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Lana Keeton’s Disaster Recovery Fund

Keeton, December 2014, Wash. DC

Keeton, December 2014, Wash. DC

If you have been involved in the pelvic mesh issue for any time, likely you  have talked to Lana Keeton. The tough talking Texan walks the walk and talks the talk.  A former steel broker, Keeton helped gather the 2008 FDA Safety Alert about pelvic mesh and again for 2011 when the FDA finally came out and said mesh complications are “not rare.”

She has testified at the FDA expert panel meeting in September 2011, she has been called to consult inside the FDA on transvaginal mesh.  She’s been a medical device expert and has helped hundreds if not thousands of women find their way with doctors and lawyers when there was NO information out there, through her organization Truth in Medicine.

Now Lana needs your help.

Exposure to formaldehyde flooring for several months has left her extremely sensitive to any chemical exposure. She finally figured out the source of her malady and has left the apartment, her belongings are ruined.  While sleeping on the couch of a friend, her dog, Bebe, fell in the pool and drowned.  Her dogs were her life.

Lana, Dria and Bebe

Lana, Dria and Bebe

She is at one of the lowest points in her life.

Lana has started an emergency fund, which is not easy for someone who is proud of all she has become. Many of you giving very little will help a lot.

Lana will look for a cleaner place to live and basically start over.  Thank you…

If you’ve never donated to anyone, this person may be THE one to help!

Thank you.




  1. Mary Pat says:

    Jane- thank you for helping Lana. Lana has done so much to help the mesh injured. We will all donate what we can. It’s our chance to help a mesh injured lady who has worked very hard to help others and to protect the world from mesh.

    • Jane Akre says:

      The thing that is so crazy is if everyone just gave $5, far less than a cell phone every month which everyone seems to have, it really adds up. Just takes numbers of people, not numbers of dollars. Thank you.

  2. Toni says:

    So any news on Lana’s Rico suite against FDA and pharma companies? This whole thing has become so ridiculous. Why are these crimes still not being exposed in mainstream media . When is this whole thing going to explode and expose these companies publicly for the corrupt practices they used to profit at the expense of our health and lives. The government needs to shut these Companies down in light of the disregard for harm they have done. When will someone in power step up and do what is right.

  3. Mary Pat says:

    I watched the movie “The Newsies” last night. It is a David and Goliath story. They beat Goliath by grouping together with one voice that was heard in their united stand. In one scene the reporter literally told the Newsies that their protest event, which was newsworthy, “never happened..,if it isn’t in the paper, then it never happened” . In otherwods he said the news blackout erased it from existence. It reminded me of our own David and Goliath fight with big pharma and mainstream media. In the movie, the Newsies printed their own newspaper to tell the world. We have Jane who has united us in one voice. We have the internet for our “Newspaper”. Goliath will fall. We will keep telling the world. Our voice will not be silenced or ignored.

  4. Dorothy says:

    I have very little but so did the lady in the church that put 2 pennies or shelling in the offering plate. I to have the Laminate Floors and have called EPA to find out how to get them tested .No one knows anything….
    I am so sorry for the loss of Lana ‘s Doggie also, I know what mine means tO me. I can’t be in my house either with s.L if it is +. It won’t be much but a lot of littles can add up. What about cloths shoes etc. Any needs there . It is time for spring cleaning, 15 min at a time for some of us but we are the Beautiful Mesh Sisters United, we will take care of one another. Count me in

  5. Dorothy says:

    Jane do you know if we could even make a video off our group stories ,then work on a way to air it publicly. U tube or whatever. Even if we wore something that protected our faces since a lot of us still have court cases to come. It all needs to be exposed. I have 3 CT same hospital year after year if that far apart .not but one doctor looked for anything in pelvic area. My ANA is up, and get this my B12 is up with 18 months of diarrhea and dehydration. Not likely. Medical practice are we lab rats.,I liked it better when it was Medical Professionals. I will definitely help Lana and try to collect anywhere I can for her

    • Jane Akre says:

      Yeah, I like your idea about the videos even done with the phone. The mesh warrior did that for a campaign. I believe we could get a Youtube or vimeo channel unless someone already has one? Any one or group already have one? anyone want to give lessons how to upload to the channel…..?? Thank you.

  6. Samantha says:

    Lana, I am certainly praying for you and your situation. We have all lost so much because of Mesh and sadly we will lose more before it is all said and done. I am praying for all of us and for justice. Every family and every person touched by Mesh and all of the corruption that has come with it.

    • Jane Akre says:

      Hi Samantha… i sent Lana money today so she has a place to stay tonight and I dont have it either! If you at all can help, it would be much appreciated. I know Lana has saved lives….

  7. Sandra A says:

    Jane, it appears I’ve come full circle – treated for chronic pain after MVA which happened three weeks after I had coloropathy medical mini device (MPATHY sold to Coloplast the month I had implanted) but treated for chronic pain and additional hernia mesh and rectal mesh so I’m the grand winner of five pieces of mesh. Finally, thanks to you and Bruce, Aug 10 is removal date; how many areas at one time; not sure, but awesome colorectal surgeon will be with Dr. Ramshaw; I waited for him to get settled and feel he is the best – so kind, thorough and extremely knowledgeable of what is going on without me explaining. Five plus years, but, there’s hope and thank you for being there – divine guidance because I have no idea how I even thought of mesh that night I discovered your site.

    • Jane Akre says:

      Sandra- I wish you only the best, you sure deserve it. You’ve been to hell and back. I pray you will do very well in your upcoming surgery. Dr. Ramshaw is well understanding of the complications of mesh and he has helped many. I agree about Bruce, he is an angel. Bruce Rosenberg is 954-701-5094 in case anyone is hernia mesh injured. He helps.

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