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Keeton and the FDA Conspiracy Concerning Pelvic Mesh

Lana Keeton, Spirit of Justice Statue Dec 2014

Lana Keeton, Spirit of Justice Statue Dec 2014

MND, August 3, 2015 ~ Lana Keeton seeks compensatory damages of $7 million and punitive damages of $21 million from J&J, the FDA, its lawyers and employees. This story is continued from Part One.

She’s a tough talking Texan given to accolades to the above, “This is God’s purpose for me. He perfectly prepared me for this,” who occasionally grows impatient with others (including your editor at times).

Lana Keeton, 68 years old, is from Bonham, Texas an hour north of Dallas. The daughter of a cattle farmer who owned a meat packing plant, she helped her father make his own brand of chili. In junior high, Lana would put labels on the bricks of chilled chili, answer the phone and write out invoices for her father’s business.

“He never ate bologna or vienna sausage because he knew what was in it,” she says today. Her father always wore a hat he put on top of the refrigerator every time he came home. The hat would return to his head when he’d leave the house in the morning.

Fast forward to South Beach in Miami. Lana took what she learned from working in her Father’s business and turned it into a lucrative profession – brokering steel. Business was good. Keeton had a view of the Venetian Islands of Miami from her South Beach waterfront home. With a reliable supply of trucking companies and suppliers, and an ability to hold her own with steel manufacturers and the construction industry, Keeton looked forward to a rosy future.

Things changed drastically after Keeton received an Ethicon Gynecare TVT Prolene mesh implant in December 2001. She became deathly ill, complicated by an aggressive flesh-eating bacterial infection following a hysterectomy with bladder suspension surgery. Sometime later, Keeton would come to understand why the Ethicon mesh package warned that synthetic Prolene mesh “can potentiate an infection.”

“I didn’t even know I had mesh in me,” she says today.

Today she calls hers a “million dollar bladder” for what the $1,200 bladder surgery has cost her and American taxpayers in the 17 plus surgeries she’s endured to try and get the mesh out.

See MND background story in 2011.

The physical setbacks during recovery cost her financially. In 2003 Keeton filed for bankruptcy, first Chapter 7 and then Chapter 11. She lost her steel business and her home, and for a time was living with friends. She remade herself using her near death experience to broker a new future, learning everything she could about the medical device that had radically changed her life. In the process she created Truth in Medicine, a patient advocacy organization, set up a web site to educate others and became an avid patient advocate.

After years of trying to work cooperatively with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to lift the veil of ignorance from their eyes about the dangers of pelvic mesh, she decided the veil was there to hide what the agency knew. Last February 4, Keeton filed a RICO action asking for $7 million in compensatory and $21 million in punitive damages from J&J, the FDA, its employees, lawyers, Dr. Willy Davila and the Cleveland Clinic he works for, as well as two lawyers who have represented J&J in mesh litigation since 2005 and who currently represent J&J in the MDL in West Virginia.



RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, has been U.S. federal law since 1970. Originally it was applied to prosecute diverse groups such as the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club, Major League Baseball and the Gambino crime family, who, it was alleged, were part of a money making, criminal enterprise using mail or wire fraud, embezzlement, murder, kidnapping, bribery, or gambling, among other offenses.

In Keeton’s case, criminal charges are alleged in a civil lawsuit. J&J and the FDA, along with the Cleveland Clinic, conspired and abused the legal system to place misbranded and adulterated medical devices into the stream of commerce on an international level through medical professional societies harming her business and her property,” she says. Both the criminal and civil components allow the recovery of treble damages, or the tripling of the damage amount.

“If they didn’t harm my business or property I would not have a lawsuit. I was the target of their conspiracy but they knowingly and intentionally also harmed the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and Medicare, two other federal agencies. The case is not based on physical injuries from the mesh.



In the years since, Keeton has taken directly to Washington her fight to have polypropylene mesh removed from the market.

She has addressed an FDA expert panel on pelvic mesh, has had sit-down meetings with members of the FDA, hand delivered letters to members of Congress calling for a Congressional hearing. She’s spoken to the Institute of Medicine three times about the dangerous 510(k) loophole that allows medical devices onto the market with a wink and a nod.

In June 2008, she formed the patient advocacy group Truth in Medicine and set up a website to raise awareness of the dangers of PP mesh. Implanted women flock to her for advice and she’d been crediting with saving many women’s lives by providing the right doctor in their time of need.

Washington is not a results-oriented culture,” she says. There are so many special interests that it’s muddled, there are no clear goals or clear answers. I’m very results oriented. FDA is like a black hole; things go in and never come out.”

Keeton points to the proposal to reclassify pelvic organ prolapse (POP) mesh to Class III. The comment period ended a year ago and today the proposal sits in limbo.

As it now stands, surgical mesh, whether for pelvic or hernia use, remains a Class II medical device and is cleared for sale after an exchange of paperwork between the manufacturer and the FDA with no clinical trials required. The whole process takes 90 days or less.

Bruce Rosenberg, The Meshoma Foundation

Bruce Rosenberg, The Meshoma Foundation



For years she tried to work within the FDA’s regulatory framework. Keeton says she and Bruce Rosenberg were naïve. Keeton with Truth in Medicine and Rosenberg with his Meshoma Foundation, a nonprofit concerned with hernia mesh injuries, thought employees of the Centers for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), the division that approves medical devices, didn’t know about “the tape.”

It turns out they were right.

During one meeting with the CDRH, Lana presented a scientific paper she had authored about nonylphenol, an endocrine disruptor, that is in mesh. The Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union both ban nonylphenol and she wanted FDA regulators to know it.

Bruce told Dr. Shuren he wanted to come to the FDA to show them a videotape. Made by Ethicon and hosted by surgeon/consultant, Dr. B. Todd Heniford, the tape showed the doctor with a chunk of explanted hernia mesh. It had been removed from someone and was now hardened into the shape of a lamb chop. It was so hard, Dr. Heniford took it by its “handle” and slammed it into the metal table top.

B. Todd Heniford, MD

B. Todd Heniford, MD

The Ethicon promotional tape was singing the praises of a newer, softer, more user-friendly type of hernia mesh, ironically the very mesh implanted in Bruce. Hardly an improvement, and in ways it was worse than the old heavyweight mesh because it disintegrates into threads which are nearly impossible to remove.

Still today, the proprietary Prolene hernia mesh that Dr. Heniford hit on the table is used by Ethicon for its pelvic mesh implants.

A series of emails show that the FDA’s Dr. David Krause, whose job it was to authorize 510(k) clearances for medical devices including pelvic mesh, called the head of regulatory affairs for Ethicon, Peter Cecchini, to ask him about the video tape.   Bruce had told Dr. Shuren what it showed.

Cecchini replied in an internal Ethicon October 20 email, “According to David K., it seems that Bruce Rosenberg claims to have a DVD that speaks to a mesh that falls apart after 1 year implantation. David would like the details of this and has requested a copy of the DVD. He did state that if this is true the product should be removed from the market and the 510(k) removed.”

Krause calls the consumer groups (Truth in Medicine and The Meshoma Foundation) “serious, irrational and nasty.”

“It was true and they still did nothing,” says Keeton. “That’s the whole point. Bruce and I didn’t know he contacted Cecchini back then. We are like little beavers, we are clueless people in the meeting. It’s been five years now and virtually all the hernia and pelvic mesh kits remain on the market. Nothing has happened.” Around the same time in October 2010, right after a Truth in Medicine conference she hosted in Washington DC, Keeton noted Jeff Shuren, the head of the CDRH, was hosting a Town Hall Meeting focusing on industry in San Francisco. She called him to protest the deference to industry over patients and to ask for a meeting.

Jeff Shuren MD

Jeff Shuren MD

Shuren called back to assure Keeton the FDA had provided many opportunities for consumer and patient groups to speak to the FDA.

“There is no special preference for industry,” he says in a voicemail she has today. “We have open sessions and people with issues are always welcome to come in the agency. Surgical mesh is an issue we continue to look into. We appreciate issues you’ve raised as well as Truth in Medicine.”

Shuren knew who Keeton was. He knew Keeton had testified at The Institute of Medicine (IOM) meetings on the 510(k) law in March and June of 2010. And she had had a meeting with others at the FDA on March 2, 2010, a day after the first IOM meeting.

During a meeting with the FDA on November 3, 2010, they met again. Dr. Shuren was sitting three feet away from Keeton as she addressed the FDA and said, “With all due respect, the FDA is a black hole for information.”

“I had the floor. They said nothing,” she says today.


In its March 5, Motion to Dismiss, defendant Johnson & Johnson calls Keeton “a serial product liability plaintiff,” and point to this as her third pro se product suit for damages against J&J and Ethicon. (See Doc 13) Johnson & Johnson’s spokesman, Matthew Johnson, (no relation) did not respond to a request for a comment to this story.

J&J says her complaint should be dismissed because the judgments and orders in her prior suits bar her complaint and she lacks standing to assert a RICO claim and she fails to state one. In her first lawsuit filed pro se, she alleged design defect, a failure to warn, and negligent manufacturing claims Keeton v. Gynecare Worldwide, et al., No. 1:06-cv-21116-UU (S.D. Fla.) The claim was dismissed by the Eleventh Circuit Court. Keeton then filed a product liability lawsuit in the MDL in West Virginia adding fraudulent concealment. 2:13-cv-24276, MDL 2327.

Judge Goodwin ruled that Keeton’s first judgment barred her second suit, but he did not prevent her from moving forward. Instead he dismissed her claim in the MDL without prejudice and advised her that the proper venue for her claim was in the Southern District of Florida, based on Fraud by Omission claims she made on her short form complaint in the MDL.

Pro se plaintiffs are supposed to be given wide latitude because they are not lawyers but are entitled to their day in court, equal to the rights of a represented person.

FDA logo 140 blueIn it its Motion to Dismiss, the FDA makes the argument that there is no waiver of sovereign immunity and therefore Dr. Krause is protected by his qualified immunity. The RICO violations occurred after Keeton’s surgery in 2001, it says, therefore it’s impossible that any RICO claims could have caused her injuries. Instead, the FDA says the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) is the statute that provides jurisdiction over tort claims against the government.

The interaction between Dr. Krause and Peter Cecchini occurred in late 2010, nine years after her surgery. And the Plaintiff has not established an injury to her business or property.

Keeton believes the FDA’s attorneys are defending their client as if this is a personal injury claim, which it is not. Although not an attorney, Keeton argues the conspiracy began in 1997, not on the date of her surgery. She points to a signed contract with Dr. Ulf Ulmsten, the Ethicon consultant who invented the TVT and collected millions if his studies reached certain benchmarks. Not surprisingly, they did.

Keeton says that act alone caused every Gynecare TVT pelvic mesh kit to be misbranded and adulterated, a violation of the FDCA of 1938.



The TVT, transvaginal tape, used to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI) was cleared by the FDA for use in the U.S. in 1998. By March of the following year they had their first death, points out Keeton, then subsequent deaths continued, 12 in all from 1999-2007.

Prolift, MedTech Marketing

Prolift, MedTech Marketing

In 2005, the Prolift Pelvic Mesh Kit made it to market. Ethicon never sought FDA approval. The company just started selling the Prolift kit to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) along with its prepackaged stainless steel implanting arms known as trocars.

Keeton says within the FDA that between it, industry and doctors, there was an overall fraudulent scheme with an assortment of players that eventually led to the loss of her property and business.

“The law says if there is a corporation and Peter Cecchini is responsible for regulatory affairs, he knew about that videotape and he was in a position to change it and he didn’t, he becomes a responsible corporate officer who knew about the people dying. Krause told him. Krause was making decisions for government that were not in the interest of public health. Attorneys Leslie and Shapiro had a responsibility to give me the discovery and they did not.”

Ethicon had the Heniford tape, which she says was not provided to her in the discovery of her first case.

And while the video was being made at Ethicon, Krause supervised clearance of the Prolift M+, a newer version of Prolift in May 2008. At that time, the Prolift was discovered and cleared with no sanctions imposed by the CDRH. “Shapiro is representing Ethicon. Ethicon knows all this stuff and they say nothing.”

Dr. Willy Davila, Cleveland Clinic, FL

Dr. Willy Davila, Cleveland Clinic, FL

Dr. Willy Davila of the Cleveland Clinic was treating Keeton for mesh complications following the original implantation in 2001. In 2005 he was deposed. In 2009, he testified under oath at her medical negligence trial against the implanting doctor and again omitted the fact he ever was a paid consultant to Ethicon. He never ever told her of his association with Ethicon, she says.

“I still didn’t know until last year Willy Davila had worked for them since 2001. Twelve years later. He had been examining me, cutting on me, lying in a deposition and at trial. I was completely violated. It was not on the Cleveland Clinic website anywhere. No one at Cleveland Clinic can do this unless signed off by the Cleveland Clinic. His CV had nothing about his consulting.”

Meanwhile women continue dying and their reports are submitted to the FDA.

Keeton says nothing in life had educated her for this. She was not trained in the law, on how to be a pro se complainant, or an expert in this particular medical device. “I made the choice to be better not bitter. I feel much better when I take action rather than waiting for someone else to do something because it’s not happening. This is ugly stuff and it’s a crime.” #



  1. Disgusted says:

    I eagerly await the follow-up stories to this trial as they unfold. It is a crime. Someone(s) should be held responsible. It is mind blowing that there are so many opinions, by so many “experts” that are so far apart. There are no set standards for implantation (weight, smoking, allergies, etc.) and no standard of treatment for complications. The answers are as varied as the “experts” who write on the subject. I would like to see some evidence-based outcomes to support what they are claiming. At this time any doctor can write a scientific paper, have it published and set a standard based on their opinion. Note how many doctors claim partial removals are the first line, following estrogen cream. Dr. Raz himself states that the whole mesh must be removed as much as possible or you will not get better. Who is right? Where’s the true evidence. Many studies I’ve read oppose one another and other studies claim that there haven’t been sufficient standards used in the studies to begin with. I ask “so why does this continue?” We should STOP until we have more answers. Do no harm. I hope Lana gets to have her day in court and that she wins! Let’s see how the US justice system works.

    • Bejah B says:

      This is why we need to pay attention to the journal the article is published in. Less credible researchers tend to be published in less respected journals and I suppose they fuel eachother. I do not really know much about this world of publishing. If one is not an academic it is far less likely that a sophisticated distinction can be made.

      Having said that, you make a good point and the journal a paper is published in is not a guarantee of a definitive truth. We float about with our theories carried by great balloons of hot air (I couldn’t resist) until, if we are fortunate, our theories become accepted fact, usually after rigorous peer review and additional studies that “prove” the correctness of our own.

      There will probably always be scoundrels that muck things up. Let’s just hope that scoundrelhood does not come to be genetic.


  2. Lara says:

    Dear Lana, Bless you and may you win your day in Court to speak on behalf of all of us who have suffered through this insanity and wall of lies and corruption for so long.

    Lara E, New Zealand, implanted with Gynecare TVT mesh sling made of Prolene in October 2010 and my life has been ruined by illness, pain, inflammation, infection and a cascade of other illnesses that are a direct result of that sling. My doctor told me it was the ‘gold standard’, that it was inert, not toxic and would change my life! It sure did! I have no sex life, cannot run. lift or carry anything more than about 4 kilos at a time. I have developed strange allergies, fibromyalgia, UTI’s, strange bone issues, fatigue, arthritis and the list goes on and will no doubt get bigger. I feel about 70, not 55 years old. This sling has aged me, made me sick and old before my time. I hate to think what toxic chemicals it gives off daily in my body, not to mention the bacteria and the biofilm and the nerve entrapment in the actual mesh. I hope you use Dr Iakovlev’s testimony as a pathologist in your case.

  3. Deb2125 says:

    Unreal. Pathetic. Disgusting. I hope these men develop hernias and are forced to get mesh implants, or worse. They are sociopathic liars and guilty of the deaths of those 12, and guilty of knowingly and continually producing and selling a life-altering product, with no remorse. I am no holy-roller but GOD is our Attorney, and GOD will get our revenge on these sadistic, money-grubbing p.o.s. (I really want to use other, less politically correct, names here). SHAME ON THEM!!!!!!! MAY THE BLOOD OF THE 12 AND THE 70000+ BE ON THEIR HEADS AND MAY THOSE HEADS ROLL SOON!

    Lana, your comments mirror my life and my pain.

  4. Ronald James says:

    We need to sit in on wall street and pickit j&j. Stop trading and this will make national news people. Let’s organize and stop them where it counts, on wall street. I’m sure there will be results.

    • Disgusted says:

      This is a great idea. Personally, I feel like they have the upper hand in this. Flying is absolute torture, driving is absolute torture. I am 100% positive that I’m not the only one in this predicament. That is the physical part. Then there’s the financial hurdles to cover. I’m sure this was put into their equations when they decided to make this product. Like shooting fish in a barrel. We can’t harm them we’re too damaged. Then the lawyers – no, don’t go to anything, don’t speak up. What is all the secrecy about? No doubt, showing up can be used against us in some way. We’re well enough to picket. I know this is ludicrous – the whole thing is. UNBELIEVABLE, UNREAL, DEVASTATING, ETC. ETC.

      Someone please explain – “how can a 30 minute minimally invasive procedure turn out to be a life destroying change?” “how can this keep going on?” “how can scientific papers be claiming that removing the mesh is reasonable and patients do well?” “how can so many doctors still believe this is a gold standard product?” “why can’t the courts force bellwethers to be the standard, and force them to follow through in a timely manner?” “why are there no criminal charges, when shown that they didn’t even use medical grade polypropylene – insult to injury?” “why is this just part of doing business?” I know these are useless questions. One last question “why isn’t the FDA required to put their warnings on a product in a TV commercial?” The 2011 statement in a commercial would go a long way for the yet to be injured.

    • Bejah B says:

      When following what was identified as mortgage fraud I had to put my house on the market as a short sale to save me the humiliation of foreclosure (Something I thought would never happen to me) many of us picketed in front of the personal residences of the CEO’s of the banks who were stealing our homes.

      Most of us did not have the money to secure legal representation but we got the evil doers attention, embarrased them, and got media coverage in many cases…something the bad people do not appreciate. Maybe we could do that with this issue.

      BTW the reason I always refer to Johnson & Johnson is not just because they are the defendant named in my suit, but because they were the original corporation to manufacture this mesh and in terms of volume they are the worst offenders, I believe. To my mind I am not discounting the corporations everyone else is concerned with, rather to me JnJ symbolizes the whole lot.


  5. tammy says:

    All i can say is OMG the lies how can this just keep draging on how can i just keep being lied too !!!!!!

  6. janet says:

    These cases do not mean a thing to any of the manufacturers nor judge Goodwin. .

    These cases should have been settled before now and they are not

    Have not seen any action towards any mesh cases since the big pow wow ..

    My attorney stated Boston scientific will not settle there cases

    They want jury trials

    They have also stated it will take 10 more years

    • Jane Akre says:

      Janet- I’m not sure your lawyers are right on that one….. eventually with pressure they will have to settle these cases…. the more women and their families are raising a ruckus, they do not want their good name tarnished. And frankly, the numbers are not coming out in the corporations favor… they do not like to lose $100 million cases. It gives the bean counters nightmares.

    • Bejah B says:

      You can thank Johnson & Johnson for that. They have a vested interest in NOT allowing other corporations to settle.


      • janet says:

        That’s why I look hard on products and anything that that company has anything to do with

        I will not purchase

        I have asked churches and community day cares to switch products that have johnson & Johnson

        They do not care who they kill are damage

  7. K says:

    Lana, when will this trial take place? Is it a trial? I am not sure how the RICO action works. Will you have to wait years and years to see justice? I can not believe what i have read above and this has happened in America and no one has done anything to stop it.

    • Jane Akre says:

      The motions will soon ensure… ie motions to dismiss etc as J&J tries to blow her out of the water…. ie the court. Summary judgment is another way to try and have an action dismissed. What’s interesting is she has filed the videotape with this lawsuit. That’s a difficult one to dismiss I would imagine..

      • janet says:

        I really hope and pray that God will give us justice from all this

        Because it does matter, women have lost there lifes in more ways than just death

        But I truly believe these manufacturers have given us a death sentence our lifes are so different and can not be taken back

        And the FDA let it happen to us

        We still have gad no compensation regarding the mesh

        They knew how bad this was but yet they did not care

        I am praying something will happen from all of this

      • Bejah B says:

        The image of “Blowing her out of the water” is very compelling Jane and an apt description of the behaviors typical of this defendant. One wonders what BS their mission statement contains. I am reluctant to look, yet curious….but I am not fond of nausea so I pass.

        Here is a wild thought: Johnson & Johnson and their pals at FDA got together and decided that the anticipated exposure might be too great so diffuse it they conjured up this suit to satisfy any critics who might say they were not doing enough. In this way they diffuse the opposition and the injured, all of the injured. This would explain why the FDA has done nothing recently and a lot of other things that I dare not mention.

        Sorry to be cynical guys but I am so over being fed up I can hardly breathe.I feel that I am dying. My attorney counsels me that the mesh will not kill me. I believe she is wrong and value her opinion and her concern…I can not tell you how I know, how my body knows, I can not tell you what this exhaustion is like…so deep…as if from way inside pushing out, enveloping me in a dark mist…and the pain, and the depression, the anxiety, the damaged teeth which were very healthy, the peripheral neuropathy, the headaches, the lack of appetite, and on and on. Why do people not believe us? Is it that they choose not to or can not because it seems unsubstantiated, or Heaven forbid, is it that they think we are reacting like women typically do, are we drama queens in need of attention, tending toward exageration…the Victorian argument? I makes the burden so much greater.



        • janet says:

          I am so with you

          So tired of the anxiety and the depression with all this

          They are making our health worse everyday that there is no end

          I really believe this is what they want dead

          Then they will be happy

      • Bejah B says:

        I feel I owe Lana an apology although she will not remember me. Long ago when I first came to your site Jane, it must have been 2013 which seems ages ago to me now, I remember being critical of Lana for asking for donations or something concerning financial support for her organization, I can not remember well nor do I remember if I articulated my concern for what seemed to me then someone seeking to benefit financially from the misery of others, It is so hard to trust anyone any longer. I see now that I was wrong, that it was a rush to judgment based on my own fears and I am so sorry. She is so brave to take this on. I just hope she is not killed in some mysterious car accident. I think that you also need to be careful, to always be aware of your surroundings, be street smart but I am no doubt preaching to the choir. Still where big money is concerned things do happen. We think we live in a relatively civilized society but the veneer of civility is so thin and growing more so each day.


      • Bejah B says:

        Jane I know you will watch for this for us but could you remind us where to look if we want to also watch ourselves?

        Also if you could please tell me where this MDL was filed, or these MDL’s…I want to see who filed this action, and read through the documents myself. I can then write to you privately to decide if it would be good to post a summary or if that would somehow be redundant.



  8. kitty says:

    Here’s one for you’all. I was in the holding room in the OR–There was another lady next door- the curtain was pulled

    5 I was going for revision. I heard a familiar voice. I saw the shabby shoes. OMG–it was Dr. (Censor) His shoes were not that of the fine man that I had known many years ago. He said to the lady who was probably stoned from the versed. “I can put a little sling in for you too–it will help hold your bladder up.” They the. Hauled her away to the O R. How’s that for informed consent. The Dr I’m talking g about is a very higher up that many know of.

  9. kitty says:

    The pain that some us feel is perhaps the mesh

    Weaving thru the musculature and tugging causing that intractable pain—it seems

    Mostly right side. Physical pelvic floor therapy helps a little.

    • janet says:

      Pelvic therapy can make it worse

      One of the drs.on the mesh desk

      Stated that also

      My uro doctor also advised me not to have done

      He is working with me on sterriod injections in the pelvic wall

      The pain has lessened

      But it is only a temporary thing

      My pelvic side on left was torn down from the mesh

    • Bejah B says:

      Kitty, I am glad to know that therapy helps. I had never heard of it before this mesh appeared at the edge of my consciousnss…it was 2013 and like so many of us (I think) I had just watched one more of those commercials with the “800” number and a disturbing discussion of mesh. I had seen so many. I just knew I could not be one of the victims because I had gone to an excellent medical center for that reason but I decided to request my file anyway. I remember how shocked I was. I could not move for awhile. Seems so long ago. One of the experts I consulted recommended this kind of PT. I did not and do not feel comfortable with it because of my physiology but I am glad to hear that it can be helpful. Always nice to find something that helps. My pain is more on right side too. I think that is in part because of my spine. This community shares so much valuable information with its members.

      I have two silly things to share:

      1. Arnica salve is a very old remedy for dry skin. It really works. It has a fragrance that is a little medicinal but to me it is a nice fragance, very natural. Sometimes you can find it in even the big drug store chains. I use it on my cuticles and toes (They get very dry) and also sometimes on the bottoms of my feet with summer socks to bed.

      2. Last visit to Costco bought the two pack of their Kirkland body lotion “Made with 100% pure plant extracts”. It is lovely and was reasonable, maybe $12 or so for the 2 pak. I give it a boost by adding two – three caps of Vitiman E oil and Vitiman oil.

      These are not luxuries. They are ways to take care of our bodies and spirits. We can’t just talk about having our lived meshed up all the time.



  10. Sheree says:

    So when we get compensation? My attorney sent me the grid they were going by for compensation on the AMS. I have 2 otheresh products by different manufacturers. I’m guessing all 3 would be separately. Is that correct? I will be glad to share the grid for AMS. But can you find out when this will be paid?

  11. Dan says:

    Sorry to change the subject.

    Does anyone know if J&J was required to provide information about the mesh particles being found in packaging? They were supposed to testify August 5th.

  12. Jan Urban says:

    Lana thank you for taking this stand. These are crimes against humanity. The blatant truths stares you right in the face and is ignored by the people that were elected to serve and protect us. It is so difficult to fathom that it can continue for this length of time. Best wishes

  13. Bejah B says:

    Jane, How can I add an avatar? I have tried but it seems more difficult than it used to be. I have a WordPress account and visited Mindgrav but I do not understand (Mindgrav was my invention BTW!). Here is the avatar I selected: (It is a blue rose). Thanks.


  14. Traci Rizzo says:

    Interesting how one womans fight is seemingly righteous and important but yet mine is open for attack. I’m not worthy of millions of dollars or even respect from the community I tried to help. It is a nasty world in the mesh world. Its like a middle school popularity contest. Insane !! Go for it Lana you atleast don’t have to deal with Jane attacking you huh? You did tell me once that she requires payment for her support or to come to functions isn’t that correct? Oh and where is that blessing I was suppose to get ? Ive been blessed but it was nothing that came from your end ? Why do that ? Why call someone and give them hope ? I’m so sick of everyone its ridiculous !

  15. K says:

    Jane, did you ever write the story about J&J testifying about particles found in packaging? Also, when will Lana’s RICO case take place against J&J?

    • Jane Akre says:

      Sorry, that’s been put off until next year I believe…. checked with law firm but forgot to post! sorry. That will be very interesting…..I’ll keep on it.

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