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Media Update on David & Teresa Sawyer

Teresa and David Sawyer in Gannett newspaper

A Gannett co. newspaper, The News-Messenger reports on David and Teresa Sawyer, the couple we profiled here earlier this summer. Their story is here.  They live in Curtice, in northern Ohio and she received synthetic surgical mesh to treat the discomfort of incontinence. Though Gannett, a media conglomerate, does not name names- We do!

Teresa received the Ethicon TVT bladder lift which they were told was the “Gold Standard”.

See the Mesh News Desk story here

Teresa says she has had four surgeries to remove the mesh after her body attacked the plastic material causing it to erode inside her.

“That’s probably the biggest regret I have,” she says “It just basically destroyed every aspect of our life together.”

The couple is broke, a common problem for many who live under the pain and debilitating consequences of surgical mesh. The house they bought to fix up on a dream piece of property goes untended. David, 42, a carpenter, is selling his tools to get by. He accompanies his wife to her doctor’s appointments. Recently, David’s health took a turn for the worse but the cause is unknown. The Salvation Army has helped them with a mortgage payment and supplies to fix their home (they have no furnace).

If anyone wants to help these guys get through Christmas you can email them after this story.  I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.



  1. Amy G says:

    Thanks for speaking up about such a very personal issue!

  2. Teresa says:

    Hey Meshies!!!!!!!! this story is not just about my hubby and I, it is about all of us! it is about getten the word out! Its about justice and the love of every one that has gone through this mess! As the dear Elton John sings…I’M STILL STANDEN’ YEAH YEAH YEAH!

  3. Lucy says:

    Is there a list of competent doctors who remove this mesh that was used for a bladder lift..

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