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#MeToo becomes #MeshToo

All around social media,  #MeToo has become the battle cry that signals you have experienced sexual harassment by someone who held power over you, professionally, physically, or psychologically.

The Mesh Awareness Movement has taken the moniker to the next level for those injured by a mesh medical device.

#MeshToo is a clever way to signal that you have been implanted with a polypropylene plastic or a bio mesh that is causing complications.

If you use social media, and you probably do because you are online, MAM says #MeshToo is another tool for communications.





  1. Janna says:

    Finally! A place to display our outrage on this public atrocity against women. I would like to make my anger known for the physical and emotional pain an industry, that seems male dominated, has wrecked havoc on. This is the Pharmacutical industries that developed mesh slings without being tested before being implanted in women and causing irreparable pain,scarring,infections,perforations, etc to a woman’s reproductive organs. If this isn’t rape without consent, I don’t know what is. Let my voice be herd!!!!

    • Erma says:

      Look at all the publicity and media coverage of the big Hollywood sexual harassment scandal and how quickly the football injury case was settled for players.
      In both situations the people knew what they could/would get themselves into…footall was not “tag football” and it has been long known that Hollywood had rumors and stories. My daughter was on her way to being a model…at 14 years she was “confronted” and told “this is the price all models pay”. She picked the high road and set her goals on another path.
      MY POINT. ……
      Tens of thousand of us mesh victims were physically and emotionally hurt with the promise of a better life “gold standard” fix. No or little media coverage…treat us like untruthful money grabbing bitches…Doctors not believing our “ailments”.
      Lost jobs, enjoyment of life, and the list goes on and on.

      I believe our story is MUCH BIGGER than the sexual harassment among Hollywood and the NFL injury suit.

      Both were acknowledged and will reap justice in their own ways.

      Our “Hollywood” are called pharmaceutical companies that hide behind their money in form of political donations and commercial advertisement.
      The public needs to be informed about the poison that pharmaceutical companies and doctors implanted in our bodies.

      Finally the world beyond United States is hearing the truth. Please God let our country know about the real truth too.

      • Jane Akre says:

        You make some very good points. I’ve met with a major magazine producer who I thought was doing a story…. didn’t happen. Another major magazine is doing a story.. Netflix has a film in production which includes some of the mesh scandal. So it may not seem like it but it is slowly happening in the US. Wish it was front page news. Do what you call can to send the stories out online to others who you think might read them. Send them out locally… use the url for some mesh news desk stories and try to get others interested.
        You are so right, the States are far behind other places… Can’t figure it out myself.

      • Anon says:

        Erma…….the many points that you made about the lack of national media attention mesh victims has received for the unfortunate ordeal due to no fault of our own, is so true. I have been fighting this battle now almost 12 years and I just can’t understand why there has not been a public outcry for mesh victims. Because I am a woman of faith, I use experiences written in the scriptures to strengthen me through this trying time in my life. Joseph was unfairly hated by his brothers who later sold into slavery, then falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife of trying to rape her, when that lying witch was the aggressor. Joseph was imprisoned for 13 years, but God was always with him maneuvering things in his favor, until one day he wakes in a jail cell to fall asleep in a mansion, second in charge to the Pharaoh (king). My point is…. sometimes justice and exposer takes a while, but eventually it will happen, just as in Hollywood. Our battle is extremely difficult, (but by no means impregnable) because our opposers, the pharmaceutical giants are financial bottomless pits.

        • Anon says:

          Correction……..Our battle is extremely difficult, because our opposers, the pharmaceutical giants are financial bottomless pits (but by no means impregnable).

  2. Deborah says:


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