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New York Times on Mesh Injuries and Texas Torts

Photo from NYT

Texas has had an inquiry into mesh manufacturers, specifically Johnson & Johnson, for two years and nine other states have joined in.  The New York Times, in its Texas edition reports that Aaron Horton and her Mesh Warrior Foundation for the Injured is helping women to recognize their injuries and providing them with information and a community online.

Your editor, Jane Akre, was asked about the Corporate Action Network letters to Texas AG Greg Abbot and what it was intended to accomplish.  Here is the letter.

While I said J&J should stop spending its resources on $600 an hour lawyers and instead turn its resources into a sort of Superfund so women could have access to medical care, it came out that I wanted the company to settle.

Oh well.  Mesh News Desk is still grateful for the coverage.  Here is the story as it ran in the NYT July 13, 2014.

Learn More:

New York Times, online Texas edition, July 13, 2014


  1. DEBBIE GREEN says:

    i had the johnson & johnson mesh implant on april 13, 2011 and i am in severe PAIN in places i had no idea i could feel pain. as i told my urologist when he told me that my mesh was the “new” one and not under attack by lawsuits, pain does NOT show up on xrays or mri’s. the pain is REAL. my lawsuit was recently accepted by Judge Goodwin. I just hope that johnson & johnson settle while i am old enough to have this thing removed. it took me YEARS to save up for the hysterectomy/mesh surgery and now i am too broke to have it removed so i am hopefully going to receive enough to have this thing removed before i die! in the meantime i keep taking aspirins and thank God that i have a high threshhold for pain because otherwise i know for a fact i would get hooked on pain pills .. that is how great the pain is. others would probably not survive what i have.

    thanks for letting me vent.


    • Jane Akre says:

      Debbie- Please don’t wait on the need to advocate for your own health now! Clearly they don’t care about the women- they’d rather spend money on lawyers than providing a care fund for the injured. I urge you to contact a competent doctor abut mesh removal if that is what’s advised…..~ ja

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