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  1. Dorothy Twiss says:

    Need information on a local support group!

  2. dan says:

    I had polypropylene mesh repair for a double hernia in the year of 2002. About 4 months later I started having extreme irritation in the urinary tract. I went back to the surgeon and he sent me to the university of San Francisco to the urinary department. The only thing the Dr. did was give me a prescription called leviquene and sent me home. Nothing more was ever done at that time or ever again by the surgeon. As years went on problems continued. I developed Diverticulosis,IC of the bladder,prostititis,lymphoma. I am now recovering from chemo and it feels like the mesh is tearing on the outside area. I feel that if I do not get the mesh removed soon it will surely end my life.

    • Jane Akre says:

      Dan- Can Bruce Rosenberg help you with advice? 954-701-5094. He is hernia mesh injured but a wealth of information. I keep trying to find lawyers who will take hernia mesh injuries seriously…..

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