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Mary Dickson Finds Attorney in Case Against J&J

Mary, Vada Mae and Ruth

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, February 12, 2018 ~ There were many responses to the story of Mary Dickson.

She had planned to take the wrongful death case of her mother, Vada Mae Smith, ahead Pro Se, without an attorney in mutidistrict pelvic mesh before Judge Joseph Goodwin.  

Well here is an update.

I’ve removed the Mary story. She has found an attorney who would like to proceed with this case against Johnson & Johnson, maker of the TVT and TVT-O, out of the public eye. 

Dickson went to court alone or Pro Se believing that the polypropylene pelvic meshes led to the infections that eventually killed her mother in 2016. Mary had two law firms but asked they drop her as a client, and they agreed to do so. 

The Dickson case and 150 others are set for trial in Charleston, WV May 15, 2018, in this transvaginal mesh multidistrict litigation (MDL) which is slowly being whittled down from a high of 104,000 plaintiffs against seven mesh manufacturers. See Dickson, So District WV, (No. 2:15-cv-02800).

Mary would like to thank you all for your support and words that made her feel very special after the death of her mother Vada Mae and her sister Ruth. She promises to keep you all updated on her progress, but for now requests the story remain out of the eyes of the defendant, J&J.

This is an excellent example of how many mesh-injured are helping each other.  Mary listened to the advice of “Samantha” who led her to the law firm that took up the Dickson case.

We will comply with her wishes and wish her well. ##


  1. Advocate says:

    Excellent news! Now the benefits of representation are leveling the field. I wish her and her new firm the best of luck and much success!

    • Erma says:

      Congratulations Mary Dickson! Wishing the best of luck and justice for your Mom
      Vada Mae please let God know what is going on down here.

      Your suffering has been bought to light.
      God Bless you and your family!
      Glory day when your lawyer gets justice.
      No more suffering for you.
      R.I.P. Vada Mae

  2. ron says:

    Does anyone know if j&j is making the settlements that lawyers asked their clients to accept? My mother accepted an offer but has not heard anything else for more than 5 months. Also if j&j hasn’t sent a check yet can she now not accept it, drop her lawyer and find a new one that will fight for her instead of settling for pennies. We’d appreciate any advice or names of lawyers who actually want to stand up for their clients in court and not just wait out the time and take 40% off the top. Thank you for any advice

    • Jane Akre says:

      Ron- Did you mother sign a settlement agreement? Did she agree to a certain amount or is it unclear how much she will eventually receive? Please read the fine print of your settlement- does it promise to have payment within so many days? (Probably not a bad idea to add that clause, otherwise interest will accrue) .. finding another attorney is difficult at best, especially if some offer was made and the present law firm will want to recoup its costs. Read this article on changing firms.

      • Erma says:

        I wish there was some way our voices could be heard loud and clearly.
        We are victims of the pharmaceutical companies, in some cases our doctors who knew the risks and kept silent and now our attorneys who push for clients to sign settlement papers knowing the end result might buy a “happy meal” at McDonalds with a 50% coupon. Absolutely nothing for our injuries, suffering, loss of income, etc. Where is the “JUSTICE” for us throw away women?

        Please God help us with your voice to let others know how we have been treated and let this NEVER happen to our daughters, granddaughters and other generations of women.

      • Janice B says:

        I received an offer , accepted it and signed all the paperwork, saw a notary, had it signed, sent it on Dec 18, 2016, was told payment would be 2-4 months, 14 MONTHS and I’m still waiting. My law firm keeps saying that Bard is not releasing the funds. I don’t know what else to do!!!

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