I pray for all of us that have been experiencing the same as us. Take care and trust in god. May you be blessed with the help you need.

        • Jane Akre June 11, 2017 at 9:29 pm - Reply

          I’m so sorry Lisa… manufacturers, lawyers and the public forget that families are severely impacted by a sick mother in pain!

  9. Maria Garcia February 16, 2017 at 6:25 am - Reply

    First I had a full body infusion of Lidocaine and that brought my pain down from a 9 to a 2 in 45 minutes and I started crying it was so wonderful. Then…I had the worst side effects of ringing in my ears and high blood pressure. Depression…The pain relief was fantastic but for me the side effects put me in the small percentage class of those who cannot have full body Lidocaine infusion. If it didn’t have the side effects the relief can last up to a few months and everyone should try it for sure. It’s a volume control for your pain absolutely. I had nerve blocks that didn’t work so now I now have a Medtronics pain pump and started with Dilaudid (did nothing for pelvic pain) then combined with Bupivacaine. The ringing in my ears came back and so did the high blood pressure. The pain management doctor pulled out the meds and put in Dilaudid with Clonidine. That is when I started hearing footsteps upstairs and we live in a one story. It could also be caused by my constipation medication Reglan and we will find out today since both list crazy side effects it’s hard to know when your taking both. I dream crazy detailed events and believe they were real and most were nightmares. I wake up and start talking to my husband losing track of reality. I talk in my sleep all the time now and I am on a tiny dose compared to where we were headed to get pain relief. Clonidine brought my pain down to a 7 for sure from a nine but I sleep all day and still hurt and I have absolutely no life now. My doctor is taking me off Clonidine and is baffled why I have negative reactions to all of his normal treatments that other patients have success with. Now he is going to try Prialt which is Ziconotide which like Clonidine is a analgesic. It is a pain med that they don’t really know how it works but it does and you can stop taking it anytime without the fear of withdrawals unlike Opioids. I am getting this new drug added to my pump today because I am do for a refill and I will get back in touch and let everyone know how it went. My doctor wants to reduce the Dilaudid with each fill and eventually only have Prialt (Ziconotide). He will be using oral Dilaudid to speed up the process of having only Prialt in my pump if it all works. Now…I read how Suzanne was already speaking to Dr. Michael Hibner in AZ and that concerns me. My doctor told me he took out the Prolifts and the TVT-O and I only had the anchor points of mesh where he couldn’t remove them because of nerve bundles that are already damaged. I had the 3D trans labial Ultrasound done and I have a completely intact TVT-O and much left over Prolift than the doctor said. When confronted he stared at the floor and admitted it and said he didn’t want to make my incontinence worse. What is that! I already wet myself multiple times a day and night because I go by the clock now not a feeling. He actually told me that mesh properly installed is wonderful and they know now how to properly install them from what they have learned beyond the IFU. I want to go to Dr. Michael Hibner to get the TVT-O out since I am hurting right where it is and I have mess eroding into my vagina again! So…I have read about people who had mesh for years like me that Doctor Hibner removed all of their mesh with the Da Vinci Surgical System. I am hoping I am a candidate for this even though he is booked up through April. I am getting my records together and will get them to him. If I would have had this surgery years ago I would have had one or two surgeries instead of nine plus.

  10. Maria Garcia February 17, 2017 at 6:43 pm - Reply

    I just had my Medtronics pain pump refilled but this time only Prialt (Ziconotide) the doctor turned my pump down 50% so my new med will only kick in on Monday when he is available just in case. I go back in Tuesday. He will start titration of the Prialt.

  11. Linda G February 18, 2017 at 3:28 pm - Reply

    Just a question… why is Judge Goodwin mostly the only judge and WV only place for trials? Seems to me that they could b in our home state, etc… would that make things move faster? Any answers?

    • Jane Akre February 19, 2017 at 6:23 pm - Reply

      Hello Linda-

      Judge Goodwin oversees the court in Charleston WV, the federal jurisdiction for transvaginal mesh. Here is a background story:

      That is why WV was chosen.

      • D macs July 9, 2017 at 10:22 pm - Reply

        Do you ladies not know that those of us that have received settlements , in the long run eventually got nothing!!! The attorneys took the entire amount of our settlement…. we received a crappy 2 %

  12. Still Standing February 19, 2017 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    Please , please dont give up. You are not what your husband says you are. Do not let his voice stay in your mind. God sees you as a beautiful and whole person and He knows your pain. We need to talk. I have tried to email you and have not heard back from you. Please contact me. I care, others care. There will be better days ahead.

  13. anonymous February 22, 2017 at 7:46 am - Reply

    As I read the comments on the mesh news desk my heart just breaks, it actually hurts. So many women hurt so badly who did nothing wrong. They went to their doctors asking for help for a safe effective treatment trusting relying on the integrity and the knowledge and morals of this man called doctor. Some doctors knew nothing some new everything like mine. But now all of a sudden we seem to be caught up in the fact about money money money. At least that’s what it seems like in the courts and with the attorneys and with the companies. It is all about the money. PLEASE LOOK AT ME. I’m flesh and blood. I hurt just like you do. I’m a woman with a family, a husband, children, an active life, dreaming of the time I get to retire with my husband and travel and see our grandchildren take them to Disneyland and Mountain hiking. To hike with my sons! To be active in my church to be active in my home, working towards making a good living for ourselves getting up every day and looking foreword to work and what the day would bring. To have a purpose in life. And then one day I went to a doctor to ask for a little bit of help and my world stopped. My world changed after a two hour surgery. My life was taken from me. It will never be the same and it’s sad because there’s to many of us catastrophically hurt women. Out of what 100,000 or 150.000 and what about those down the road yet to come, 3-5% is too many severely hurt women.
    You ask me to just be quiet and here we will give you a little bit of money. You seem to make light of the injuries to the pelvic area on a woman. God’s special place where he actually creates life!
    What about my life, my husband who’s now gone because I can no longer have sex with him, plan future, dream of traveling, fighting over medical bills and because I can no longer work. Our life is over because of mesh. .What about my family who no longer comes around much because I am always in pain, I am left alone. My friends have gone with their lives too. I can’t travel or eat out anymore. I no longer have work and a doctor’s visit although painful to get there is sometimes a big deal because I get to see other people. I get up and see the sun and it’s not shinning for me. The long old winters are so dreary and you don’t leave home, you can’t you search for things to keep your mind busy. You say well the money won’t make the pain go away, true. But then I won’t have to worry about losing my house, I won’t worry about the keeping the lights on or the heat on. I won’t worry about buying food. I won’t worry about the bill collectors calling me and threatening me. I’ll have the money to pay the medical bills, I’ll be able to have the security to know that I have a home and resources that will sustain me until God calls me home. So to you I realize it’s about money and to me it’s about money but for me it’s just about being able to survive in with a level of decency that I would have had had I never had mesh put in my body it’s about restoring all that was taken from me because I had mesh put in my body. I didn’t ask for this I would not wish this on anyone but it is my yoke to carry for the rest of my life. All I ask you to do is to treat me as though I am a flesh and blood human, being a woman that would give you every ounce of her energy to help you if she ever hurt you. All I’m ask you to do is be a moral human being and to the right thing. I was not like this before mesh. Not to mention the autoimmune issues I have now. My body is slowly dying I know that. All I am asking if for a few years of decent living before I do leave. I do not want to have to worry about medical bankruptcy because I am catastrophically hurt and will need medical attention the rest of my life. Is that to much to ask? I did nothing wrong and yet I am the only one who is suffering the most out of the Judge and the attorneys and the companies who get decided how much my life is worth and don’t even know who I am except on paper. Insanity Yes!

  14. anonymous March 6, 2017 at 4:01 am - Reply

    Linda I agree with you! I dont understand why we were forced into a multi district litigation. I want my case to go back to my state for court and yet Judge Goodwin holds these up, Why??? I will not settle with AMS for the amount they are offering. That would put me homeless by no fault of my own. Please Judge Goodwin, on those case that tell you they will not settle with the manufacturers because the manufactures are not being fair to women, please send those back. Perhaps if the manufactures see that the women are serious about fighting back maybe the manufactures will finally get serious about what they are offing. Many will not settle until this happens or they have to go to court. No one can force us into taking a settlement and if you are catastrophically hurt please please fight for what you lost, fight for the right to be treated with respect and dignity. They have already taken so much from us, dont let them take anymore from you.

  15. Apple March 15, 2017 at 8:58 pm - Reply

    Book at the Doctor on tv so the whole US will know.

  16. Ann May 23, 2017 at 7:29 pm - Reply

    Dear Jane,
    Now I am getting really worried, that
    not only have I had little to now legal
    representation, my former lawyer is no longer with the legal firm, and I have a ccase manager…

    I have a good tvt mesh case, have been told that closure is very soon, however I am doing all the work to get
    some legitimate answers…
    All email addresses for the law firm
    don’t go through, and I don’t know
    where to turn to find out what is next

    I have a Houston, Tx firm
    and mesh litigation process as well

    Just need some direction…as to when I will have final settlement offer…
    Settlement Solutions says in 6-8 weeks
    but why doesn’t mesh litigation
    know this

    thank you for any guidance whatsoeveAnna

    • Jane Akre May 23, 2017 at 7:52 pm - Reply

      You say you have a really good mesh case. What does that mean? numerous revisions? serious injuries? What tier are you in? Are they communicating with you? Will they pay the common benefit fund of 5% or take it out of your money? Will they eventually take home more than you? If you have a really good case and your numbers aren’t good and you have not signed a commitment, you could shop for another law firm. None of this is fair to the injured and I’m sorry.

  17. Anon11 October 9, 2017 at 8:32 am - Reply

    Does anyone else get poor unprofessional treatment from their law firm.

  18. Anon11 October 9, 2017 at 8:46 am - Reply

    Does anyone else get unprofessional treatment from their law firm? I called to ask a few questions and they treat me like I am the enemy. They are very rude and on the defensive. At one point I asked where my mesh erosion specimens were and she told me they weren’t sitting in front of her. Where did that come from? I asked her why she was so combative and she eased off a little. Then I wanted to talk to my attorney about this matter and he was on the defensive also. Which leads me to believe they did not update my info. That I sent about my mesh removal with Dr. Raz. When I asked the attorney if he had all the info and specimens from my mesh removal surgery he said he didn’t know, he didn’t have it in front of him. That he would refer back to the woman who was so rude to me about asking about the info. He called me and had discussed my convo with the rude woman. And said she had already answered my questions. Shouldn’t he have had my case info in front of him? Seems like a no-brainer to me. Basically he had no intention of helping me. And now I see I should get a copy of my case and my case #. Well I am scared to death to call them back. This convo just happened last week. I want a copy of my case but I don’t want to get chewed out for asking for it. And this is a major NJ law firm. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions? I’m afraid they will fire me. And I don’t know if I can go through all this stuff again with another firm after all these years. Help??

  19. PCFC December 25, 2017 at 9:15 pm - Reply

    A new symptom to be added to the list of many perhaps Jane. I am expierencing some type of noise that sounds anything like bells or the shower running to an extreme hard storm outside it is on my head. Some may first think tennitis. A ringing in the ears,but this is debilitating. I started to L.A. got as far as Orlando to Atlana to ER I had been 2 two E. R. Before going also to an E.N.T. through massive research on my own I have found it may be associated with S.E. Lupus which I only came to develop thanks to mesh , or it is possibly something called Chianti Malformation. My two closest diagnoses since I am in my bed trying to figure this out. Yes Judge GODWIN needs to throw out the tiers some of us are to sick, to financially unable although the airlines are going to honor my flight as soon as I am ready the hotel said the same but charges shoed up. I have spent this Christmas in my bed in the dark. Life comes and life goes. I most often wish I was going with it. Have to get better
    Have to stop them putting Mesh in people like us. Yes it’s fine for an IV tube, a cathier,.that type of thing but plastic is not mafe to be a permanent part of the body.

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