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Kathleen: Questions to Ask Before Mesh Removal

Mesh after removal

‘Kathleen‘ (not her real name which she doesn’t want to use because of litigation)  is a regular reader of MDND and has some suggestions on the questions to ask of doctors before a mesh removal procedure.  She has had her mesh removed and met with many doctors before choosing one.

Since there are so few full mesh removal doctors around the country, or around the world, for that matter, she suggests you sharpen your interview skills – this is a matter of your life and not time to be polite.

Kathleen says she’s heard from many women who have gone to doctors who may not be completely forthcoming about removal, so she, along with a friend who has had removal and reconstruction, compiled a list of questions to ask before surgery.

These are suggested questions. MDND does not offer medical or legal advice.

“Be aware that by not understanding mesh removal, you are at the mercy of doctors who will snip away a small piece and then tell you he/she removed it all, or you can wind up worse off than you were before removal.

“Here are the questions you need to ask.  DO NOT be afraid to ask them.  If your doctor acts offended or uncomfortable, then more than likely it is because he/she is not experienced in removal.  You cannot afford to be practiced on.  Your future and perhaps your life is at stake.”

*Do you remove the mesh completely?

*How many have you removed?

*Can you remove it off the bone?

*Do you remove the arms, anchors?

*What diagnostic equipment do you have ?  (trans vaginal ultrasound that digitally shows the mess, pelvic mri that shows degrees of prolapse/cystocele?)

*How long is the recovery?

*Can you repair and reconstruct me using my own facsia tissue graft within 6 months of removal if needed.

*Do you agree a partial removal only leads to more problems?  If the answer is no, RUN!

*What is done in my aftercare, catheter, pain management and follow ups?



  1. Noreen Wideman says:

    absolutely well said!!!!!! thanks from nonie (noreen)

  2. EJH says:

    Partial removals are not acceptable. They lead to more devastation, I know this, I’ve experienced this. I’ve been lied to and so many Dr.’s still believe they only have to remove the part that hurts. Thanks for your questions, they are absolutely right on and necessary!

  3. tina says:

    I just found this website and now I am feeling very worried about the mesh sling that I have. It has eroded info the vagina and I am scheduled to have a “revision” surgery on Monday Oct 1. The doctor makes it sound like such a simple process , just cut , snip, sew and out ya go, but reading many of the articles I am no confused. Has anyone heard of “revision” surgery. I was under the impression that the doctor would just be removing the mesh that has eroded through the tissuee. Any feed back would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Jane Akre says:


      Before your procedure, please post your question also at these Face Book places, because many of the women have experienced partial removals.

      FB group

      FB Page

      Medical Mesh Legal Support

      TVT-No Mesh Survivors

      • Jill Wibbenhorst says:

        Thank you for all the great information. Let me start with, I’m petrified! I had my bladder sling put in during my hysterectomy in 2009. I no longer have a uterus, tubes, ovaries or cervix. My mesh has eroded and can be felt by my husband during intercourse and the GYN can feel it when she examines. I have an appointment to see Dr. Anna Frick in Orinda, CA on January 21. After reading several responses from other women I’m now wondering if all the issues I’m having with my legs, hips and feet are not also related. I cannot walk for any distance, like around my block without my legs getting terribly weak and having to rest for a significant period of time before finishing in order to make it the rest of the way home. I was ignorant to the fact that the mess can effect or damage the nerves. I am now seeing a Dr. Regarding the nerve issue (leg weakness) and am wondering if it is useless to go on because it may be related to this mesh issue. Boy, how I wish I had never opted to have it put in. Looking back I can now see, that is where all my issues began.

  4. Maria says:

    How long was your recovery? I followed this steps since i had a partial removal before with little improvement at the beginning and progressively after 4 months or started with same erosion and awful symptoms and pain

  5. Betty says:

    Do not have a partial removal. It leads to multiple surgeries. I do not understand why the Dr.’s are just not getting it. Some of them believe that mesh is inert (even the FDA has studies showing it’s not), some believe our scar tissue goes through it and holds it in place, then how did it move in the first place? How did it erode? Some erosions are not felt because they haven’t hit a nerve bed. If they do – you’ll know it. Some think it’s their “technique”. I’ve had too many surgeries, read too many studies, talked to too many women to believe this. If the mesh is eroding, this will continue. Get it all out in one surgery – very hard surgery – but worth it. I wish I’d have known that back then. I have a theory – when the mesh is cut – or revised (moved, cut and/or put in a different location) it changes the dynamics of the total mesh. There are forces on the mesh from the pelvis in different directions. Usually the arms are put into the obturator fossa – which holds all the blood vessels and nerves to the legs (there are new meshes on the market that don’t enter the obturator). Our legs move in many directions and dynamics change – especially when walking. Then the urethra and/or internal organs (depending on the mesh) put forces on this polypropylene in other ways. If we’re bending, stretching etc. there are other forces. The pelvis is really a very complex design, which works very well. Even though the polypropylene is usually woven (like fabric, it has an ability to stretch and move, which is very limited), it is still designed to be a stable force to hold the urethra (or other organs, again depending on which one). If it is cut, moved or changed once it is installed the forces against it change. This is after scar tissue has a chance to grow (unless mesh eroded immediately – which is also the easiest time to get it out) which causes the installed mesh to pull in different ways which causes pain. My own mesh shrank, I loss the ability to urinate, it was cut and even the Dr. noted it moved at least 1/8″ on both sides. Then it went in it’s own direction, each subsequent surgery to remove the part causing issues thus changing the dynamics. And more erosion into different areas. There is also FBR (foreign body reaction), which means your own body is trying to remove it – much like it would push out a sliver, this is a huge sliver and a lot harder for the body to remove. If this is the case then cutting it would change the overall stability and it would be easier for the body to push a smaller piece. One problem being that it doesn’t always erode out of the body. It erodes into organs, blood vessels, etc. If the mesh is close to the skin, it is easier for it to erode out. I am not a Dr. I have been personally affected by mesh. I have watched myself and others describe what is going on. We have seen a pattern – get a partial removal, the immediate great pain is much lower or even gone, at least for the amount of time we’re resting for recovery, following recovery and increasing activity, pain returns, often worse than the beginning problem. It is not until the mesh is all out that pain gets any better. But by then there are so many other issues from several surgeries. Even nerve damage, which is extremely painful. The mesh is also easier to remove when it is in one piece. It is very hard to find in pieces. It takes a very skilled surgeon to remove it. I have been told by an expert that the requirements for schooling dropped when mesh came on the market. Before mesh there was a requirement for an extra 3 years of training in order to know how to put in the burch procedure or the MMK (other cystocele repairs, the old-fashioned way). Mesh doesn’t require that education. It is a blind procedure and being an OB/GYN or a urologist is sufficient. It only takes measurements to install. Which is really questionable, it is assuming that we’re all built the same. It does not allow for anatomic anomalies. This is my theory, as I said not medically trained. I pray that you will get the help you need.

  6. Michele says:

    Betty, thanks for your forthcoming and honest answers to many questions I have had. My doctor told me he could only remove the mesh in my vagina and not in my legs. He was only going to partially remove it. But I am having a lot of pain in my hips and groin so I’m assuming the surgery he suggested, begrudgingly, will not fix those issues. My doctor would also not confirm that the mesh was causing me any of the problems I am having. He thinks the pain could be coming from something else, but was unable to tell me what or where. I don’t want to end up worse than I am now. Unfortunately the only doctors who seem to be experts in mesh removal are either in Atlanta or California. And they do not accept insurance and the quote I was given was quite high. I live in New Jersey so either trip will also be expensive. I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid to just go to any doctor in my network even if they say they can remove the mesh.

    • Roslyn Bourgeois says:

      Have read on tvno site about a dr in ST Louis who does mesh removal.

      • Bonnie S says:

        What Dr is that?

        • Susan says:

          Dr. Veronikis is the MD in St. Louis. He is awesome, very skilled and removed 98% of my mesh this past week. I am four days post-op and things are progressing well! Haven House in St. Louis is an awesome place to recover if you are from out of town. Good luck!

          • Sandi says:

            What kind of problems/issues were you having prior to your mesh removal? What kind of recovery time and restrictions do you have now?

    • Tonya says:

      I too had a complete hysterectomy in 2005 with a bladder mesh and rectocyle put into place and it’s been a nightmare to say the least. My gyn doctor did a revision surgery in 2013 and 6 months later I could feel the mesh again in the same area. So I changed gyn’s and he is wonderful after he examined me he wanted to go in and do another revision surgery but he wanted my Uro doctor to be in there with him to address the bladder issue. The Uro doctor said no and referred me to Atlanta Ga to a Urogyno specialist. He is an awesome doctor and he has done multiple test on my bladder and he showed me and my husband on the cystoscopy video where the mesh has eroded through the vaginal wall again. It looks like two big rusty nails and it is very painful to sit, stand, cough, laugh or anything. And there has NOT been any sex with me and my husband since early 2006. Needless to say I want alllllllllll this mesh out of me. So I am scheduled for vaginal mesh removal on 09/28/2016 at Emory, not looking forward to it but it has to be done. This mesh is the worst thing that has ever been put on the market, if I had been told of the risk I would never had allowed my doctor to use it. Oh and did I mention I have two different kinds of mesh inside of me? Yep you heard me right. I am not using my name because I have a lawsuit going on that has been going on for 5 years now. I am beginning to wonder if any of us with the lawsuits will ever be compensated for this mess.

  7. Kelly says:

    Can anyone give me a list of Drs that do the mesh removal? Thank you!

  8. kathy says:

    i hve had 5 surgeries for one arm of the mesh coming thru my vagina..,now it is coming thru in another and i am in pain…are there doctors calif. that will remove it? i will not take a blood transfusion and the last surgery the doc clipped a small vessel which caused alot of blood loss and my blood pressure to drop to 51/35…i came out of it ok without a transfusion but won’t go back to that doctor again…now i’m without a doctor and need some advice.

    • Jane Akre says:

      UCLA is generally regarded as the best in the world at complete mesh removals, specifically Dr. Shlomo Raz.

  9. Linda Springer says:

    Can anyone tell me or even suggest what I should do? I have been having problems ever since they installed my mesh implant 5 years ago. Everything from total incontinence to having the Monarch put in. The incontinence is an inconvenience, but the continual UTIs that I have every two to three weeks is not only painful, but a true pain in the butt!! I went to a Urologist and had an ultrasound done on my only kidney, and a procedure that was very painful where they took a probe and looked into my bladder to see if there was anything wrong there. I am very grateful for the prognosis from the Urologist, but I am still having chronic UTIs. The lawyer that I am working with suggests that I have the mesh removed, but after reading some of the comments, I’m not sure I should have it done! HELP!!! After 5 surgeries to try and fix this, I am not kidding, but my Husband wants nothing to do with fixing or even talking about this anymore. According to him “he’s done”, and I don’t blame him. Our sex life has suffered tremendously and we’ve been married 42 years. Everything was fine until I had this damned surgery done!!!!

  10. Kim E says:

    Very Confused.

    Yesterday – I went to see GYN and complained about feeling the stitches from the mesh surgery from 2007… how it is painful at times during intercourse and yes my husband feels it both with fingers as well as during intercourse. Anyway she looked, and thought yes they should be removed. Brought in another doc and he said sure no problem, we can resect that out. Very simple, no recovery. I get the paperwork and it states clearly – mesh exposure – remove mesh — not remove stitches but remove mesh. I have called to speak to doc and am waiting. From reading online I am panicking. WTH are they talking about?????

    • Jane Akre says:

      You are wise to read all of your notes from a medical visit to see if they reflect what you said during the visit. Insist on the notes! Remove mesh mesh there is a mesh eroded into the vagina most likely. (Im not a doc) They will do a partial removal, that is, snip the offending portion. Ive not heard of that working to anyone’s satisfaction.. you might check with a removal doc in your area. an expert in removals, not trimming a mesh erosion. You should have a consult with an experienced doctor in this area. There are several interviews on Mesh News Desk with doctors who do a great deal of these procedures.

  11. Tag says:

    I had the mesh sling surgery in 2007 & am having surgery 8/4/16 to remove it. It has gone through the vaginal wall & can’t be felt during examination. I just read that someone was having hip pain…is the mesh associated with this? Within the last few months I have developed a severe pain in my left side of my buttock area. Should I be concerned about that?

    • Jane Akre says:

      There are many people who experience pain in the hip that shoots down the leg.The pelvic region is rich with nerves, ligaments, muscles and is a dangerous area to do surgery. You should probably consult with an expert… someone who deals with and recognizes mesh related complications.

  12. Michelle H says:

    I am currently in the process of seeking a Doctor in the Chicago area willing to do a full removal. I have the TVT tape from 2009, and while I have had some pain and complications, the most recent are inability for intercourse without massive and long term pain and bleeding. Last time I checked, bleeding was a sign that there is something BROKEN….although no one seems to want to admit that. I have had 2 Urodynamic bladder tests with two opposite conclusions. I have been told I have and DO NOT have pelvic floor dysfunction. I have been told to use vaginal Valium suppositories, to allow for vaginal Trigger point or Pudendal block injections, and even exploratory surgery, where I have been assured that in no way shape or form, will the Doctor even attempt, or have the ability to remove all of the mesh. While I am infuriated by the idea of my sex life literally being murdered, I am not so uneducated as to let anyone perform any other invasive procedure on my body unless I am literally dying. Even the best Doctors are only trying to mask the pain. If I wanted to do that I’d buy a bottle of vodka…….much cheaper.

    • Jane Akre says:

      So sorry you are going through this. Chicago, there is Bruce Rosenzweig who is an expert in many trials. He is at Rush University. Or you may want to travel outside of your area…… you do not want too many surgeries since they are all potentially dangerous in a delicate area of the body, not to mention multiple anesthesia. (I’m not a doctor or a lawyer) Please write me and I will give a list of docs who might help.

      • Michelle H. says:

        I have seen him. I actually had hope until I saw him. He and his office are running me through all the same crap, every other Doctor has done to every other woman. Let me just say, if I EVER find an honest Doctor, who really does care (Other than the Dr. Raz I have read about at UCLA) everyone will know. Thanks anyway.

  13. Bonnie says:

    Dr twiss on Tucson Arizona

  14. Lori says:

    Dr. Emily Webber at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida does full removal of mesh

    • BARBARA says:

      Emily webber put a bladder sling in me at shands in fl and she put it in so tight I am on a cath cause I cant urinatev anymore …… trying to find a dr to remove sling. SHE REFUSED

  15. Brenda says:

    I’m due to have mesh removal Aug. 18th Dr. said they would remove as much as they safely could without causing more damage. Dr. is in Augusta Ga area.
    How many experts sre there in Augusta Georgia?

    • Jane Akre says:

      I’ve not heard of any but that doesnt mean they don’t exist. Anyone know from Augusta?

      Hi Angel…. I wish there were as many docs dealing with complications as there were putting in mesh. Here is a partial list from folks who have had good outcomes. It is NOT a guarantee this doctor will work for you however. I have no financial relationship with any of these docs!

      Dr. Charles Butrick in Overland Park, KS.
      Dr. Michael Hibner in Phoenix. (602) 406-6017. Dignity Health
      Dr. Raz, Urology Department, UCLA. 310-794-7700
      Dr. Lennox Hoyt, Tampa, 2 Tampa General Circle, 4th Floor Tampa, FL 33606 (813) 259 – 8500
      Dr. Christopher Walker in Orlando, private practice, UroGyn Specialists 407-648-9400
      Miklos and Moore in Atlanta, 770-475-4499,
      Dr. Veronikis in St. Louis – (He works with Sara Wood MD, also doing pelvic mesh surgeries)
      Dr. Phillippe Zimmern in Dallas. U Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Professor Urology, 214-645-8765, 214-648-4765
      Daniel Elliott, Urology at Mayo Clinic, MN 800-446-2279, referring a pt 800-533-1564
      Dr. Ali Azadi in Louisville, Norton Healthcare, U of Louisville School of Medicine, Ob-Gyn, 502-409-5600
      Dr. M. Tom Margolis in SF Bay area, private practice, Bay Area Pelvic Surgery, 650-228-4052
      Dr. Bruce Rosenzweig, Rush University, Chicago, Ob-gyn, 888-352-RUSH (7874)
      Dr. Jerry Blaivas, New York City Urology, 212-772-3900
      Dr C. Y. Liu, gynecologic endoscopic surgery, private practice, NYC 212-988-1444
      Dr. Robert Furr, Women’s Surgery Center, Chattanooga, TN 866-899-0679.
      Dr Una Lee, Virginia Mason Clinics in Seattle, 206-341-0560
      Dr. Greg Vigna, 318-548-2649, pudendal neuralgia damage
      Dr. Christian Twiss, Tucson, U of Arizona
      Dr. Jeffrey Snow, Pembroke Pines, colorectal surgery and hernia mesh 954-450-1617
      Dr. Francisco Orejuela, Baylor Hospital, Houston, Tx

      Docs I’ve heard reports on:
      Dr. Robert L. Summit, urogyn, Memphis
      Dr. Val Vogt, Memphis
      Dr. Bob Shull, a urogyn from Temple, Texas.
      Antonio Pizarro. Shreveport, LA 318-221-0021. Excellent doc says TJ
      Dr. David Ellington, U Alabama says DJ,
      Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald, Maywood, Chicago says DJ, physical rehab and MD
      BM says anyone in Oregon and Washington I would highly recommend Dr.Susan Hobson and Orthpedics Dr Freeze they were amazing and very gentle with my body

      • Michelle H. says:

        My sister went to Georgia Incontinence & Pelvic Health, Dr Michael Hulse. (706) 276-6374.
        He found her bladder hanging half out of the sling after years of suffering and run arounds. He did a removal and she was home in 2 days.

        I saw Dr. Rosenzweig at Rush, Chicago, whom as a last resort, suggested “exploratory surgery.” I have not decided that “exploring” my insides is what I want.

        I will be seeing Dr. Kimberly Kenton at Northwestern in Chicago next week. I will say that her colleague, Dr. Sarah Collins, is one of the most unempathetic people I have ever met. I am not very emotional and cannot remember the last time I was offended, but she had me in tears with how uncaring she was. She walked out on me after ignoring every fact I presented to her.

        I wish everyone luck…seems that’s all we have here.

        • Michelle H. says:

          UPDATE:: So after my literal breakdown in the office, I got a call from Northwestern, Dr. Kenton’s office, on Friday, telling me she had to cancel my appt on TUESDAY for emergency surgery………emergency 5 days from now?
          AND after expressing in every way but on my hands and knees, the pain I have been in and the loss of quality of life both physically and emotionally, was informed I couldn’t be seen for another month.
          NOW IT’S ON!
          My daughter just got a job with the Arizona health department, and WE WILL find answers! Any info found will immediately be shared publicly.
          Wish us luck!!!

      • Judy says:

        Do you know of anyone who has had full mesh removal by Dr. Francisco Orejuela and what their experience was like with this doctor. I have contacted Dr. Veronikis is St. Louis but he has a pretty long waiting list since he’s one of the best in the U.S. besides Dr. Raz.
        So, I’m trying to decide if I should go to Dr. Francisco Orejuela instead of waiting for Dr. Veronikis.

  16. wanda t says:

    I had a mini arc sling installed in 2011. For the past year I have not been able to empty my bladder and have had numerous infections. I went to a local urologist who cut my mesh in the center thinking it would help…it did not. She went in again thinking she had missed something. She scoped me twice …couldn’t see anything. She said she guaranteed there was nothing there. I knew differently. I finally remembered a really good urologist I had known from years ago in a town 100 miles away. He was very upset with the other doctor. He scoped me again and found mesh that had eroded through my uretha into my bladder neck. I have an appointment with a university in ky. I’m very apprehensive about her. I am taking all these questions with me Monday plus more. I have also contacts a doctor in St Louis. ..I’m thinking he may be the one to do it. I really don’t have a lot of time to get this fixed. I’m cautiously optimistic. If there is any advice anyone can give me I would be grateful.

    • Jane Akre says:

      Dr Ali Azadi at U of Louisville and Dr. D. Veronikis in St. Louis. A doctor says there is nothing there and another found eroding mesh. Why not stay with that second doc? You know when there is a problem despite what you are told.

      • Michelle says:

        I saw Dr. Gandhi in Park City, Illinois. He said that my bladder is falling out of the sling. He also said that there is no way to fully remove the mesh. I have TVT tape. He said he would remove a good portion of the sling, the part that seems to be eroding into my bladder, but cannot yet be seen without surgery. But that this specific type was meant to be permanent, which I knew, and therefore can never be fully removed. I was hopeful, until he brought up financial coverage and lawyers. What he didn’t say was that he would connect me, through his office manager, with an attorney that could help with payment since my insurance would not cover the surgery. But the kicker is, he didn’t submit any CPT codes, or any supporting documents regarding my specific case to find out whether or not the surgery would be covered. This is all a huge racket, making men rich off of the suffering of women. What can we do? What can all of us, collectively, do?

      • Barbara W says:

        Have you had your surgery snd what was the outcome? I had a TVT urethak mesh implant in 2014 and have begun to have problems and don’t know who to turn to…Barbara

  17. E says:

    I know this is an older blog but I hope someone will comment. I just had mesh removal last week Wednesday. The dr really had to dig to get the mesh out. I just had my follow up yesterday and he said everything looked good even though I’m still bleeding from time to time. Has anyone gone through removal? Can you tell me how long you bled for? Sometimes it’s just a little but this morning was quite a bit with a clot. I’ve called my dr and I’m waiting for a call back but I would like some of your advise because you’ve gone through it.

  18. jodi says:

    I just had a hysterectomy and the sling surgery 2 months ago. I could feel what I thought was stitches from the second week post op. My doctor felt it at my 4 week appointment and also thought it was still stitches. At 8 weeks I called because nothing had changed. He told me it was not stitches after all it is the sling through the pelvic wall and I need to have that area of the sling trimmed off and then he will stitch me back up. I’ve read so much this weekend that scares me to death about that. After reading all this I’m thinking removing it completely would be the thing to do. I’m hoping it won’t be as bad since it hasn’t been in that long. Can my doctor actually do this surgery? He did say if trimming it up didn’t make it heal correctly we would have to look at removal anyway.

    • Michelle says:

      Every Doctor I spoke with insists that my mesh can not be removed completely, period. I have the TVT tape. I haven’t gone through any surgeries yet, precisely because I am trying to be as sure as humanly possibly of the doctor who does it, but I am in so much pain I have stopped working this week. This is a nightmare. You have make sure you research your mesh, and call everyone! Ask tons of questions! Don’t let people keep cutting you. What they don’t tell you is that every single surgery, no matter how good the technique, or how minimally invasive it is, you will be left with scar tissue, and scar tissue causes lifelong pain.

      • Jane Akre says:

        Michelle- I’m so sorry. There are doctors out there who are having more success at a full removal. Dr. Una Lee is you are in Seattle is one. Dr. Raz at ucla is another…. where are you located? Please contact me with that and anyone else who has a doctor they can recommend please do so here.

        • Michelle says:

          What would help, is to know from women who have had full removals, exactly what mesh they had, and how they know they had full removals. And I mentioned earlier that my sister had removal, she was told it was full removal, only to find AFTER surgery, that it in fact was NOT.

  19. LJ says:

    What is the length in cm of the mesh that is used for urinary incontinence?

  20. Michelle says:

    So, I am seeing yet another Doctor next week. I have seen “one of the best” who said he could only truly diagnose if he does “exploratory” surgery. I didn’t feel very comfortable with that. I am at the point now where I can no longer be on my feet for more than 10 minutes at a time due to ungodly pain. I was also informed by my attorney that he is ready to drop my case because “I AM NOT DAMAGED ENOUGH.” Because I haven’t had several surgeries. Because I don’t just let anyone cut into me. And because I haven’t, my pain and suffering has become more than I can bear. But to the point, because I haven’t let myself be more of a guinea pig, I am faced with dealing the repercussions of this damage for the rest of my life while my attorney says to me, “don’t think just because you won’t be acknowledged in a settlement they aren’t paying. They are. And look at the bright side, you will be able to inform other women and warn them about what happened to you.”

  21. Michelle says:

    Ok Ladies, so I just saw Dr. William Kobak at University of Illinois at Chicago, and I am more optimistic than ever before.
    Dr. Kobak listened to everything I had to say. He was very calm, attentive, and ensured me I wasn’t crazy. He validated all of my feelings about my situation, and truly made me feel like I did indeed know more about what was happening to me than anyone else.
    He assured me that what I was going through was not at all exaggerated, and told me he did not understand why other physicians were so afraid of treating these cases. He said that I should’ve had the mesh removed a long time ago, and the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to remove. But that he had done many removals, not always complete due to the nature of the implant, but assured me that I would feel much better once it was done.
    He didn’t put time restrictions on healing, saying very body is different and to listen to your body.
    His overall demeanor, and bed side manner was probably the most comforting of all the people I have seen thus far.
    My surgery is scheduled for October 27th, and I will keep everyone updated as I progress. I am so grateful for the feeling of hope I now have. It really paid to take my time and see several doctors and gather up as much info as I could before proceeding with treatment.

  22. James Ranall says:

    I’m seeking a doctor / surgeon that can do mesh removal / explantation in the State of Washington. Any leads on this are appreciated. I had mesh implanted in 2002 and its been very problematic for me. Thanks!

    • Jane Akre says:

      I’m sorry I dont know of anyone in Washington State. Kevin Petersen in Las Vegas would be the closest. Ask Bruce Rosenberg, patient advocate 954-701-5094.

  23. julie am says:

    I am seeking a surgeon who can do mesh removal in Ohio. I live in Columbus, Ohio so any reccomendations would be appreciated. I too am having problems.

  24. Barbara W says:

    I wonder if thete is anyone in cincinnati?

  25. pj says:

    Okay I had a hysterectomy, bladder sling, cystocele and rectocele all repaired at one time over ten years ago. Then almost 6 yrs ago I had to have another bladder sling done. I have signed up with a lawyer group. But after my first sling plus I began having pain in my body and was diagnoised with Fibromyalgia plus nueropathy. But the name of the mesh for the first sling is not in my records anymore. So lawyer states we can only go by my second sling in which she was able to obtain the name of the manufacturer. Six months following my second sling I began having abdominal pain that doubles me over and nausea and vomiting. I also began experiencing pain during intercourse. I also have breakthrough bleeding. I asked several time, my GP, is there a way to check and see if this is related to the mesh. He kept ignoring me. Now I experience flank pain in my back and just recently began to only pee drops one day and the next normally combined with pinkish bleeding. I recently moved to a new state and am trying to get my medicaid so I don’t have a doctor yet. Has anyone had similiar symptoms. I have read about revisions and it scares me. My lawyer states I can get more by having a revision but that I don’t care about. I lost my husband due to my inability to perform my wifely duties and my crying and being curled up in a fetal position often in pain abdomenally. At this point intercourse is not a factor to me. It’s the abdominal pain and getting someone to listen to me and at least do some kind of test to see if all this could be from the sling and cystocele and rectocele repair where the mesh was used. How did you get the doctor to listen to you to do testing. I am curious so I know what to say when I go to a doctor in this state for the first time. And has anyone had simialar pains and such as mine that have been deemed from the mesh. Thank you.

  26. Rashel says:

    Are there any really good mesh removal Dr’s in Texas, preferably the DFW area?

  27. jodi says:

    any doctors in the oregon area successful at removing bladder slings? i need one. had one implanted in 2011, now having strange symptoms. Painful UTI symptoms but no actual UTI when tested. now i am having UTI symptoms with bleeding. also have muscle tremors that have recently started. see a neurologist next month. i am starting to think that my muscle tremors are a result of the sling. i am starting to think all of my recent problems that are occurring are from the sling and my body not liking it. i also have had lung issues where i tested at a 52% lung capacity. i have never smoked a day in my life, nor am i around second hand smoke. i need this out of me now. i need a doctor who can do this for me and know what they are doing.

    thanks for any help.

  28. Lori says:

    Anyone know a surgeon in the Jacksonville, FL area that will remove transvaginal mesh.

  29. Shirley says:

    Do you know anything about Dr Charles Hanes 11 in Mobile AL? Have scheduled appt in July. Any recommended in New Orleans area? I live midway between the two in MS.

  30. Pam says:

    For those whom have had the bladder sling removed, did you find a big difference. I.e, not going to the bathroom as much? Did you still have normal incontience? Did you have any complications?

  31. SATTIE P says:

    Had a TVT in 2005 after 2 years stated to get complication, everytime I visit my Doctor will tell him but they ignore me.
    Don’t know what to do, in New york.
    Any help

    • Jane Akre says:

      I you need a doctor referral we have some. You should seek out a specialist who has dealt with mesh complications, not someone who “might be able to get it out…” many people report a partial removal makes things worse.

  32. Sheri C says:

    I am having mesh pain and trouble have had so called stitches removed several years ago I am seeing a urologist named Russell Banstra I believe he is very good I live in rural Iowa he has me using vaginal estrogen to try to get my tissue in better shape he says there is a lot of scaring I can feel the mesh and I bleed it is so painful I just want to be normal again

    • Jane Akre says:

      Sheri, let us know if you need another doctor referral…. this doctor may be very good, I hope so for your sake. Let us know what he suggests.

  33. Jet says:

    I had surgery for POP in 2009. I did not know that my doctor used mesh until March 2017. I was having various problems off and on for a few years, but I take care of my parents and thought it was stress related. That was until I began to have pain that made me double over, then discharge sometimes blood, etc. When I got to a obgyn she asked me if the doctor who had done the surgery had used mesh, and I said No. ( because my doctor told me not to worry that he wasn’t going to use the mesh because of the complications and problems) I believed him and look where I am now. Erosion in 3 places. The doctor used 3 different kits. I tried hormone cream to help close up the erosion but it did not work. So the earliest I can see the ONE doctor in town that is qualified to handle TVM issue is Feb 2018. I am having much more pain, feel awful all the time, Im tired and fight UTI’s constantly. Im stressed out, trying to take care of my 86 year old parents, whom I have told that I even have problems because they would worry and try to keep me from helping them. I don’t know if I can wait another 2 months. I have to have my sister come here while I have any kind of surgery, then my sister in law since they both live out of state and cant stay for any significant time. I take my parents to all their doctor appointments
    I do all the grocery shopping, house cleaning and alot of cooking for them. In addition I help take care of their 4 dogs. I make sure all their bills get paid, that their prescriptions are refilled when needed, and pick up those prescriptions. All the while I am trying to take care of myself, my house, my husband and have some form of normal life to enjoy. Im tired, Im depressed, Im angry and I want to hold my old lying doctor responsible for his negligent actions so he won’t keep doing it to other women where he is currently working, in Florida. Beware of a women’s clinic in Boca Raton! He doesn’t live in Texas anymore!
    I am going to see if I can get an appointment with a specialist in Dallas, Austin or Houston. Wish me luck ladies, its not going to be pretty!

    • Jane Akre says:

      Dr Phillippe Zimmern in Texas understands the issues…. also Dr. Patel I find it difficult to believe he put three kits in your after saying no mesh. Does he know this is mesh!!!!

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