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Kugel Mesh Lawsuits Still Being Filed After Recall and Settlement

Kugel mesh from Bard website

Kugel mesh from Bard website

According to an article in Lawyers and Settlements lawsuits are still being filed against the maker of the Kugel Hernia Mesh.

Mesh manufacturer C.R. Bard offered a $184 million settlement more than three years ago to some 3,000 Kugel mesh implanted patients.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration began the Kugel recall in 2005 and followed up with two more in 2006 and 2007.

Some patients may be experiencing delayed complications which can include pain, infection, hernia recurrence, sepsis, adhesion, bowel obstruction, according to the FDA.

The first Kugel hernia mesh lawsuit resulted in a $1.5 million award to plaintiff Christopher Thorpe and sometime after that the mesh manufacturer agreed to the larger settlement.  Product liability claims alleged the  Kugel mesh was defective because the memory recoil ring broke or could break causing fistulas and abscesses and punctures in the patient’s abdomen.

After the FDA recall, the Kugel mesh was allegedly made stronger and put back on the market.

See Trudy Thomas’ story on her Kugel mesh patch and removal as well as litigation problems here.

Richard Howden had a hernia patch made by Ethicon and his life has never been the same. See the story here.

Many patients injured by Kugel mesh voice dissatisfaction to Mesh News Desk with how low their settlements ranged starting around $5,000. That may be due to the fact that plaintiffs’ lawyers focused their defective product arguments on the ring inside the hernia product and not the mesh itself.

Kugel Mesh Hernia Patch Products Liability Litigation, case number 07-md-01842, US District Court for the District of Rhode Island.

Dr. Bruce Ramshaw, the current president of the American Hernia Society tells MDND that he believe we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg in hernia repair injuries to patients. With about a million procedures a year, even with a one percent complication rate, that leaves 10,000 patients a year with severe complications.

According to the FDA, the most common adverse events following hernia repair with mesh are pain, infection, hernia recurrence, adhesion, bowel obstruction. In some cases mesh can contract and migrate and perforate other organs or the bowel, causing sepsis.

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  1. msm says:

    It’s ashame that those who settled have released the manufacturers from any and all liability for future injury. What made the FDA decide that making the mesh “stronger” made it better? Just another example of the manufacturer driving the FDA’s approval/clearance process without independent testing and investigation.

    • Pam w says:

      I can’t sleep right must sleep up on pillows if I lay on side it hurts ,if I lay on back feels like a chunk in the middle ,had my stupid kogle patch 20 years now ,just found out about what it was in me

  2. All Meshed Up says:

    I think what was meant by “making the mesh stronger” was actually referring to the plastic retaining ring and not the actual mesh itself.

    My little Kugel monster is the “Small Oval” which was not part of the recall. Having this product in your gut is like having a small saucer attached to you. Every time I bend or twist I can feel this hard object that puts pressure on nerves and tissue and is quite uncomfortable. All the MRI’s and Sonograms assure me that the product is in place and has not broken or shifted. None the less, it is 24/7 uncomfortable and painful to have inside me.

    As far as Lawsuits go, Bard had initially said that they would not “participate” in any more settlements or proceedings. I guess that did not work out for them. Too bad. The amounts that they offer victims is so ridiculously small and insignificant. These are not “settlements”. They are lip service……

    • Sue says:


      Please SOMEONE out there, fight for the Hernia Mesh cases!!! Several of us had an attorney, and it got turned away from court due to some legal language of “making us all try our cases in our own states”??? I have been in Severe Pain since 2010 and it is all because of Atrium Medical’s ProLoop Hernia Mesh.

      Please help us!

      • Jane Akre says:

        Is your lawyer sticking with you to try it in your own state? Have you made a report to the FDA? Only then will the FDA issue the same sort of warning it did in 2011 when it sayd pelvic mesh complications are “not rare” that’s what started the ball rolling on litigation….

        • Sue says:


          No attorney in Hawaii. I have filed several reports with the FDA. Any other advice?

          Thank you,


          • Jane Akre says:

            You talked to Dan and Bruce right? Bruce is usually on top of medical and legal stuff.. 954-701-5094. He usually knows which law firms are taking hernia cases, though few they are. Its a bit of a long shot but I know Wayne Parsons a PI lawyer in Honolulu. It might be comforting to talk face to face with someone… I have no idea if he is taking mesh cases but he’s a good guy. I get nothing for passing his name along BTW- say Hi for me.


          • Sue says:

            Thank you!!

      • lori says:

        HUSBAND HAS A KUGEL MESH. OPERATED ON IN 2006,02009, 2010 ETC. WAS ABLE TO GET 2006 RECORDS ONLY TO FIND IT WAS A KUGEL 7 SECOND HOSPITAL SAID'”they needed exact dates. How can a 2006 hospital have records but not the one done later. I will continue to FIGHT

  3. Yvette says:

    Hi, my name is Knotasha Dean-Young. On June 30, 2008, I had laparoscopic ventral hernia repair with Bard composix low profile polypropylene mesh. After surgery and recovery, still suffered in my abdominal area with serious pain. I couldn’t stand up straight, lay on my stomach, press down in it, or stand to be touched in my abdominal area. I suffered for 3 years not knowing that the mesh had balled up in my stomach. In 2011, I had another hernia repair, in wich i’m doing much better now. I have contacted several lawyers in 2011 but they were only doing transvaginal mesh lawsuit. I really need some help in getting more information.

    I can be reached at 6622714260 or

    • Jane Akre says:

      Please contact Bruce Rosenberg 954-701-5094 who is hernia mesh injured and knows docs and lawyers and procedures. I’m sorry. There are few lawyers taking these cases and I don’t understand why…. there are so many hernia mesh injuries. Call Bruce.

      • Christine T says:

        I had to have two hernia surgeries, 95/96 within six mos.! Almost died due to misdx, at the ER!! I called my Gastro., M.D., he came right to hospital within an hour my cardiovascular surgeon was performing an “Incarcerated intestinal hernia”, operation on me! He had to remove four feet of my intesetines…I had two mesh implants, he had to use!! I have never fully recovered from these surgeries, been so sick, all the time! I can feel the mesh hanging me, it makes me want to vomit…I have had reoccurring infections in my body, with abcesses, in different areas of my body! The last one not quite a year ago,had a hole so big after the first surgery so deep & big they packed it with 5 1/2 yrs of medicated gauze! Talk about pain…dear God…was sent home after a day or two…then back in hospital again for a second surgery, which they had problems with me trying to bleed out!! This Dr. Is a burn specialist, excellent young man! That said I would need skin grafting! While in recovery the PA, was applying pressure for over 20 mins., to try to stop my bleeding…he held pressure the whole way back to my room…it wouldn’t stop! He called the nurse’s the surgeon, he said another clot!! They were going tobrush me Back to the OR, but he said NO just give her ??? More morphine!! I could feel him cutting but no pain, I could tell how well skilled he was by that!( I used to work in surgery at this hospital!!!) I had to have this VAC machine attached to me at all times for over a month! But it healed amazingly well! He said that it healed much better than he thought so no plastic surgery at this time!! This will be a year around Halloween it has been a long one! But when I was admitted before the first surgery the ER, DR., told daughter that I was so septic my organs were starting to shut down!! I pray to God that I will be well again, but I have never been the same since the first hernia surgery! ?? I wasn’t aware of all of these recalls!! My a Harvard grad., and has treated me for over 35yrs, I hope this is just an oversight on his behalf?! Not notifying me of this!! Praying for good health for ALL!!

        • lori says:

          tyvm for your info. Just found out why my hubby has had so many complications. He had 4 hernia surgeries & for sure one of the many is a Kugal. Need help in getting resolved. He feels terrible all the time. Mainly Gastro issues. & a lot of pain

          • Jane Akre says:

            Please contact patient advocate Bruce Rosenberg 954-701-5094- text him… use my name Jane akre to get a faster response.

  4. Janet P says:

    I have had 4 Incussional Hernias (3 were deficits) and a Hiatal Hernia. I just found out my Hiatal Hernia is back. How can I get involved in lawsuits BC I have not been feeling well for a while. Not to count having to have several surgeries. I had a exploratory surgery where I had a biopsy of a area of my bowel. Which I have a pic of. Biopsy came back gastric but I wonder if they think that BC don’t know what it is. I have symptoms. Which I have to many to post but headache, neusea, pain are some.

  5. Mark johnson says:

    Complication and pain from hernia surgery

  6. Debbie says:

    I had a ventral hernia repair in 2012 with the composix mesh and have been in extreme pain the last three months and been to three surgeons and none of them will do a scope to look at the mesh

  7. Bill says:

    I had hernia surgery about two years ago and everything turned out absolutely great.

  8. Scott T says:

    Is there a current MDL or Class Action for hernia mesh cases? If so, where is it located?

  9. Troy Jeppesen says:

    In 2004 i had are hernia mesh implant and all I’m experiencing pain

  10. My husband had a polypropelene inguinal hernia mesh in 2010 and had problems then. Then in 2014 Bard 3D mesh repair. Now having problems again. Can we sue both companies or is it too late?

    • Jane Akre says:

      Darlene you might ask law firms if they are taking your type of mesh case. As far as I know, they are taking only Physiomesh made by Ethicon (JNJ) and Atrium Medical C-Qur. Both are coated meshes. Get your medical records. Hold onto them, make copies for any law firms. That will speed up the process rather than waiting for a law firm to collect your medical records.

  11. Pam W says:

    Have a kogel patch 8cm by 8cm put in 1997 is giving me pain now and can’t sleep on sides ,I changed my eating habits and walk a lot lost 120 pounds and still dropping to get to normal weight,this patch is getting worse as I drop the weight to get healthy my doctors are squirming on it and trying to get me to live with pain and don’t want to remove it ,this is at mayo clinic in La crosse who put it in and now act like they don’t want to take it out after 20 years ,help me

  12. Pam says:

    I to sleep in sitting or it hurts if I lay on my side or it feels like someone is sitting in the middle when I’m on my back now

  13. Shandi says:

    I had a abdominal mesh implant 3 months ago. I just found out today I have a infection. I have been super tired and I’m am super scared. I have no clue what will happen to me

  14. Debra says:

    Ive had a mesh now for 15 years, and having all kinds of problems !! Iiam having a problem finding a lawyer, so I can joint the , now class action law suit

    • Jane Akre says:

      You may try the 800 number on the ad on the site or fill out the lawyer evaluation. You may have a statute of limitations problem but its worth a try.

  15. Tre says:

    I have a 20.0 cm Kugel mesh patch implant in me after having desmiod tumor removed from my abdominal wall. I look like I am pregnant but I am not the mesh had intertwine with my intestines. I’m in pain, digestive problems and have to wear a stomach binder just to relieve some of the pain surgery some. I can’t fine attorney to help with this mesh. Does anyone know one handling the Kugel mesh?

  16. Carlee P says:

    I had my hernia repair in 2013. I felt pain first year and the doctor told me that was normal. In 2015 I went back because it had gotten worse. The same surgeon did CAT Scans and said it was fine. He referred me to an OBGY and said I needed a hysterectomy do to pelvic pain. I had my hysterectomy a year ago and still feel pain. I don’t know who can help or believe me. How do I identify my mesh?

    • Jane Akre says:

      They they put more mesh in during the hysterectomy? Do you know? Do you have your medical records? Cat scan wont see mesh is my understanding, an ultrasound will.

  17. Maria Estrada says:

    In 2006 hernia mesh was put in, then repaired in 2007, all the discomfort it caused, ruin my social LIFE

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